Mixed English Questions for IBPS PO and Other Exams — Set 460

Directions(1-5): In the following question, out of the five alternatives, select the word similar in meaning to the given word/phrase.

  1. A job-seeker must be familiar with the (catch 22) of trying to get a job to have experience, and not finding people who will give the job to have experience.

    A favourable place
    A miraculous event
    A difficult situation
    A risky idea
    A lifetime opportunity
    Option C
    The sentence refers to the life of a job-seeker. The sentence refers to the need for experience to get a job but not finding one to gain the experience.
    Catch 22 refers to a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.


  2. The role of Severus Snape has (feet of clay), but peculiarly, that increases the likeness for his character.
    A serious flaw
    Strong qualities
    An opportunist
    A threatening nature
    A greedy streak
    Option A
    The sentence refers to the famous character of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. The sentence also states about his character having a quality which makes him more likeable to the readers or the watchers. The phrase feet of clay refer to a flaw that a person has that is kept as a secret from people.


  3. Mira decided to (keep her ears to the ground) as she was not sure about her job in the Manufacturing department.
    To keep a low key
    To remain confident
    To be humble
    To remain informative
    To be disobedient
    Option D
    The sentence talks about Mira and her job in a certain manufacturing department of a company. The mention of the fact that she is unsure about her job indicates to the idea of confirming. The phrase keep ear to the ground means to know about the things that the people are doing or saying.


  4. Labour leaders in Paris told me that they shed tears of joy in Louis Philippe I’s presence, and that their comrades would (go through fire and water) to help him to realize his noble schemes.
    Through temperature change
    Through easy and warm situation
    Through too many events
    Through encouragement and love
    Through pain and ordeal
    Option E
    The sentence here refers to the Labour leaders during the French Revolution and how they supported Louis who supported them back. The sentence refers they wanted the king to believe in the noble schemes very desperately. The phrase ‘go through fire and water’ meant against all adversaries and sufferings.


  5. A government inquiry showed the construction company in Seattle had (cut corners) on safety and banned union organization.
    Done cheaply
    Done unmindfully
    Done with precision
    Done with deliberation
    Done excellently
    Option A
    The sentence here refers to the construction company banned the union in the company and safety was a matter that was not taken care of. The phrase ‘to cut corners’ means to do a task badly or cheaply.


  6. Directions(6-10): Given below are five statements out of which only one is grammatically correct. Identify the correct statement.

  7. The first thing after settling up any new congregation tends to is create their community hall of worship.
    But a different religion naturally arises suspicion in many native minds, Will and how quickly will the new religion be disseminated?
    With race such an emotive topic in America, it is not hard to understand why the world of whites and non-white don’t intersect easily.
    Most new arrival have one thing uppermost in their minds: how to put food on their table in a country where handouts are frowned upon.
    This necessarily means that they have to interact with old Americans of every stripe, whether as students as, teachers, managers, waiters, or taxidrivers.
    Option B
    Statement A. it should be ‘settling down’ instead of ‘settling up’ which means to become quiet, calm, or orderly Settle down, children. Statement B has no errors. Statement C has parallelism error. The correct sequence will be whites and non-whites. Statement D. it should be ‘arrivals’ instead of ‘arrival’ with most of…. Statement E. ‘as’ is superfluous after students omit it.. as students, teachers, manager..will be correct sentence.


  8. A continuous steam inhalation two or three times a day for three days will alleviate your congestion problem.
    India, the second most populous country in the world, has no more than 2.5% of global land but is the home of 1/6th of the world’s population.
    Carotenoids are fat-soluble, orange-yellow pigments that is present in many vegetables and fruits such as carrot, pumpkin, mango and orange.
    Dejected and frustrated by the behavior of his company’s colleague, he hung himself.
    Supposing if you were there to ask him about the election, will you ask about the petrol scandal?
    Option B
    In statement A, it should be ‘a continual steam inhalation…’ because the adjective continual refers to time and indicates a series of successive actions. The adjective continuous refers to some uninterrupted and unbroken movement. In statement C, the error is ‘…that is present in many vegetables’. Here the noun is plural ‘Carotenoids’. So, the helping verb ‘are’ should be used with plural noun. In Statement D, the verb hung shows anything in a state of suspension. The verb hanged is used to describe the act of execution by hanging. In statement E, two conjunctions cannot be put together in the same sentence (Supposing and if).


  9. When farming operations are sustainably managed, they can help preserve and restore critical habitats, protect watersheds, and improve soil health or water quality.
    Telone II is a cancer and birth defect-causing fumigant that has been very deadly and dangerous to farmers, farmworkers, school kids, and rural residents since the 1940s.
    Good Agricultural Practices are ways who produce can prevent on-farm contamination of fruits and vegetables.
    Bad agriculture practise triggers 24 billion tonnes of top soil erosion an year losing the equivalent of 9 million tonnes of grain output.
    Demand for agricultural crops are expected to double as the world’s population reaches 9.1 billion by 2050.
    Option B
    In sentence A, “and” should be used instead of “or” because farming operations could improve both soil health and water quality and not one of these. In sentence C, the word “who” should be replaced by “which” or “that”. “Who” is used to refer to human beings. In sentence D the word “practise” should be replaced by “practice”. Practise is a verb while practice is a noun. In sentence E, the subject is “demand”, and not “agricultural crops”. So the verb must be singular. “Are” should be replaced by “is”.


  10. She found herself submerged in nostalgia and many a memories kept haunting her.
    The history of puppetry has been both plagued or enriched by deeply contrasting attitudes.
    More then tragedy or serious drama, comic entertainment is controlled by social conventions that define the boundaries of acceptable humor and topics that are taboo or off-limits for humor.
    It is not the building that makes theater but rather the use of space for actors to imitate human experience before audience.
    Some historians believe that golf originates in The Netherlands but the Romans had a game played with a bent stick and a ball made of feathers that may have been the original source of the game.
    Option D
    ‘Many a-’ is followed by singular form of noun. Hence ‘many a memory’ is the correct usage. In statement B, the presence of the word ‘both’ requires the use of ‘and’, not ‘or’. The statement is logically incorrect. In statement C, ‘than’ is the correct usage. Not ‘then’ as it is a case of comparison. Statement D does not have any error. Statement E talks of an event in the past. Golf ‘originated’ in the Netherlands, not ‘originates’.


  11. Himanshu boasts of having a good knowledge of electronics but everybody knows how far he is good at electronics.
    Himanshu brags about having good knowledge of electronics but everybody knows how far he is good at electronics.
    Himanshu brags of having the good knowledge of electronics but everybody knows how far he is good at electronics.
    Himanshu boasts of having the good knowledge of electronics but everybody know how far he is good at electronics.
    Himanshu brags about having good knowledge of electronics but everybody knew how far he is good at electronics.
    Option A
    In option B: article ‘A’ should be used before having good knowledge.
    In option C: instead of article ‘the’, article ‘a’ should be used.
    In option D: instead of article ‘the’, article ‘a’ should be used and also ‘everybody know’ should be replaced by ‘everybody knows’.
    In option E: article ‘A’ should be used before having good knowledge. Since the sentence is in present simple. Knew should be replaced by knows.


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