Mixed Reasoning Questions – Set 14 (SBI PO Mains Memory Based)

Below are Memory Based Questions SBI PO Mains 2017 Exam in Reasoning Section. 

Directions (1-2): There are 8 persons – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H standing on gates of 2 rectangular parks. The rectangular parts are such that one is small and second large with small inside the larger one. The gates are on the 4 sides of park. The ones on outer park are standing facing centre and ones on inner park are standing facing outside the centre. So in this way, the persons are facing each other when they are standing on same side of parks.

There is one person standing between B and D. C faces B. A is to the immediate right of C. G is not either to the immediate right  or immediate left of D. G faces neither D nor F. One person is standing between H and F. E is facing the centre. (2 questions)

  1. F is facing which of the following persons?
    A) C
    B) E
    C) H
    D) A
    E) B
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     Option D

    Start with There is one person standing between B and D.
    Make 2 possibilities. One in which B and D are at gates of inner park. Second in which they are at gates of outer park. Proceed and one arrangement will get cancelled. We get:

  2. Which of the following does not form a part of group?
    A) D
    B) B
    C) H
    D) G
    E) F
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     Option D
    All others are standing at the gates of inner park.

Directions (3-4): First 12 even numbers are written from top to bottom. The letters of word ‘SACRED’ are written in alphabetical order against each multiple of 4 (One letter against one number). There are 2 letters between N and S. There are as many letters between E and N as between P and D. P is not against number 14. There are 5 letters between U and T. U is above T. I is written against number 6. (No letter is repeated against any number) (2 questions)

  1. Which is the second letter in word formed by letters against numbers 6, 12, 14, and 20?
    A) T
    B) D
    C) N
    D) I
    E) R
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     Option D

    6, 12, 14, 20 – I, D, T, R
    Word formed is DIRT. So second letter – I
  2. If there are 3 alphabets in English alphabetical series between alphabets written against numbers 10 and 22. Then how many alphabets in English alphabetical series are there between the alphabets written against numbers 18 and 22?
    A) Three
    B) Five
    C) One
    D) Four
    E) Cannot be determined
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     Option C
    10 is P. So 3 letters between 10 and 22. P + 3 = T, but T is already written . We cannot repeat any letter. So P – 3 = L
    So against 22 is L
    Now 18 is N. 22 is L. So between them is only 1 letter in English alphabetical series i.e. M

Directions (5-6): P is the grandson of J. S is husband of J. K is married to the son of T. T has only 2 children one being son. D is the daughter of K’s brother. R is brother-in-law of the son of T. J has one only 1 child. S is the father of R. (2 questions)

  1. If A is married to R, then how is A related to P?
    A) father
    B) sister
    C) mother
    D) grandfather
    E) brother
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     Option C

    J has one only 1 child. S is the father of R. A is married to R. So P is son of R and A. J is brother in law. So A is female hence mother of P.
  2. How is R related to J?
    A) grandson
    B) son-in-law
    C) brother
    D) son
    E) father
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     Option D


Directions (7-9): The first step has been obtained by multiplying the digits in input. The next steps are not obtained the same way. They are obtained by applying a certain logic. Numbers of step II have been obtained by using at least 1 digit of each number in step I. Each step is a resultant of previous step. (3 questions)


  1. Each of numbers in step II are halved, then find the sum of the numbers obtained.
    A) 17.5
    B) 18
    C) 24.5
    D) 22.5
    E) 20
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     Option D
    From Input to 1st step:
    3*3 = 9, 4*2 = 8, so 9 | 8
    4*2 = 8, 1*7 = 7, so 8 | 7 and so the next number
    Numbers of step II have been obtained by using at least 1 digit of each number in step I.
    Step II:
    So from step I, add the first digits – (9+8+6) = 23
    Also from step I, add the first digits – (8+7+9) = 24
    Now for step III:
    3/2 = 1.5, 4/2 = 2
    Step IV:
    2 – 1.5 = 0.5
    So for given Input:
    Step I: 58………….88………….97
    Step II: ……22……..….23
    Step III: ……1……..….1.5
    Step IV: ……….0.5So required answer here = 22/2 + 23/2 = 11 + 11.5 = 22.5
  2. Find the multiplication of the two numbers obtained in step III.
    A) 2.5
    B) 1.5
    C) 1
    D) 0.5
    E) 2
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     Option B

    1*1.5 = 1.5
  3. Find the difference between sum of numbers obtained in 1st step and sum of numbers obtained in all other steps.
    A) 183
    B) 170
    C) 189
    D) 172
    E) 195
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     Option E
    Required difference = (58+88+97) – (22+23+1+1.5+0.5)
  4. 8 people – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a line. No two people with consecutive letters are sitting together like A cannot site together. B cannot sit with A and C and so on.
    A is sitting at an extreme end. There are 2 people between A and B. There are 2 people between C and D. C nor D is sitting at extreme end. D is somewhere right of B. B is sitting second to left of F. There are more than 3 people sitting between C and H. How many people are sitting G and H? (1 question)
    A) 6
    B) 5
    C) 3
    D) 2
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     Option C


We will post more questions soon. Keep Checking the Reasoning Section 

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