Mixed Reasoning Questions – Set 39

Directions (1-3): Each question is followed by two statements A and B.Answer the question using the following instructions. Choose
a)if the question can be answered by using one of the statements alone,but cannot be answered using the other statements alone.
b)if the question can be answered by using either statement alone.
c)if the question can be answered by using both statements together,but cannot be answered using either statement alone.
d)if the question cannot be answered even by using both statements together.
e) if data insufficient

  1. Three students P,Q and R are separately given three sets of numbers to add.They were expected to find answers to 1 + 1, 1 + 1 + 2 and 1 + 1 respectively.Their respective answers are 3, 3 and 2.How many of the students are mathematicians?
    A)P mathematician can never add two numbers correctly, but can always add three numbers correctly.
    B) When a mathematician make a mistake in a sum, the error is +1 or – 1.

    Option E
    Using statement A, we know that Q is not a mathematician,and neither is R. But we cannot make a judgement about P. Using B, we cannot again say how many of P,Q,R are mathematician .


  2. How many among the four professors P, Q, R and S have passed the exam?
    A) The following is a true statement: P and Q passed the exam.
    B) The following is a false statement: at least one among R and S has passed the exam.

    Option C
    From A alone ,we know that P and Q passed the exam,while from B alone we definitely know that neither R or S has passed the exam.Thus,using both A and B, we know definitely that 2 among the four has passed.


  3. Mr.AJ Styles grew 100 plants from yellow and green seeds,each seed gives rise to one plant.A plant gives fruit of only one color. From a yellow seed comes a plant giving red or blue fruit.From a green seed comes a plant giving red or white fruits. How many yellow seeds were used by Mr.AJ Styles?
    A) The number of plants with white fruits were 10.
    B) The number of plants with red fruits was 70.

    Option E
    we do not know how many of the 70 plants with red flowers were coming out of yellow seeds and how many of green seeds.


Directions (4-7): Each question consists of five statements followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order.Choose the option which indicates a valid argument, that is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements.

  1. A – BTech’s are in great demand.
    B – John and Trish are in great demand.
    C – John is in great demand.
    D – Trish is in great demand.
    E – John and Trish are BTech’s.

    None of these
    Option C
    ABE also looks good,but it is not necessary that only BTech’s are in great demand.Hence,if you were to conclude that John and Trish are BTech’s on the basis that BTech’s are in great demand,it would be false.


  2. A – Mangoes are not sweets.
    B – Some mangoes are sweet.
    C – All sweets are tasty.
    D – Some mangoes are not tasty.
    E – No mango is tasty.

    None of these
    Option A
    Since all sweets are tasty and no mangoes are tasty,it must follow that mangoes are not sweets.


  3. A – All actors are handsome.
    B – Some actors are popular.
    C -Stone cold is handsome.
    D – Stone cold is a popular actor.
    E – Some popular people are handsome.

    None of these
    Option C


  4. A – Some cities in India are polluted.
    B – All polluted cities should be destroyed.
    C – City Delhi should be destroyed.
    D – City Delhi is polluted.
    E – Some cities in India should be destroyed.

    None of these
    Option D
    It is logical as B states that all polluted cities should be destroyed and D gives us that city Delhi is polluted.


Directions (8-9): A girl is asked to put in a box one Banana when ordered “One”, one grape when ordered “Two”, one mango when ordered “Three”. and is asked to take out from the box one banana and an grape when ordered “Four”. A sequence of order is given: 12332142314223314113234

  1. How many total grapes were in the box at the end of the above sequence?
    Option B
    There are six 2’s and four 4’s in sequence.Thus these would be 2 grape in box.


  2. How many total fruits will be in the box at the end of the above order sequence?
    Option C
    19*1 – 4*2 = 11


  3. STATEMENT: If you have the passion to perform, we have a job for you.
    A) If you don’t have a passion to perform,you will not get a job with us.
    B)Every job requires the passion to perform.

    A is implicit
    B is implicit
    Both A and B are implicit
    Neither A nor B are implicit
    none of these
    Option B



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  1. sneha

    explain 1st qus

    1. the walking dead

      Using A ,we know that Q is not a mathematician and neither is R.But we cannot make a judgement about P,he may or may not be a mathematician.Thus we cannot say how many of P,Q,R are mathematicians.
      Using B,we cannot again say how many of P,Q,R are mathematicians because P might be mathematician,Q too might be a mathematician,and R could also be a mathematician.

  2. jaga

    THANK U MAM..fabulous questions..

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