Mixed English Questions for Upcoming exams — Set 113

Directions: Which of the phrases A, B, C, and D given below each statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given, mark E as the answer

  1. People with persistent headaches are as likely to develop Bell’s palsy as research  amount to  other factors which could increase the risk of conditions like diabetes.
    A) accounting at
    B) accounting towards
    C) accounts for
    D) accounted at
    E) No Correction required
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       Option C 
  2. The actor and the producer has part  always due to differences over communication.
    A) have parted ways
    B) have been way parting
    C) have parting away
    D) have part ways
    E) No Correction required
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       Option A 
  3. the state  is b reeled from the impact of acute financial crisis around the world.
    A) reeled at
    B) reeling away
    C) reeling for
    D) reeling from
    E) No Correction required
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       Option D 
  4. The reading club soon becoming a moving part for literature enthusiast.
    A) soon became
    B) becoming soon
    C) was became soon
    D) soon is become
    E) No Correction required
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       Option A 
  5. Having been confined to their homes for a week after a leopard was sighted, the villagers grew restless and frustrated.
    A) as confine to
    B) having being confining at
    C) been confining at
    D) being confined at
    E) No Correction required
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       Option E 
    Directions(6-10): Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.
  6. After a __ review it was found that many financial institutions don’t have proper __ in place and could unwillingly be financing illegal activities.
    A) routine, checks
    B) periodic, space
    C) schedule, standard
    D) custom, timing
    E) suddenly, system
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       Option A 
  7. The main reason youth employment has __ in this region is the depth of the recession in these countries and the chances of improvement are __ unless govt.s  kick start their economies.
    A) fallen, negligible
    B) risen, visible
    C) grown, create
    D) soared, remote
    E) collapsed, much
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       Option D 
  8. For the country as a whole more than half the population __ regular electricity as connection to the national grid are __ and generators are expensive.
    A) deficient, dependable
    B) want, running
    C) lack, unenviable
    D) short, faded
    E) requiring, fumy
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       Option C
  9.  It is __ that 400 million Indian passengers will want to fly in or out of the country by 2050 and unless the airport facility is improved it will be __ to handle this traffic.
    A) though, easier
    B) assume, worrisome
    C) estimated, difficult
    D) typical, perfect
    E) expected, able
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       Option C 
  10. Reform is set to gain __ as much of the spade work for a vibrant economy such as __ laws on taxes and banking are underway.
    A) steam, specialising
    B) advantage, fix
    C) pace, amending
    D) tame, modify
    E) weight, compensating
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       Option C 

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