Mixed English Questions for upcoming Exam — Set 432

Directions (1-5): A sentence with two blanks is given in which each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Choose the pair of words that best fits into the blank and make the sentence grammatically as well contextually correct.

  1. The __________ morning Vauban and his horde of cavalry __________ into the castle grounds as if they were a welcome relief.

    ongoing, walked
    following, replaced
    next, trotted
    succeeded, sprinted
    last, jogged
    Option C
    For, the first blank ‘following’, ‘next’ and ‘last’ are suitable as these words are used to describe the morning that comes after. However, “replaced” cannot fit in the second blank. Similarly, “jogged” is inappropriate for the second blank as a cavalry will ‘march’ into a castle, not “jog”. An army, however, can “trot” inside a castle. Hence, the
    correct answer is C.


  2. Bones and teeth are made from _________ inorganic compounds, which in their ___________ crystalline and glassy form, are very brittle.
    easy, natural
    complex, regulatory
    unacknowledged, ordinary
    simple, normal
    underrated, rich
    Option D
    ‘Easy’ and ‘underrated’ are not suitable to describe ‘inorganic compounds’. Similarly, “unacknowledged” cannot modify “inorganic compounds” in the given context. So, the answer is either B or D. ‘Regulatory’ is a noun which refers to a rule or a directive made and maintained by an authority. Also, a noun cannot modify another noun. Hence, option D is the most appropriate answer.


  3. There is a/ an _____________ note of nostalgia in his voice when he looks back on the ___________ years of the family business.
    certain, future
    definite, young
    palpable, impending
    straightforward, initial
    unmistakable, early
    Option E
    One can ‘look back’ (with ‘nostalgia’) only on the past. So, the answer is either D or E. ‘Straightforward’ means straight ahead, in forward direction. It is not suitable to describe an emotion(nostalgia). Hence, the correct answer is option E.


  4. The mayor’s speech at the Lincoln Theatre was _______ to highlight his plans to ____________ the neighbourhood.
    outline, revitalise
    designed, restore
    tailored, resume
    incline, renovate
    accused, recover
    Option B
    The second blank is preceded by to-infinitive, so the blank will be filled by a verb that could be performed on the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood can be ‘restored’, ‘renovated’ or ‘recovered’. So, the answer could be B, D or E. The first blank requires a verb in the past form, which eliminates option D. A speech cannot be accused to highlight
    something; thus, option E is also incorrect. Option B is the most appropriate answer.


  5. Owing to a __________ technical hitch, the concert will be starting _________ half an hour late.
    slight, roughly
    little, naturally
    few, similarly
    less, about
    minor, essentially
    Option A
    Technical hitch is not a countable noun, so the answer is either option A, B or E. The second blank gives us a time frame of how delayed the concert will be. ‘Roughly’ can be used to give an approximate time. Hence, the correct answer is A.


  6. Directions(6-10): In the given questions, a statement has been divided into five segments, each of which is denoted by (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E). Rearrange all the segments to form a coherent statement.

  7. A) the farmers in Haryana
    B) was a health risk, even
    C) for their own family
    D) burning residue
    E) and Punjab do not think that

    Option E


  8. A) the packages were immediately
    B) were appropriately handled
    C) explosive devices and
    D) identified during routine mail
    E) screening procedures as potential
    Option B


  9. A) a government order in Punjab and
    B) than the peak of summer
    C) Haryana requires paddy farmers
    D) closer to the monsoon, rather
    E) to wait for transplantation until
    Option C


  10. A) frogs often escape the radar
    B) reptiles such as
    C) and amphibians such as
    D) chameleons are famed
    E) for changing their colour
    Option D


  11. A) defecation in rural India
    B) of the labour market for
    C) latrine pit emptying is one reason
    D) the caste-related complication
    E) why there is so much open
    Option A


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