Mixed English Questions for upcoming Exam — Set 411

Directions(1-4): In the given question, two columns I and II and three sentences are given, which are divided into two parts. Column I (A, B and C) consists of second half of each sentence. Match column I with column II, so that the sentences formed are both meaningful and grammatically correct. Choose the option as your answer.

  1. I.
    A. He has an important job
    B. He has an uncanny knack
    C. She arranged a publicity stunt
    D. of being able to see immediately where the problem lies.
    E. of making sure that the company’s business stays strong.
    F. make the public aware of the product.
    A-D & C-F
    A-E & B-D
    A-E & C-F
    A-F & B-E
    Option C


  2. I.
    A. Shortage of cash has
    B. A material transition to cashless economy
    C. There are a number of hurdles
    D. increased the use of digital modes of payment.
    E. in making India a cashless economy.
    F. will depend on many factors.
    A-D, B-F & C-E
    B-F & C-E
    B-D & C-E
    Option A


  3. I.
    A. India had never recorded a quarter of negative growth since
    B. Raising the age at marriage by amending the law is costless and
    C. Scientists have pinpointed gene-activating stretches of DNA that
    D. it began to issue such data publicly in 1996
    E. helps animals to regenerate limbs, fins and other tissues
    F. can be effortlessly achieved by legal fiat
    B-E and C-F
    A-E, B-D and C-F
    A-F and B-D
    A-D and C-E
    Option E


  4. I
    A. ASUS Notebooks are a perfectly synthesis
    B. A pleasant feeling of excitement were aroused
    C. Sikhism attained it’s zenith under
    D. of both advanced technology or ultramodern design.
    E. the military genius of Ranjit Singh.
    F. among the soldiers of the convoy and the prisoners.
    A-D, B-F and C-E
    None of the above
    Option E


  5. Directions(5-9): Two sentences with one blank in each, followed by five alternatives, are given. Choose that option as the answer which can fill both the blanks of both the sentences.

  6. a) A few minutes after the Emperor had passed, the Pavlograd ________ was ordered to advance.
    b) On several occasions, concordats have established a new _________ of dioceses by common accord.
    Option D
    Referring to a battalion, in the first sentence, the word ‘division’ is used. This Pavlograd division was instructed to move ahead after the death of the Emperor.
    In the second sentence, the word ‘division’ fits as the word ‘concordat’ refers to the agreement and it is clearly indicated that a separate group or a division of the dioceses was formed based on the common votes.


  7. a) The General Synod was given full power to alter or __________ canons, or to repeal them, or to enact new ones.
    b) It is probable that further research will __________ this classification between plants and animals in details, but its main lines are generally accepted.
    Option E
    Note that Amend has two meanings:
    a. make minor changes to (a text, piece of legislation, etc.) in order to b. make it fairer or more accurate, or to reflect changing circumstances. improve the texture or fertility of (soil).
    First sentence takes ‘amend’ based on the first meaning and for second sentence amend fits in appropriatedly accordig to the meaning b.
    So, the correct answer is option E.


  8. a) Lammasch and his ministers shared their official premises peacefully with the new secretaries of state of the Austrian Republic, by sending out _______ with an appeal for peace and quiet.
    b) Many of the ________ writers of the 19th Century were former students, the older generation of educated youth who had returned from the countryside.

    The word poster means a large printed picture used for decoration or publicity and promotion.


  9. a) Magnus’ men hurried to __________ their boats to travel while the barbarians reached for their weapons.
    b) David Blaine had enough material to enable him to ________ several new tricks for his next magic show.
    Option C
    In the first sentence, the word ‘prepare’ fits correctly as it refers to the army of Magnus who decided to fix the boats to travel away to save themselves from the barbarians.
    Again, the word ‘prepare’ fits correctly in the second sentence as it indicates the availability of materials in the hand of the magician in order to prepare for the next magic show.


  10. a) Even in the best, most friendly and simplest relations of life, _______ and commendation are essential, just as grease is necessary to wheels that they may run smoothly.
    b) Churchgoers ___________ God during the service by singing worship songs and expressing their love through prayer.
    Option D
    In the first sentence, the word ‘praise’ fits correctly as along with commending it enhances the need for appreciation in life to remain encouraged.
    Also, ‘praise’ in the second sentence fits as the hymns and psalms are usually meant to be sung to praise the Lord. Thus, option D is the correct answer.


  11. Direction: In the following question, a word is given, which has been used in the three statements given below it. Identify the statement(s) in which the word fits contextually to convey a logical meaning.

  12. Quick
    1) Ser Jorah’s pulse quickened at the thought of seeing Dany again.
    2) Patrick’s quickness of mind helped him gain the respect of all the members of the Congress.
    3) It was ingenious and quick of him to spot the mistake within a couple of minutes.
    Only 1
    Only 2
    Both 1 and 2
    Both 2 and 3
    All 1, 2 and 3
    Option E
    In sentence 1, Quicken means to make alive (verb)
    In sentence 2, Quickness means the quality of moving fast or doing something in a short time. (noun)
    In sentence 3, Quick moving fast or doing something in a short time. (adjective)



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