Mixed English Questions for Upcoming exams — Set 108

Directions: In each of the following questions a passage is given in which there is a blank. Choose the most logical and appropriate option from the five options given that can be filled in the blank.

  1. Critically, the traditional notion of data being merely sensitive personal information is now being challenged as companies are also ______whilst booking cab rides using an app. Even the Government’s drive to digitise India on the back of initiatives such as JAM (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile) and the increased focus on digital payments is fuelled by data. As dependence on data continues to grow, so does the vulnerability of data subjects. Hence, any debate on data privacy must recognise the need for a comprehensive data privacy law, which not only contributes to and complements the constitutional right to privacy but also enables data subjects to harness the benevolence of technological advances.
    A) imperative to bring government agencies within the ambit of the new framework.
    B) would enable the law to keep pace with rapid changes in technology
    C) exploiting real-time data generated from daily activities such as one’s route preference
    D) is detrimental to data subjects
    E) None of these
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      Option C
    Companies have no hold over govt. Agencies, so option i is discarded.
  2. Finance is the glue that holds all pieces of our life together. Ideal financial societies are those which provide safe and convenient ways of managing these simple monetary affairs. This philosophy is known as financial inclusion. It is providing financial tools to people — tools they can afford, are safe and properly regulated, _______
    A) nations with the lowest access to digital payments.
    B) that people can access conveniently from institutions that treat them with respect.
    C) that only 33 per cent of all beneficiaries were ready to use their Rupay cards.
    D) they had been using the products regularly.
    E) None of these
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      Option B
  3. The case of Akhila/Hadiya is becoming curiouser by the day. Entrusted with adjudicating whether her conversion to Islam and marriage to a Muslim man were voluntary acts, the Supreme Court has ______ into whether Hindu women in parts of Kerala are being radicalised. Inexplicably, the court has sought inputs from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), tasked with tackling terrorism, to probe the circumstances of the 24-year-old’s conversion and marriage even before it heard her out. The question before the court was the correctness of the Kerala High Court’s decision to annul her marriage.
    A) in the course of hearings on a plea
    B) to safeguard its independence and credibility
    C) lent the unfortunate impression
    D) embarked on a roving inquiry
    E) None of these
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      Option D
    As the court has sought inputs from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), so option A is discarded. And option D is correct
  4. Mr. Modi extolled the job-creating impact of the MUDRA loan scheme. In contrast, MUDRA’s CEO is on record saying that it cannot be verified that the agency has created large numbers of jobs. Another misguided Union minister recently gloated about “job creation” under MGNREGS — not realising that it is a social protection scheme that people turn to when they have _______ .
    A) paralysed the informal manufacturing sector which lives on the edge
    B) dropped steeply from 11% in March 2016 to 4% in March 2017.
    C) real activity since the first quarter of 2016-17
    D) no alternative employment and not exactly a reason for cheer
    E) None of these
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      Option D
    passage is depicting the notion that Mudra scheme is helpful   & people will turn to the MUDRA scheme when they are in a contradictory situation. Hence D should be the answer.
  5. The concept of nationalism can be traced from the prithvi sukt of the Atharva Veda which proclaims “the earth is our mother and we are her sons (mata bhoomi putroham prithivyah).” That is the reason humanitarian concern is embedded in India’s cultural nationalism and “otherness” is largely missing from its narratives. That is the reason_________. Ansari misses the spirit and message of the constituent assembly debate on secularism which is no different than the RSS’s perspective on secularism and nationalism.
    A) illiberal form of nationalism” which promotes “intolerance and an arrogant patriotism”
    B) defines nationalism as political and considers constitutionalism the guarantee for its perpetuation.
    C) cultural nationalism becomes a cradle for extremes and is classically accommodative
    D) humanitarian concern is embedded in India’s cultural nationalism and “otherness” is largely missing from its narratives
    E) None of these
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      Option C
    As the passage is essentially concerned with India and its national and cultural values and nowhere ‘humanitarian ‘ is discussed. So option C is correct.

Direction: In each questions below, a Theme has been given followed by three passage. You have to determine which passage is based on the given theme and mark it as your option. More than one passage can be based on the given theme that is highlighted in bold.

  1. Indian villages :: our strength or our weakness?
    i. The gdp of India consists of agriculture industry and services sector where in the first 2 sectors rural population contribute the most. The Rural population is engaged in agriculture which feeds all of us. Rural India maintains India’s ecology. But due to govt negligence towards rural population, it could not reveal its true potential. If given proper education infrastructure and healthcare facilities these rural population can catapult into the robust workforce for prime minister’s make in India initiative.
    ii. They are the base of Indian Culture. They are not useless but the only thing is that they are used less. Low literacy rate does not mean that the villagers are illiterate but the only thing is that they are not given chance to show their talent otherwise they also have a key role in the progress of the nation. If India has to develop they must develop and their lost culture need to explore as much as we can. So, let us lend a helping hand in the development of these which will ultimately lead to the development of our nation.
    iii. Farmers are very important for us. I am so glad about our farmers they provide many things for us. In winters there is very cool atmosphere although they keep doing farming which offer us so many things. I proud of my farmers.
    A) Only i
    B) Only ii
    C) Only iii
    D) All of these
    E) None of these
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      Option A
    Option i, Clearly defines that indian economy depends on agricultural sector which gets its share from villages; But in option ii nothing about “they’ is mentioned and in option iii, farmers not necessarily constitutes villages.
  2. Borderless World: A Threat?
    i. If there is no mutual understanding between countries or the two countries are enemy of each other. But at the same time if the countries go along with each other well and there are no serious disputes between country than borderless world is a great idea.
    ii. Borders are made to divide the region and controlled by government for eg India is a country which is divided into states like MP, Delhi, Punjab etc, These states are further divided into cities which are further divided into towns, tehsils, Villages and are governed by president, PM, CM, Mayor, Head of panchayat. Have you ever thought why we need such divisions. Only because managing a huge no. Of population all over the world is not possible. There will be the number of crimes. Who will handle all such problems.
    iii. A borderless world means a unified governing body. One body controlling and assimilating such absolute power will corrupt absolutely, interest of minorities might be ignored, income disparity will increase and the world will be in a state of chaos and general lawlessness. We don’t want that do we?
    A) Only i
    B) Both i and iii
    C) Both ii and iii
    D) All except iii
    E) None of these.
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      Option A
    Option ii and iii are ambiguous as they aren’t concluding any specific idea. And option i clearly states that we need borders
  3. Women are better at Multi-Tasking
    i. I do not feel that women are inherently any better at multitasking than men are. I believe that each individual has a different skill set. There are both men and women who are great at multitasking. Likewise, there are both men and women who work better when given a single job. However, society has evolved in a manner so as to demand that women fulfill a number of roles society demands that woman handle both domestic and professional spheres without getting ruffled and so women try, and succeed at multitasking.
    ii. My cousin she is an engineer though she works for office from her home only then too she has no time to attend her child and spouse. Because all time in front of laptop attending meetings, seminars etc till 2 a.m. Makes women irritated which also result into conflicts between husband and wife.
    iii. Mary Kom who excelled in sports even though she is mother of 2 children, she nurtured them along with practice and spent time for her husband. Chanda Kochar ceo of ICICI was good at office and looking their family members.
    A) All except ii
    B) Only i
    C) Only ii
    D) All of these
    E) None of these
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      Option B
    Option ii is detailing about a professional working from home and about his laziness and option iii is merely citing examples of two celebrities without elaborating the theme. Hence, discarded.
  4. Is Love Precious or Poisonous?
    i. Only the trust decide that the relationship is precious are poisonous. Love is a kind of feeling. All human need it. All are slave for love. But making it as a poison or precious is based on our behaviour. Remember one thing love is sweet poison. But don’t forget it is poison. Too much of anything is good for nothing.
    ii. I have more positive belief about love. Love is strong magical intangible feeling comprises of care, understanding, trust, respect and zero expectations. It exists everywhere and eternal. It doesn’t want gifts, it just requires time, compromisation, understanding. Our reason of happiness is love.
    iii. Love makes one’s life beautiful with various colours. Life without love is like a body without soul. In one’s life, a man comes across various types of love. As the proverb is “everyone is unique” in the same way love is unique to everyone. Everyone get this precious love according to their age.
    A) Only i
    B) Only ii
    C) Only iii
    D) All of these
    E) None of these.
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      Option D
  5. Up the Down Staircase
    i. I think everyone falls once in their life. It is the very aspect of life. Without falling you can’t get back up and that is the recipe to become a successful person. The road may seem cumbersome and hard to come by but you need to keep moving up the ladder no matter how many times you fall down.
    ii. A staircase without stairs doesn’t signify sense to us in similar way a success without failure does not feels you good. Its only our failure step that ultimately help us to achieve us success. And one more thing these failure and success these are the state of mind, I want to ask simple question after getting a success does we stop achieving things, does we stop competing with others if so then this is also our failure.
    iii. It’s very difficult to climb up but higher person get respect in each and every field at point of failure person think about their mistakes to overcome these mistakes he can achieve great success.
    A) All except i
    B) Both i and ii
    C) Both ii and iii
    D) Both i and iii
    E) All of these
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      Option E
    The theme is a contradiction in itself. It actually means two faces of same coin. Hence all are correct.

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