Mixed English Questions for Mains Exam— Set 146

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

  1. a. India’s move to adopt goods and services tax (GST) apparently faces fresh hurdles, with
    b. states unwilling to accept the design proposed by the Centre.
    c. But these are not differents that cannot be overcome.
    d. There has to be give and take in a grand bargain.

    Only a & b
    Only b & d
    Only c & a
    Only d
    No Error
    Option B
    a. a goods and services tax c. differents = differences


  2. a. It’s a new surreal chapter in Pakistan’s turbulent politics. Imran Khan, who didn’t
    b. manage to translate promise into vote in the
    c. elections last year that swept Nawaz Sharif to power,
    d. now demands the later’s resignation based on the charge of rigging.

    Only a
    Only a & b
    Only c
    All except d
    No Error
    Option C
    a. put (,) after new b. vote = votes d. later’s = latter’s


  3. a. One thing is for sure, if Kochhar does not continue beyond her current term,
    b. the bank will not look for an outsider to succeed her. Bakhshi fits the bill.
    c. If that happens, he will have at least one term as, typically,
    d. ICICI Bank bosses do not continue beyond the age of 62-63.

    Both a & c
    Only b
    Only c & d
    All except d
    No Error
    Option E


  4. a. While many of their untrained brethren may be prone to barking up the wrong tree, trained
    b. canine cops are obviously of a different calibre just like their police handlers are not the same
    c. as lay humans. Unfortunately, as a dog cannot testify (for obvious reasons), its handler’s
    d. description of its actions can presumably be called “hearsay”.

    Only a
    All except b
    Only c & a
    Only d
    No Error
    Option C
    b. put (,) after calibre d. can = could


  5. a. The West has a hoary tradition of holidays, come what may, and that applies even to their
    b. heads of government. It takes something really serious for them to cut short their off-time. Of
    c. late, however, events in West Asia and North Africa — and occasionally in their own
    d. backyards — have made western VIP vacations increasingly teunous.

    Only a & b
    Only b & c
    Only a & c
    All except d
    No Error
    Option D
    d. teunous = tenuous


  6. Directions: Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  7. the Centre must promise to compensate states fully for whatever revenue losses the latter
    might suffer. There will be no reason then to keep petro-products or even liquor out of GST.
    Likewise, states should agree to purge levies such as central sales tax, entry tax and octroi that
    distort local production and create barriers to seamless movement of goods.
    needs the support of 16 more legislators to cross the halfway mark.
    Option E


  8. issued notices to them for obstructing life in the capital.
    it’s tough to imagine what can happen next. Imran and Tahirul Qadri — the cleric whose USP
    Both these practices need modification.
    And Sharif, rightly, refuses to resign, even as he tried to make conciliatory gestures.
    is an ostensible stand against extremism — refuse to back down. The Supreme Court has
    Option C


  9. very few Indian leaders across the political spectrum go on holiday at all.
    who famously splashed around en famille in Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands and A B Vajpayee who regularly retired to muse in Manali.
    with all the downtime they need. Indian prime ministers, with the notable exception of Rajiv Gandhi
    But talks have now been called off even as the army asks for restraint, sagacity et al, playing the role of an arbiter.
    Perhaps their adroitly scheduled official trips round the country and abroad provide them


  10. There’s also no certainty of share allocation via the OFS method.
    the Centre has asked markets regulator Sebi to tweak the rules for follow-on public offers (FPOs).
    most divestment has taken place by way of OFS.
    To follow through on the disinvestment target, the government seems to have decided to put
    more emphasis on FPOs rather than the offer-for-sale (OFS) route. Note that in the last couple of years,
    Option A


  11. Malayalis were not impressed. He made a dead man walk. Mallus yawned. He turned water into wine.
    If you believe the government of Kerala.
    Galvanised, one-third of the audience converted to Christianity. The story is, of course, a joke.
    Thomas, the Apostle, visited an outpost in distant Malabar across the sea and proselytised.
    He spoke of Christ’s miracles. He walked on water.
    Option B


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