Modern History Questions for SSC Exams Set 5

Modern History Questions for various exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, High Court and other related exams.

  1. Who was the first English president of the Indian National Congress?
    A) George Yule
    B) William Wedderburn
    C) AO Hume
    D) Henry cotton
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    Option A

  2. The first viceroy of the Portuguese in the east was
    A) Francisco De Almeida
    B) Nuno Da Cunha
    C) Joa De Castro
    D) Albuquerque
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    Option A

  3. Which of the following pairs contributed significantly to integrate the princely states into Indian Union?
    A) Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru
    B) Sardar Patel and VP Menon
    C) Sardar Patel and Mahatma Gandhi
    D) Sardar Patel and K M Munshi
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    Option B

  4. When did the British government start ruling India directly?
    A) after the battle of Plassey
    B) after the battle of Panipat
    C) after the war of Mysore
    D) after sepoy mutiny
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    Option A

  5. What did the hunter commission appointed by the viceroy probe?
    A) Bardoli Satyagraha
    B) Khilafat agitation
    C) Jallianwala Bagh tragedy
    D) Chauri Chaura incident
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    Option C

  6. What was the basis of transfer of power to India on 15th August?
    A) on this day the Indian National Congress had demanded Purna Swaraj
    B) on this day Mahatma Gandhi started Quit India Movement
    C) anniversary of formation of interim government
    D) anniversary of the surrender of Japanese Army before Admiral Mountbatten
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    Option D

  7. Mahatma Gandhi got his inspiration for civil disobedience from
    A) Thoreau
    B) Ruskin
    C) Confucius
    D) Tolstoy
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    Option A

  8. The father of extremist movement in India is
    A) Motilal Nehru
    B) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
    C) Vallabhbhai Patel
    D) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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    Option D

  9. Who among the following organised “the all India depressed classes Association” in colonial India?
    A) Mahatma Gandhi
    B) Jyotiba Phule
    C) Pandita Ramabai
    D) B R Ambedkar
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    Option D

  10. The sepoy mutiny of 1857 occurred during the governor generalship of
    A) Lord Dalhousie
    B) Lord Lytton
    C) Lord William Bentinck
    D) Lord Canning
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    Option D



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