Mixed Reasoning Questions – Set 21

Miscellaneous Reasoning Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, NIACL, NICL, UICL, OIC, RBI and other competitive exams.

  1. 5 friends – A, B, C, D, and E like different colors – white, green, yellow, blue and red not necessarily in same order. They are sitting in a lie facing north. C is sitting 2nd to left of one who likes yellow color. There is one person between the ones who like white and yellow colors. The one who likes white is at extreme position. There are 2 persons between E and who likes green. Also one between A and D. D does not like green or yellow. C does not like green color. D and one who likes red color are sitting together. Which of the following is odd pair based on above arrangement?
    A) C – Green
    B) D – Red
    C) E – Blue
    D) C – Red
    E) A – White
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     Option D
    Arrangement is
    All other pairs are sitting together.
  2. If Vikram finds that he is 18th from the right in a line of boys and 11th from the left, how many boys should be included in the line such that there are 35 boys in the line?
    A) 6
    B) 9
    C) 8
    D) 7
    E) 5
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     Option D
    There are (18+11)-1 = 28 boys in the line
    So 7 boys to be added to make the number 35

Directions (3-4): Consider the following words to answer the questions that follow:

TALE      MINT        DIRT         CARE        SLAB

  1. If in each of the given words, all consonants are changed to previous letter according to English Alphabetical Series and then all letters are arranged in English Alphabetical Order within the word, then how many words will contain second letter as vowel?
    A) None
    B) Three
    C) Five
    D) Two
    E) Four
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     Option B
    According to rule:
    SAKE      PIMS      CIQS        BAQD          RKAA
    Next: AEKS     IMPS       CIQS      ABDQ         AAKR
    So 3 words – AEKS, CIQS and AAKR contains vowel at second place. 
  2. If in each of the given words, the 1st and 3rd letter are changed to next letter as in English Alphabetical Series, then how many words will contain a letter twice?
    A) Two
    B) Three
    C) One
    D) Five
    E) Four
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     Option C
    According to rule:
    UAME         NIOT       EIST        DASE        TLBB
    Only TLBB contains B twice

Directions (5-6): Seven friends – A, B, C, D, E, F, and G have different weights. A is heavier than B but lighter than C. F is heavier than D but lighter than C. E is lighter than D but is not the lightest. A is heavier than D. F is heavier than G. A is 3rd from top in the list when all are arranged from heaviest to lightest.

  1. Who is 2nd heaviest?
    A) C
    B) D
    C) F
    D) None of these
    E) Cannot be determined
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     Option C
    Since A is 3rd heaviest. 2 are above it. C is definitely above. Now F > D > E. Also F > G. A > B so only F can have more weight than B among all others. Also F < C. So F at 2nd place 
  2. If B at 3rd position from bottom when all are arranged from heaviest to lightest, how many people have weight between D and G.
    A) None
    B) One
    C) Two
    D) Three
    E) More than three
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     Option C
    If B at 3rd position from bottom, only arrangement is C > F > A > D > B > E > G. Someone has to be between A and B. D > E and E not the lightest.
    2 between D and G.

Directions (7-8): A family has 8 members – A, B, C, D, P, Q, R and S. B is mother of A. Q is son of C who has 2 sons. P is married to A. R calls Q as uncle.  Q is brother of D. C is father of D who is aunt of S. Only one of the children of B is married.

  1. How is P related to S?
    A) Father
    B) Mother
    C) Aunt
    D) Uncle
    E) Mother or Aunt
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     Option B
    Since it is 1 family and contains 8 members so B is married to C. D and Q are aunt and uncle respectively. So R and S are children of A and P. B is mother of A, so A should be son of B. P being female so mother of S
  2. How is D related to B?
    A) Mother
    B) Aunt
    C) Sister
    D) Daughter
    E) Sister-in-law
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     Option D

Directions (9-10): Point Q is 5 m west of point B. Point B is 3 m south of point P. Point R is 5 m west of point C. Point R is 4 m north of point of S. Point Q is 3 m north of point C. Point S is 10 m west of point D. Point P is 8 m east of point A.

  1. What is the direction of point P with respect to point D?
    A) North
    B) North-east
    C) South
    D) North-west
    E) South -west
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     Option A

  2. Find distance CA.
    A) 3√15 m
    B) 5√15 m
    C) 5√3 m
    D) Other than those given in options
    E) 3√5 m
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     Option E
    Horizontal distance = 8-5 = 3 m
    Vertical distance = 3+3 = 6 m
    So CA = Hypotenuse = √(32 + 62) = √45 = 3√5 m

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