Mixed English Questions for Mains Exam— Set 164

Directions (1-5): A pair of sentences has been provided. You need to rearrange the sentence to form a coherent paragraph. Some options are provided. you need to find out the best suitable option which form a concise and coherent passage and then mark your answer accordingly.

  1. A) A character in the texts recounts meeting a Greek stranger who had recently returned from a ‘great continent’ – and scientists say this may have been Canada.
    B) Travellers would have stayed one year and then sailed out in 58 AD when Saturn was no longer in Taurus, they claimed.
    C) This is according to a controversial study that claims Hellenistic Greeks had such detailed knowledge of astronomy that they were able to pinpoint Atlantic currents that would propel them west.
    D) The ancient Greeks could have reached Canada in 56 AD – almost a millennium before the Vikings.
    E) This idea is based on a study of the text ‘De Facie’ by Greek biographer and essayist Plutarch, who lived between 46 and 119 AD.
    Option A


  2. A) That is why sterling fell 2% when the exit poll was released at 10pm on election night.
    B) In the run-up to the election the City seemed dead keen on a May majority.
    C) Some argued that a hung parliament was the worst possible outcome from a financial perspective—worse even than an outright Labour victory—because of the political instability that would follow.
    D) Ultimately, as researchers at Barclays point out, it too early to say whether the outcome of the election would alter the probability of a hard versus a soft Brexit.
    E) The thinking went that with a big majority, Theresa May would be able to compromise in her negotiations with the European Union, eventually leading to a softer Brexit.
    Option C


  3. A) Hundreds of would-be migrants still take to leaky boats across the Mediterranean every week.
    B) The distribution among EU countries of those refugees who have got through has created serious tensions, with Germany particularly angered by the refusal of central European countries to take more than a few.
    C) The numbers entering the EU from the Middle East and Africa have come down a lot, but mainly because of a questionable bilateral deal with Turkey to close the main transit route into Greece that could fall apart at any moment.
    D) The Brussels institutions are not in much better shape.
    E) Migration remains a huge issue.
    Option B


  4. A) India asserts that it is seeking to protect the territory on behalf of Bhutan, because Bhutan‘s complaints that China did not observe the agreed process for border settlement were not heeded; but China claims Doklam as within its territory.
    B) Take, for instance, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar) and Tibet, all of which have had border trouble with China.
    C) In mid-June, Indian troops stopped road construction by Chinese soldiers in the Doklam area in the middle part of the long Indo-China border.
    D) It provides for Indian support when required, and because Bhutan‘s foreign ministry said the Chinese road would penetrate Bhutanese territory.
    E) India intervened because of the country‘s 1949 Friendship Treaty with Bhutan.
    Option D


  5. A) The Chinese reacted strongly and launched a major attack across the Sino-Indian border.
    B) The roots of the problem went back to the late 1970s, when India finished licking their wounds following the 1962 war.
    C) The outcome was a defeat for the Indian Army, with some of the worst catastrophes occurring in this region.
    D) Around 60 km from Orchha is Datia that showcases an incredible blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture in the famed 7-storey Bir Singh Deo Palace that is made of bricks and stones with no wood or iron, and is an astonishing example of indigenous architecture.
    E) That had begun when Indian forces were ordered to cross the Namka Chu rivulet and evict Chinese troops from the Thag La ridge, also north of Tawang, which India believed was the true border defined by the McMahon Line.
    Option B


  6. Directions (6-10): In the following question, a section of an article is given with a blank. You need to comprehend the paragraph and find out the correct option which can be placed in blank and mark your answer accordingly.

  7. India‘s fight against poverty, child mortality and open defecation, among other key areas, needs to be intensified, says UN‘s Millennium Development Goals report 2014.According to the report, ―In 2010, one-third of the world‘s 1.2 billion extreme poor lived in India alone.‖In fact, a recent recommendation to revise India‘s poverty line, made by a panel headed by C Rangarajan, estimated that about one-third of India‘s population, or 363 million (as of 2011-12), are below the poverty line.
    (____________________________________________________). Further, the international poverty line, as defined by the World Bank keeping in mind the standards of the world‘s poorest countries, stands at $1.25 a day, which translates to about Rs 75 (if $1 = Rs 60). This is the definition used by the UN as well.
    In another depressing statistic, the UN report said, ―India had the highest number of under-five deaths in the world in 2012, with 1.4 million children dying before reaching their fifth birthday.‖
    However, in real terms India‘s ―poor‖ population may be larger as this estimation is made on a very low daily-spending capacity of Rs 32 in rural and Rs 47 in urban areas.
    The World Bank also predicts that, by 2015, 40 per cent of the estimated 970 million people living on less than $1.25 a day will be from Southern Asia.
    The report notes that in 2012 the prevalence of under-nutrition of children was highest in South Asia, with 30 per cent of under-five children being underweight.
    Though the UN‘s MDG report is more region specific, these references have been made specifically to India, which is the largest country of the South Asia region.
    Option B
    As the sentence before the blank is talking about the estimations of the number of poor and after the blank it is telling the per day minimum earning capacity of the people comes under below poverty line as defined by World Bank. So the blank should be talking about the estimations which is given in only option B. Option A is talking about the death rate which is irrelevant here. Option C consists of ‘also‘ which doesn‘t continue the sentence as there is nothing about World Bank before blank. Similarly D and E are out of context sentences so they will be eliminated.


  8. Traditionally, only public sector companies in India were given mining licences. But in recent years, private players were allowed to mine as demand for minerals grew. A company could obtain a lease from the State after obtaining statutory permits such as environmental clearances. A mining licence is granted for a minimum period of 20 years and a maximum period of 30 years and for a maximum area of 10 sq. km. Private firms soon found that digging up the ore and selling it is hugely profitable. Listed miners of manganese and iron ore make net profit margins of 40-50 per cent. (_____________________________________________________________).
    While the earlier ban on iron ore mining in Goa was lifted recently, a new ruling banned 26 iron ore mines in Odisha.
    While private mines were banned, more law-abiding public sector firms such as NMDC were allowed to continue their operations.
    With the commodity boom in China, global metal prices shot up, making ore exports unbelievably lucrative.
    In 2002 the SC said that the Aravalli mountain range in Haryana and Rajasthan is forest land and no mining should be allowed there.
    Thus a few private firms, especially small ones, neatly ‗stretched‘ operations beyond the leased areas.
    Option C
    As the paragraph is talking about mining‘s of mineral. Hence only option C continues the section as others are talking about ban which is not in the given section and in option E it is providing the results that why the private firms stretched the operations which can be continued after C as the reason is available in it because of the commodity boom. So option C is the valid choice.


  9. (__________________________________________________________________) and is expected to decline further up to 50% by 2020, according to chartered accountant D. Narayana Charyulu, spokesperson of the Gramodaya Mission of the Mahan Bharath Abhiyan here on Sunday. Speaking at an interactive session, he said uncertain farming conditions were forcing the younger generation to shift away from the agriculture sector. ―The Gramodaya Mission is a movement to recreate agro rural India through comprehensive economic rejuvenation and people‘s participation.‖ He said after 10-years of struggle, the Gramodaya Mission had taken shape with 1,500 volunteers from various walks of life joining hands to reform the villages. He said the Abhiyan had identified five basic issues concerning the development of villages such as uninterrupted water and power supply, free education to all, quality and timely medical aid, transformation of rural India to a state-of-art living habitats and tax-free and less-crime society.
    The government has a responsibility to ensure the most disadvantaged people are equipped with life‘s basic necessities.
    As a priority area for the current government, infrastructure development received a significant boost this year.
    In a run up to the Union Budget 2018, ministry of rural development has written to the finance ministry for additional allocation worth Rs 21,700 crore
    The real net domestic product of the construction sector had only increased at the annual rate of 3.94% between 1970-71 and 1993-94.
    Rural development is an essential pursuit for India where the rural population has declined to 68% in 2012 from almost 90% in 1947
    Option E
    As only E is the introductory and contextual sentence according to the given paragraph.


  10. Following the overwhelming response to the two weekly organic markets (‗Savayava Santhe‘) from customers here, farmers in the district are keen to cash in on the demand. (________________________________________________________________). It was a similar story a week later. However, many organic vegetables and minor millets at these markets were coming not just from different parts of Udupi district but also from places such as Kadur, N.R. Pura, Chikkamagaluru, Mudigere, Belthangady and Puttur. Given the demand for fresh organic vegetables and minor millets, the Agriculture Department has decided to promote cultivation of organic vegetables among farmers in the district. The department believes this will get them good returns on their produce. Under the Savayava Bhagya scheme, organic vegetable seeds have been distributed in the four hoblis so that the farmers can cultivate organic vegetables. But this is not an easy job.
    The farmers have to make a lot of sacrifice for this as it takes three years to convert their land for organic farming.
    In fact, such was the demand at the first ‗Savayava Santhe,‘ held at the Raitha Seva Kendra at Doddanagudde on October 15, that two tonnes of vegetables were sold out within two hours and many customers had to return home empty-handed
    According to the Agriculture Department, the quantum of land under organic farming in Udupi district is 835 hectares under the Savayava Krishi Bhagya Yojane and the Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana.
    There is more enthusiasm among them to produce organic vegetables.
    None of these
    Option B
    As in the sentence after blank it is said that the similar story, which means in the blank there must be some incident which is given in option B. So it is the correct choice.


  11. Transformational changes are taking place in India currently, improving the way we live. These changes are impacting all our lives in small or significant ways. It is gratifying to know that the citizens at large are happy with these changes. (________________________________________________________). Even worse, these people find it difficult to comprehend that technology and policy are working together to remove discretion and opaqueness. The ongoing discourse, particularly in Tamil Nadu, on the Public Distribution System (PDS), the procurement of grains/pulses from farmers, public storage in Food Corporation of India godowns, commitments made in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Direct Benefit Transfer, etc. is interesting. However, there are strands in this discourse which are impressionistic and not based on data. They create a populist narrative and distract from the core issues. It is necessary, therefore, to infuse facts into the discourse.
    Thus, it can be seen that the Trade Facilitation Agreement is not about market access but inter alia about facilitating and bringing trade transparency.
    The Trade Facilitation Agreement was agreed on in 2013 in Bali and came into force from February 2017 after two-thirds of the WTO‘s 164 members ratified it.
    However, for some who have fed themselves on the fodder that such changes are not for the near future, there is consternation.
    Providing food to the poor or targeted groups at subsidised prices is fully WTO-compatible.
    None of these
    Option C
    As the introductory sentences are talking about transformational changes, So the sentence on trade facilitation act can be eliminated i.e. option A and B. Only option C is talking about such changes which is contextually correct.


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