Mixed English Questions for upcoming Exam — Set 418

Directions(1-10): A sentence/a part of the sentence is underlined. Five alternatives are given to the underlined part which will improve the meaning of the sentence.Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, click the option corresponding to “No improvement”.

  1. India, like Turkey and the United States, (have witnessed growing resentment of cosmopolitan secular elites) , with their lifestyles and perception of themselves as global citizens.

    have witness growing resentment of cosmopolitan secular elites
    have witnessed growing resentment to cosmopolitan secular elites
    had witnessed growth resentment of cosmopolitan secular elites
    has witnessed growing resentment of cosmopolitan secular elites
    No improvement
    Option A
    In the underlined part the word ‘ have’ should be replaced with ‘ has’ as the talks about ‘ India’ which is singular so we can not use have here as it plural form of the verb.


  2. The movie of Robert Pattinson directed by Christopher Nolan which released yesterday was so awesome that tickets
    (sold out yesterday at the box office quickly).
    sold out quickly yesterday at the box office.
    sold out at the box office quickly yesterday .
    sold out yesterday quickly at the box office .
    sold out quickly at the box office yesterday.
    No improvement
    Option D


  3. Looking farther, I was surprised to find that the chips were covered with such combatants, that it was not a duellum, but a bellum, a war between two races of ants, the red always pitted against the black, (and frequent two red ones) to one black.
    frequent two red ones
    and seldom two red ones
    and frequently two red ones
    and occasionally two red ones
    No Improvement
    Option C
    For the sentence to be correct, we need to use the adverbial phrase ‘frequently’ to modify the verb ‘pitted against’.


  4. (Seldom had professor not seen such) great enthusiasm in the fresh batch studying in Mechanical departments. Everyone wanted to do some major project on renewable energy and put a significant impact on the world.
    Seldom had professor not seen such
    Hardly had professor not seen such
    Seldom had professor seen such
    Seldom had professor see such
    No improvement
    Option C
    According to the rule, Negative adverbs should not be used with the words negative in meaning. So two negatives should be avoided. Seldom, Never, Nothing, Hardly, scarcely, neither, rarely are some of the adverbs expressing negative meaning.


  5. As Helen approached the front door to greet the guest who arrived for the first time at their house, she could hear a telephone at the back of the room ringing (within).
    No improvement
    Option E


  6. Parmesh may find there is (little nor nothing) to choose between pastries because they have similar baking methods which they use to bake cakes and pastries.
    little or anything
    little or nothing
    little nor anything
    little and nothing
    No improvement
    Option B


  7. The assignment has been immeasurable, it’s like everything needs to be done right now, last night I’ve probably drunk eight shots of vodka to stay awake, (that why I’ve got a hangover) today and lots of body ache.
    that I’ve got a hangover
    since I’ve got a hangover
    because I’ve got a hangover
    so I’ve got a hangover
    No improvement
    Option D
    In this sentence instead of ‘that why’, we should use ‘so’


  8. There has been a lot of debate regarding India’s exit from the RCEP but we should also remember that Afghanistan is not in
    (the ASEAN and not a member) of CPEC.
    the ASEAN and a member
    the ASEAN and not the member
    the ASEAN as well as a member
    the ASEAN and nor a member
    No improvement
    Option D
    Instead of using the double ‘not’, as written here, ‘not ASEAN’ and ‘ not a member of CPEC’
    We can join the whole sentence by using ‘nor’,for two non-contrasting grammatically negative items


  9. (Not did the only) Manoj win the 4x100m relay, which he was supposed to lose but also achieved a significant margin over the second-placed candidate. It is believed that he will announce his retirement from the league next year.
    Not only did
    Not the only
    Did not the only
    The only did not
    No improvement
    Option A


  10. Although he has two (big eyes but he can’t) see these types of bigger things even in the light of the day.
    big eyes yet he can’t
    big eyes still he can’t
    big eyes even though he can’t
    big eyes and he can’t
    No improvement
    Option A
    Whenever ‘although /though’ are used in a sentence, we will not use ‘but’ instead, we will use ‘yet’.


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