Mixed Reasoning Questions – Set 19


Miscellaneous Reasoning Questions for NABARD, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

Directions (1-2): There are 7 friends – A, B, C, D, E, F and G. All have different heights. B is taller than F but shorter than E. E is not the tallest. A is taller than both F and C. C is taller than G. A is taller than only 3 friends.

  1. Who is the tallest of all friends?
    A) F
    B) G
    C) D
    D) B
    E) Cannot be determined 
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     Option C
    Arrangements obtained are:
    D > E > B > A > F > C > G  OR  D > E > B > A > C > F > G  OR  D > E > B > A > C > G > F
  2. C can be placed at how many possible positions in the arrangement obtained?
    A) Other than given in options
    B) One
    C) Two
    D) Three
    E) Cannot be determined 
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     Option C
    C at second shortest or third shortest.

Directions (3-4): A is brother of B. C is father of A. F is sister of D. H is grandmother of B and mother of F. K is father of D and has only 2 children.

  1. How is C related to H?
    A) brother
    B) grandson
    C) son
    D) son-in-law
    E) None f these
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     Option D
    H and K forms a couple, then D and F are only 2 children. F is female, D’s gender is not known.
    Next: H is grandmother of B. A is brother of B. C is father of A.
    Since H and K have only 2 children, means C is not their child, so is son-in-law to them.  
  2. How is D related to B?
    A) aunt
    B) uncle
    C) uncle/aunt
    D) mother
    E) Cannot be determined
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     Option E
    If C is married to F, then D is uncle/aunt of B. If C is married to D (D being female), D is mother of B.
  3. Karan starts from a point in east direction. He walks 8 m straight, takes a right turn and walks 2 m. Then takes a left turn and walks 5 m. Takes a right turn and walks 3 m, takes a right turn again and walks 7 m . Now takes a left turn and walks 4 m. Finally  takes a right turn and stops after walking 3 m. Find his distance from starting point.
    A) 3√10 m
    B) 3√30 m
    C) 2√10 m
    D) 2√30 m
    E) None of these
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     Option A
  4. Point A is 10 m west of point K. Point B is 5 m north of point C. Point C is 9 m west of Point D. Point I is 3 m east of point J. Point K is 7 m north of point J. Point G is 4 m east of point H. Point G is 12 m north of point F. Point H is 9 m north of point I. Point F is 6 m east of point E. Point D is 2 m north of point E. What is the direction of point A with respect to point B?
    A) North
    B) North-East
    C) North
    D) North-west
    E) None of these
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     Option D
  5. If 3 is subtracted from all even numbers and 1 is subtracted from all odd numbers in number 8354619 and the digits of number obtained are arranged in ascending order, then what is the sum of 2nd and 5th digits from the right end?
    A) 6

    B) 9
    C) 7
    D) 8
    E) 5
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     Option C
    8354619 –> 5241308
    Ascending – 0123458
    So 5+2 = 7
  6. 5 people – A, B, C, D, and E have seminars on different days from Monday to Saturday. One day being a holiday. Seminar of C is before A’s. There are 2 days between the seminars of D and B. Also there are 2 seminars between the seminars of B and C. Holiday is not on Monday or Saturday. A’s seminar is on Wednesday. Which day is a holiday?
    A) Tuesday
    B) Wednesday
    C) Thursday
    D) Friday
    E) Cannot be determined 
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     Option C
    Remember: there is difference between 2 days and 2 seminars.
    Keep Wednesday A, and then 2 arrangements with C on Monday and other C on Tuesday
    Final Arrangement:
    Monday           –    C
    Tuesday           –    D
    Wednesday     –    A
    Thursday       ———–
    Friday              –    B
    Saturday         –     E
  7. What will come in place if question mark if ‘S < K’ is definitely true?
    M < B ? C ≥ S = F; K ≥ L ? B = N > P

    A) >, =
    B) <. =
    C) ≤. ≤
    D) ≤, =
    E) None of these
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     Option A
    S ≤ C ? B ? L ≤ K
    So — S ≤ C < B = L ≤ K will make S < K definitely true
    So B > C and B = L

  8. Each consonant in the word “CATASTROPHICALLY” is replaced by the previous letter in the English alphabet and each vowel is replaced by the next letter in the English alphabet and the new letters are re arranged alphabetically which of the following will be the 2nd to right of 8th from the right end? (take similar letters together)
    A) Q
    B) O
    C) P
    D) K
    E) S
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     Option C
    Alphabetically >                    BBBBBGJKKOPQRSSX


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