Mixed Reasoning Questions for Syndicate Exam – Set 44

Directions (1-3):
Seven wrestlers who represented a country attended a function.They are Alex, Boogieman, Carl, Daryl, Edward, Fandango, Goldberg. They are to be seated on the dais along one side of a rectangular table. Some conditions are:
a)Alex and Goldberg are to be seated at the extreme right which is closest to the exit because they have to leave early.
b)Boogieman is to be seated at the centre as he will be given the Hall of fame award.
c)Carl and Daryl to be seated as far as possible because they are both enemies.

  1. Which of the following may not be seated at either end of the table?
    Option E
    CASE 1: A, G, C , B , ? , ? , D CASE 2: G ,A , C , B , ? , ? , D CASE 3: A , G, D , B , ? ,? , C CASE 4: G , A ,D , B , ? ,? , C


  2. Which of the following pairs may not be seated together?
    Goldberg and Daryl
    Boogieman and Fandango
    Boogieman and Daryl
    Edward and Alex
    None of these
    Option D


  3. How many possibilities can be made out from the question?
    More than 4
    Option D


  4. Persons A,B,C,D live in Russia, Greenland , Yemen or Brazil houses placed in a sequence on a street.C lives in Yemen house.The Greenland house is adjacent to the Brazil house.A does not live adjacent to C. The yemen house is in between the Greenland and Russia house.A lives in which house?
    cannot be determined
    Option A
    CASE 1: RUSSIA- ? , YEMEN – C , GREENLAND – ? , BRAZIL – A CASE 2: BRAZIL – A , GREENLAND – ? , YEMEN – C , RUSSIA – ? In both cases, A can be seen to be living in the Brazil house.


Directions (5-6):
Choose A, if the question can be answered by using one of the statements alone but cannot be answered by using the other statement alone.
Choose B, if the question can be answered by using either statements alone.
Choose C, if the question can be answered by using both the statements together but cannot be answered by using either statement alone.
Choose D, if the question cannot be answered even by using both the statements together.
Choose E, if none of these.

  1. How many person are watching Programme “CID”?
    A:Number of persons watching programme “Aahat” is 1000 and number of persons watching both programmes CID and Aahat is 100.
    B: Number of persons watching either CID or Aahat or both is 100.

    Option C
    Using a conventional venn diagram, we can find out from the both statements,it can only be answered.


  2. What is the seniority of two persons M and N?
    A: The seniority difference between them is 5 years.
    B: The product of their seniority is divisible by 5.

    Option D
    There can be multiple answers satisfying the conditions, so we can’t find it.


Directions (7-8): A string of three english alphabets is formed as per rules given:
a) The first letter is any vowel.
b) The second letter is x,y or z.
c) If the second letter is x,then the third letter is any vowel which is different from the first letter.
d) If the second letter is y, then the third letter is a or i.
e) If the second letter is z, then the third letter is the same as the first letter.

  1. How many strings of letters can be possibly made using above rules?
    Option D
    With x: 5*4 With y : 5*2 With z: 5*1 so total is 35.


  2. How many strings can be made using x as the middle letter?
    Option E


  3. STATEMENTS: Some blue are red. Some red are blue. Some blue are balls.
    A) Some balls are blue.
    B) Some balls are not blue.
    C) No red is ball.
    D) No blue is ball.

    1 and 4 follows
    1 or 4 follows
    1 and 3 follows
    2 follows
    None of these
    Option A


  4. STATEMENTS: All S1 are C1. Some S1 are C2. Some C1 are P1.
    A) Some P1 are S1
    B) Some C1 are C2
    C) Some P1 are C2
    D) All S1 are P1.

    1 or 4 follows
    2 and 3 follows
    Either 1 or 4 and 2 follow
    2 follows
    none of these
    Option D



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