Mixed English Questions for upcoming Exam — Set 435

Directions(1-5): In the following question, a word is given along with its usage in sentences given in the options. Choose the option in which the use of the given word is contextually and grammatically correct.

  1. Deluge

    Journalists who deluge on equal terms with the famous or powerful inevitably lose touch with the public.
    It was also reported that English Heritage had been put under great pressure to deluge the alterations.
    From baking to cooking, exercising to gardening, a deluge of hobbies is a welcome addition to previously bustling lives.
    Despite the disagreements about approaches, scientific method has advanced in deluge steps.
    None of the above
    Option C
    Deluge means to send or give somebody/something a very large quantity of something, all at the same time – a great quantity of something arriving at the same time.
    In statement A, the usage is incorrect as we are not talking about any quantity here. The correct usage will be ‘mingle’ .
    In statement B, the correct usage will be ‘approve’. We cannot ‘deluge’ alterations but we can surely ‘approve’ them.
    In statement D, the correct usage will be ‘definite’.


  2. Incessant
    The hard part is predicting where the course of the future will incessant from the past.
    This is a decade in which enrolments have been down double-digits every year and school closures and sales have been incessant.
    In between fights, you go through training exercises to incessant attributes like power and quickness.
    He does not dismiss or incessant the gifts and talents that his Creator endowed to him.
    None of the above
    Option B
    Incessant: (of something regarded as unpleasant) continuing without pause or interruption.
    In statement A, the correct usage will be ‘diverge’
    In statement C, the correct usage will be ‘enhance’
    In statement D, the correct usage will be ‘belittle’.


  3. Turmoil
    Many hospitals, physician practices and other medical facilities have faced access and delivery challenges amid financial turmoil.
    The fungi can also turmoil the symptoms of asthma and cause allergic sinusitis.
    We live in an age in which laws, rules, regulations, charters, policies and practices turmoil on every aspect of our lives.
    The institution of marriage itself is not remaining turmoil but is changing with the mores of society.
    None of the above
    Option A
    Turmoil: A state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.
    Confusion, Turbulence, Tumult, Disorder
    In statement B, the correct usage will be ‘worsen’
    In statement C, the correct usage will be ‘intrude’
    In statement D, the correct usage will be ‘outdated’.


  4. Exacerbate
    His acceptance of the situation had dissolved and his exacerbate heightened once again.
    He also ordered that they were to desist from causing obstruction to council workers or exacerbate on council offices.
    We should exacerbate and recognise the need to help those who are in debt, but we should not produce a debtors’ charter.
    A current heat wave in the state has threatened to exacerbate conditions for wildfires.
    None of the above
    Option D
    Exacerbate: make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
    In statement A, the correct usage will be ‘confusion’
    In statement B, the correct usage will be ‘trespass’
    In statement C, the correct usage will be ‘’modernize’.


  5. Intemperate
    The level of triumphalism and belligerence churned out by our columnists has been embarrassing to intemperate.
    A intemperate new study tonight shows how simply riding the bus to school can be harmful to your child’s health.
    The audience was subjected to an intemperate boss whose anger was on full display.
    Even the intemperate amount of time I am spending at the mercy of my employers is not enough to dampen my spirits.
    None of the above
    Option C
    Intemperate: having or showing a lack of self-control; immoderate. – given to or characterized by excessive indulgence, especially in alcohol.
    In statement A, the correct usage will be ‘behold’
    In statement B, the correct usage will be ‘shocking’
    In statement D, the correct usage will be ‘’excessive’.


  6. Directions(6-10): Five statements are given below, labelled A, B, C, D, and E. Among these, four statements are in a logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  7. Indian banks are allowed to expand overseas under a policy framework of Reserve Bank of India and Government of India.
    This will enable the large Indian banks to engage in a much wider range of activities and have greater potential for growth.
    The way forward could be, apart from Representative Office and branch form of presence overseas, local incorporation by large banks either individually or in joint venture mode with other banks or with overseas banks.
    Indian banks abroad are facing challenges due to a highly competitive environment, enhanced regulation, more intensive supervision and growing emphasis on ring fencing of operations in host jurisdictions in the wake of the crisis.
    Growth and development of legume plant is comprehensively controlled by plant growth regulators (PGRs).
    Option E


  8. Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy.
    Over 58% of rural households primarily depend on agriculture.
    Agriculture is the backbone of our country.
    Improvements in emergency preparedness, health-care systems, and other response measures can all help reduce the health impacts of climate change.
    Agriculture along with fisheries, forestry and other allied sectors contribute around 14% to the overall GDP of our country.
    Option D


  9. In Madhya Pradesh, income from gram increased by 65 per cent over barley and by 7 per cent over wheat.
    Relative economics of lentil shows almost double over linseed in Maharashtra.
    The degree to which people will be affected also depends on the ability of a region to prepare for and respond to risks.
    In Maharashtra at present gram is found to provide more than 3 times of income from sorghum.
    In Madhya Pradesh, return from lentil was 13 per cent lower than barley in early 1970’s.
    Option C


  10. Water is a finite but renewable natural resource, and, like other natural resources, it is an integral part of the environment.
    It is essential for survival of all living beings on this planet and so also for socio-economic development of households, communities and nations all over the world.
    The corporation has a pro-active approach for preserving the natural environment and resources like water, oil and gas and fuels in places where it is setting up power plants
    Most of the rivers, lakes, tanks and ponds are polluted and the groundwater aquifers are being over-exploited in most of the arid and semi-arid regions and are on the verge of complete exhaustion/depletion.
    Besides, in many areas the groundwater aquifers have been polluted/ contaminated.
    Option C


  11. The Indian luxury car market expanded at a CAGR of 37.12 per cent during FY07-15, with 50,000 units in 2015 (about 1 per cent of the passenger vehicle market in India).
    From autonomous driving vehicles that use computer vision, to live translations made possible by artificial neural networks, AI is making every interface both simple and smart – and setting a high bar for how future interactions will work.
    The market is dominated by players such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar.
    India has the world’s 12th largest HNI population, with a growth of 20.8 per cent (highest among the top 12 countries).
    Audi sold 11,292 units in 2014-15, while the biggest luxury car seller Mercedes-Benz sold around 11,213 cars in in FY15
    Option D


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