Mixed English Questions for Mains Exam— Set 132 (IBPS PO Mains Pattern)

Directions (1-5): In the questions given below few sentences are given which are grammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by the word given above the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose the answers accordingly from the options to form a correct and coherent sentence(s). 

  1. Until
    a. reached the green lawns below, where the paths and orchards and gardens began
    b. it was urged that the apex court may consider restoration of the position as it stood before the order was passed on 30 November 2016, making playing of the national anthem mandatory in cinema halls.
    c. With some difficulty and danger Jim drew the buggy over the loose rocks
    d. the committee submits its recommendations for which it sought six months

    Only a & c
    Only d & b
    Only c & d
    Only d & b; c & d
    All are correct
    Option B


  2. Therefore
    a. were very useful to understand the changing employment-unemployment scenario in a rapidly changing world
    b. the conclusion is the same—that employment did grow faster than population
    c. the basic claim of the authors that jobless growth is a myth, should hold
    d. The Labour Bureau’s surveys had a higher frequency than those by the National Sample Survey Office

    Only a & b
    Only b & c
    Only b & c ; d & a
    Only a & d ; c & a
    All correct
    Option C
    Use ‘therefore’ to introduce a result that can be deduced, inferred, or concluded by a process of logical reasoning from information presented earlier. Use ‘therefore’ when the reason is stated as a problem or need, and the result offers a solution to this problem.


  3. Although
    a. it seems the rally organisers and Delhi Police reached a compromise later
    b. authorities had maintained till the last minute that Mevani and his supporters did not have permission to hold the event,
    c. it may already be too late, given that the demographic data has been hacked into
    d. the unauthorised gateway to access Aadhaar data was abused by village-level enterprise operators initially hired — and subsequently fired — by the Government in order to make Aadhaar cards more widely available. Any attempt at plugging the loopholes must begin there,

    Only a & c
    Only c & a
    Only a & b; c & d
    Only d & c
    All arer correct
    Option D
    The subordinator “although” has two main uses: Use “although” to introduce a complete clause (subject + verb) that both contrasts with a statement made in the main clause, as well as makes the following statement in the main clause seem surprising or unexpected. We call this the concessive use of “although”.


  4. Meanwhile
    a. largely on the back of hopes about pricing stability and the ongoing consolidation in the industry
    b. Mavra Kuzminichna was attentively and sympathetically examining the familiar Rostov features of the young man’s face
    c. shares of Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel had risen by 59% and 33% respectively until last week,
    d. his tattered coat and trodden-down boots

    Only b & c
    Only b & a; d & a
    Only a & b
    Only c & a; b & d
    All are correct
    Option D
    meanwhile show a logical relationship between events, thoughts and clauses


  5. However
    a. what the embattled state — as described by the book — of White House functioning indicates is that Mr. Trump may not have expected to win the presidency at all
    b. there is an urgent need to control the sequence and set priorities given the high costs of underused assets
    c. Mr. Trump’s weekend tweet that he was “a very stable genius” indicates that he is conscious of the growing clamour around the mental health question
    d. there is no doubt that the stakeholders have a clear picture of the way ahead. The right programmes with honest intentions are also in place

    Only b & c
    Only b & a
    Only d & b
    Only c & d
    All are correct
    “However” is the most common of the contrastive sentence connectors and can serve two different functions. It can introduce conflict or a problem that contrasts with the situation, facts or viewpoints presented in earlier sentences, or signal that the contrast introduced in the second sentence is somehow surprising or unexpected in light of what was said in the first sentence.


Direction (6-10): In each of the following questions four statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks. Mark that option as your answer.

  1. a. The bright sun made them ____ .
    b. The ____ bottom edge of the puzzle.
    c. I had a bad ____ .
    d. Melanie did not ____ .

    All are correct
    Option D
    a. look at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to strong light.
    b. not straight or level.
    c. a permanent deviation in the direction of the gaze of one eye.
    d. have eyes that look in different directions.


  2. a. I ____ out of bed.
    b. Madness and creativity could ____ from the same source.
    c. Don’t ____ for the album until you’ve heard it.
    d. Our science teacher ____ me acting the goat

    All are correct
    Option C
    a. move or jump suddenly or rapidly upwards or forwards
    b. originate or arise from
    c. pay for
    d. come upon (an illicit activity or its perpetrator)


  3. a. She offers a lift to a ____ commuter.
    b. The ships were ____ in shallow water.
    c. Two of the firm’s lorries are ____ in France.
    d. ____ cotton makes good fabrics.

    All are correct
    Option C
    a. left without the means to move from somewhere
    b. drive or leave (a boat, sailor, or sea creature) aground on a shore.
    c. leave (someone) without the means to move from somewhere.
    d. (of thread, rope, or similar) arranged in single thin lengths twisted together


  4. a. A ____ overhaul of the existing regulatory framework.
    b. The city is known for its ____ approach to transport policy.
    c. A ____ sign.
    d. ____ ideas are what we need to improve the dismal economy.

    All are correct
    Option D
    a. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough
    b. characterized by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive
    c. a quantity forming or expressed as the root of another


  5. a. God’s plans for the ____ of his world
    b. His marginalization from the Hollywood jungle proved to be his ____ .
    c. The peasants found the terms of ____ unattractive
    d. Soldiers who were captured had to seek ____.

    All are correct
    Option B
    a. the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
    b. a thing that saves someone from error or evil
    c. the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.
    d. the action of buying one’s freedom.



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