Mixed English Questions Set 89

Directions (1-5): Mark the out-of-context sentence for your answer.

  1. A. This is not a good idea.
    B. Both the Naresh Chandra and the Narayana Murthy panels had envisaged a greater role for independent directors.
    C. Tougher exit rules — replacing an ordinary resolution, which calls for a simple majority, with a special resolution, which calls for 75% support, to remove an independent director — will tilt selection towards pliant individuals guaranteed to make no trouble.
    D. Sebi wants the government to tighten rules relating to the removal of independent directors in companies.
    E. This would defeat the very purpose of having an independent director, which is to look after the interests of all classes, and not just minority shareholders.
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    Option B

    The correct sequence is D A C E. The main idea here is about Sebi’s concerns regarding independent directors and it wants to make it nearly impossible to remove an independent director. Sentence B is not matching up with rest of the sentences.
  2. A. Commerce and industry, which will grow exponentially as India grows and urbanises, must come on board.
    B. India’s drive to encourage the use of efficient LED light bulbs has till now been restricted, for the most part, to households.
    C. That can be reduced to about 2 per cent, if LEDs are adopted across the board.
    D. The Indian market is big enough for multiple players, and has the benefit of scale. It can also provide the leverage to enter other new markets.
    E. The government leveraged its buying power to make LEDs available at discounted prices. Lighting takes up about 15 per cent of the total power consumption.
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    Option D

    The correct sequence is B E C A. Here is being discussed about the drive to encourage saving of electricity and its scope being confined to only households till now. D is totally irrelevant here.
  3. A. These attacks together have claimed hundreds of innocent lives. They have also created fear in the minds of millions of people.
    B. It has been a fortnight of relentless terrorist attacks, targeting children and senior citizens, ordinary people from Baghdad to Kabul to London to Manchester.
    C. It also requires countries like India, Germany, France and Britain to push back on Washington to go after all governments that support and fund terror, and not play favourites.
    D. It is time for the global community to work together to fight back. It is a common war.
    E. That means confronting governments that provide support and finance to terror outfits.
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    Option A

    The correct sequence is B D E C. It is calling for the world to come together against the few countries that are acting as a haven for terrorist groups and allowing them to use their territories.
  4. A. Political capital has to be spent to make the haircuts that banks would have to take while doing that restructuring viable.
    B. It might not be sufficient to authorize the RBI to restructure the bad loans of the banks it supervises.
    C. But how that coordination takes place is as important as the need for it.
    D. They would much rather dither and retire, and let their successors handle the mess.
    E. If bank chairmen are not assured that such haircuts would not lead to charges of causing loss to the exchequer that land them in jail, few would venture to take the plunge.
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    Option C

    The correct sequence is B A E D. The main idea here is that the only way to push up lending and growth is political capital. C talking about the coordination is not matching up so out of the context.
  5. A. Yeti, Bermuda Triangle, Indus Valley script – Planet Earth is full of unsolved mysteries. You can add the Pakistan cricket team to that list.
    B. And sometimes on the same day. Even Alfred Hitchcock’s movies are more predictable and Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries easier to explain.
    C. Some teams are sublime; others plain ridiculous. Pakistan can be both .
    D. Winning matches is about lifting your game and spirit in the moments that matters most.
    E. What do you say when a team that couldn’t bat, bowl or field against India less than two weeks ago wins three consecutive knock-out games against superior teams and suddenly becomes the Bahubali of the ODI Champions Trophy 2017?
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    Option D

    The correct sequence is A C B E. The main discussion here is Pakistan and its unpredictable victory over India and proved itself an underdog. D does not fit in the context.

Directions (6-10): In the following questions, improve the part printed in bold if needed.

  1. Pawan was hurried to reach the meeting when he slipped and fell down.
    A. Was being hurried
    B. Was hurry
    C. Is hurried
    D. No improvement.
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    Option D
  2. What he intends to propose is not clear from his letter.
    A. Intending to propose.
    B. Intended to be proposed.
    C. Is intending to be proposing
    D. No improvement.
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    Option D
  3. As you are a born liar, I don’t believe in what you say.
    A. I am not believing
    B. I will not believe
    C. I will not be believing
    D. No improvement.
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    Option D
  4. They did not pay any heed to their superior’s instructions, I did neither.
    A. Nor did I
    B. I either did
    C. Either i did not.
    D. No improvement.
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    Option A
  5. My brother who practises law at present wishes for a change in his career.
    A. Will practice
    B. Practised
    C. Is practising
    D. No improvement.
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    Option C

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  1. Mera bhi din ayega :)))

    Sir in 2nd qus my ans is also dd.
    But i have one confusion …that a kaise baki sabse relate ho rha h ?

    1. Ambika

      A is relating in the sense that till now the LED drive is confined to only household sector and the lighting constitutes about 15% of total power usage but with the help of LEDs it can be brought down to 2% so the industry sector should also come up and join the drive ..this is what it wants to say here .

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    I think baki ke sent ye bata rahe h ki jo bhi countries terror or terrorist activities ko fund de rahi ya support kar rahi h ….rest countries ko unse milkar fight karni chaiye

    1. Ambika

      yes..what u r saying is correct
      but B is the starting sentence here and all others are explanation to it so it can’t be the odd one

      1. Mera bhi din ayega :)))

        How did you recognize that b is starting sent ?

        1. Ambika

          bcoj i have framed the question 😀

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      1. Diya

        Ma’am please tell me the best approach for RC

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          Try to apply mapping of RC
          like first paragraph gives us some idea about the topic , second one explains it third explains some problems and fourth gives the solution to it .. RC is framed like this…once u get the idea about RC mapping then it ll be easy to answer questions and u ll know in which paragraph u ll get the answer

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            and for grammar???

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            grammar .. u ll have to understand… work on the vocab part too at the same time …RC main 2-3 ques vocab ke hote hain mostly

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    Q3 BADCE
    all seem to be on same issue..why A is irrelevant?

    1. Ambika

      yes it is definitely relevant but not fitting in the sequence right??

      1. Alice

        this can be the right sequence?
        B A D C E

        1. Ambika

          actually you are right. I have taken B D C E from an article and A is taken from some other one..but it really fits well here 😀

          1. Alice

            no prblm ma’am 🙂
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