Mixed English Questions for Mains Exam — Set 366

Directions(1-5): In this question, two Columns I and II and three sentences are given, which are divided into two parts. Column I (A, B and C) consists of first half of each sentence and Column II (D, E and F) consists of second half of each sentence. Match column I with column II, so that the sentences formed are both meaningful and grammatically correct. Choose the option as your answer.

  1. Column I:
    A) The market rose for a third straight day as stocks got a boost from rebounding
    B) The bill, which passed the Senate on Tuesday
    C) According to an initial report from The Financial Times, citing documents accidentally
    Column II :
    D) was signed by President Trump into law on Friday.
    E) oil prices and news that President Trump signed the latest coronavirus stimulus bill into law earlier today.
    F) published by the WHO, Gilead’s highly anticipated antiviral drug remdesivir yielded disappointing results during its
    B-E and C-F
    A-E, B-D and C-F
    A-F and C-D
    A-D and C-E
    Option B


  2. Column I :
    A) As the recession caused by the coronavirus deepens and government spending on healthcare and economic aid skyrockets
    B) Over the last several weeks, the federal government has passed four massive stimulus packages
    C) A staggering 26 million people have now filed for
    Column II :
    D) temporary unemployment benefits as a result of the crisis.
    E) the nearly $3 trillion; there is widespread consensus that more legislation will be needed to stabilize the economy.
    F) the Congressional Budget Office said on Friday that it expects the federal budget deficit to hit $3.7 trillion by the end of fiscal year 2020
    A-F and C-D
    A-E and C-F
    Option C


  3. Column I :
    A) The CBO expects economic activity to pick up again
    B) Zoom allows 100 person video chats, but has a time limit of
    C) As the coronavirus has forced people to depend on video conferencing tools for work, school and communicating with friends,
    Column II :
    D) in the third quarter as worries about the pandemic ease, but growth will be slow.
    E) 40 minutes with a free account; Houseparty can host up to eight people.
    F) Zoom and Houseparty has become staples during the coronavirus shutdowns.
    A-E, B-F and C-D
    A-D and B-E
    A-E and C-F
    Option C


  4. Column I :
    A) Agarwal’s startup, OYO Hotels, had just launched in
    B) Last month, California regulators 􀁽ned Oyo
    C) It is repugnant that the company’s workforce
    Column II :
    D) about $200,000 for offering and operating dozens of franchises without state approval.
    E) the United States and was aggressively courting independent hotel owners on the West Coast.
    F) feel their safety is not being taken serious.
    B-F and C-D
    A-E, C-F
    A-D and B-E
    A-E and B-D
    Option E


  5. Column I :
    A) On Friday morning, hundreds of employees from Amazon’s corporate offices and warehouses called in
    B) Our employees are heroes fighting for their communities and
    C) Jeff Bezos needs to step up and address the legitimate
    Column II :
    D) sick to protest the e-commerce behemoth’s handling of working conditions amid the coronavirus pandemic.
    E) helping people get the critical items they need in this crisis.
    F) and vital concerns raised by Amazon staff – profits should never be put above people.
    A-D, B-E and C-F
    A-D and B-E
    Option B


  6. Directions(6-7): In each sentence below four words are given in brackets which are numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4) One of these words may be misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the wrongly spelt or inappropriate word. The number of that word is the answer. If all the words are correctly spelt and are appropriate the answer is (5) i.e. ‘All correct.’

  7. Despite the (setback) with Vikram’s landing, September 7 will be (remembered) as a day that (herailded) India into a new zone of space (explorations).
    None of these
    Option C
    Correct spelling- heralded


  8. Biological age or the (epegenetic) clock is (measured) by tracking (chemical) changes to an (organisms) DNA that occur with time.
    None of these
    Option B
    Correct spelling- epigenetic


  9. Directions(8-9): The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words denominated by A, B, C, D, E and F as answer choices and from the six choices you have to pick two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

  10. The term limit ______________ on borrowings of manufacturing companies is to be shortened further in order to curb dollar demand.
    (A) fulfilled (B) restricted (C) imposed (D) enforced (E) reflected (F) exploited
    (A) and (B)
    (B) and (C)
    (C) and (D)
    (C) and (F)
    (B) and (E)
    Option C
    IMPOSED/ENFORCED meaning required to be undertaken or paid.


  11. The death of five young men who were employed to clean a septic tank in an upmarket residential community in New Delhi is a shocking reminder that India’s high-profile sanitation campaign has done little to _______________ some basic ground realities.
    (A) alter (B) hinder (C) change (D) bring (E) encourage (F) imbibed
    (A) and (C)
    (B) and (D)
    (C) and (D)
    (C) and (E)
    (B) and (F)
    Option A
    Any campaign is done to bring a change or awareness. Here the basic ground realities with respect to sanitation issues needed to be changed/altered.



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