Last Minute Tips for SBI PO Mains Exam 2017

With few hours left for SBI PO Mains Exam 2017 you all must be anxious about the exam. The time for preparation is over now. Hope all of you have attempted mock tests and made your own strategy to attempt the exam. Like there are 35 questions in Data interpretation Section. You do not have to attempt all questions. But you have to attempt questions with accuracy. You have learned and practiced what you needed to. Now it’s time to perform and show your capability in the SBI PO Mains Exam 2017.

You do not have to divide your time among sections. The time is already divided. You cannot choose yourself which section to attempt first. The sections will appear in an order decided.

A brief idea about last year’s exam: Last Year people were surprised with the pattern in exam. And the English Section was the trickiest one. Only RC was asked from old pattern. Now you all know the pattern. Yes the type of questions can change a little bit. Like last time the questions were based on CAT Pattern Exams. There are more topics from CAT exam which were not asked last year. So possibility that any new pattern questions can be there, But now at least you know that the pattern will be different.

Seeing the pattern of last year SBI PO exam and the scenario of merger of SBI Bank, the difficultly level of the exam this year also is expected to be high. But if it is difficult, it will be difficult for all students and not just for you. So keeping this in mind that the questions are difficult for all, and you are competing in a fair environment take the exam and perform you best.

Few guidelines about how to give your best.

Read the Instruction and Questions Very Carefully

There is a high possibility that you may find new types of question. So before solving them it is important to know what you actually have to do. So read the instructions carefully.

The marks will be indicated for each question (read the instructions for that – where the marks for particular questions is indicated). So try to attempt questions carrying 2 marks. In this you will move around less questions grabbing more marks. You have to read the question very carefully and patiently so as to know that what the question is actually asking (Surely questions will be tricky, so be calm).

Maintain your calm and Temperament

You are appearing for SBI PO Mains. It means that you are among those few students who have the capability to clear this exam. You have practiced enough and given mock test and you should be confident of your ability by now. Bring this confidence in you and let it prevail while you are taking the exam. Whenever you find difficult question and feel like giving up during the exam due to the level of questions just remember one thing, “THAT THE EXAM IS DIFFICULT FOR ALL, AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST STUDENT, SELECTED BY SBI FOR MAINS AND YOU CAN DO IT.”

No need to panic if you are not able to attempt some questions. The section has more questions for you which you can solve rather than going nervous for questions which you are not getting how to attempt.

Focus on one question at a time

The questions will be time taking so rather than attempting all questions focus on maintaining accuracy and attempt only that questions which you are 100% sure. For this you need focus. While solving a question don’t think about how many question you would be able to attempt by the end. Just keep on solving the questions with a cool mind an d at the end you would have done sufficient questions to be able to clear the cutoff.

Have a rough outline of questions in any section in your mind

As a section starts just go through all the questions once and just see what all types of questions are asked. Then start solving them as per your strength. By now you should know your strength and weakness. So start with your questions that are your strength and suppose if you have any weakness stay away from such questions. Like many people have problem in critical reasoning part but even then they attempt these questions as they are less time taking. Avoid this. If you are not confident don’t attempt such questions just for the sake of increasing your attempts. Last year the cutoff for general category was 70 marks). Keep in mind that some questions are of 2 marks also. So N questions does not means only N marks, it means more than that.

Learn the art of Picking and Skipping

This is again about your strength and Weakness. Attempt those questions that are your strength first. And if you get struck in any question just mark it for review and skip it. Don’t waste time on any one question if you are unable to solve it.

Stop thinking about the cutoff before the exam

No one can predict the cutoff for such exams before the exam. Take for example IBPS PO 2016 and SBI PO 2017. Cutoff for both the exams were unpredictable. So just give your best with cool mind and if you do so, what be the cutoff you will score more than that.

Don’t learn new concept on the day of the exam

You had enough time to learn the things and concepts for this exam. You should be fully prepared now. Learning new things on the day of exam will exhaust your mind before the start of the exam. So to keep your mind fresh and calm, don’t take a new topic or don’t start solving a puzzle or difficult question of quantitative aptitude. You can go through the Current Affairs section if you feel like, but that also should be avoided.

So before starting the exam keep three things in your mind:
(i) You are the best and you can do it
(ii) Maintain your temperament even if you find the questions difficult
(iii) And go for one question at a time


All the best for Exam!!!




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  1. Ambika

    thankyou so much shubhra mam and suraj sir :)))
    ALL THE VERY BEST to all my friends :))

    1. Trisha

      good luck dear

      1. Ambika

        all the best to u tooo dear :))

        1. Trisha

          How’s ur exam?

          1. Ambika

            not good
            how was urs dear ???

          2. Trisha

            same here.. DI went extremely bad.. no hopes 🙁

          3. Ambika

            hmm..i moved on now :p
            now will start for RRB

          4. Trisha

            did u give NICL?

          5. Ambika

            nopes…only sbi given ..

  2. jaga

    thank u mam:)

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      All the best jaga bhaai :p

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  3. jaga

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  5. T R E N D Y

    Reasons ,why i am not interested in bank exams now as u all know that now a days bank exams getting more complicated and tougher then ever . As the difficulty level is increasing day by day despite it cut off is going high in place of going lower . I think other competitiors are strong enough but i am an average one so i am taking decision to not to apply for bank exams from today . As its only waste of life,time,money . It is true that in 2013 ;2014 era it was easy to get bank job easily but as per the new pattern as i am seeing its not going to be my cup of tea. So bye friends. I will i can just the track is changed only

    1. Yes. Your life your decisions. If you really think that its not for you, then make some other plans for life. There is not only 1 thing to do. Its good to take these decisions sometimes.
      All the very best for whatever you do now. Life will give you the best.

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