Modern History Questions for SSC Exams Set 3

Modern History Questions for various exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, High Court and other related exams.

  1. Who explained the theory of drain?
    A) Tilak
    B) Dadabhai Nauroji
    C) Gokhle
    D) Ranade
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    Option B

  2. Which place was the headquarters of Portuguese in India?
    A) Cochin
    B) Goa
    C) Calicut
    D) Cannanore
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    Option B

  3. Bal, Pal and Lal were the most prominent leaders of the
    A) Swaraj Party
    B) Militant National Party
    C) Gadar Party
    D) Congress Party
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    Option D

  4. The Governor General of India impeached by the House of Commons in England was
    A) Warren Hastings
    B) Cornwallis
    C) Wellesley
    D) William Bentinck
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    Option A

  5. Chauri Chaura incident is related to
    A) civil disobedience movement
    B) khilafat movement
    C) non cooperation movement
    D) quit India movement
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    Option C

  6. What is the name of the fort built by English in Calcutta?
    A) fort St. David
    B) fort St. Andrew
    C) fort William
    D) fort Victoria
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    Option C

  7. Lala Lajpat Rai succumbed to police brutality during
    A) Rowlatt Act
    B) Minto Morley Reforms
    C) Simon Commission
    D) Pitts India Act
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    Option C

  8. Who was the political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
    A) Gokhle
    B) Tilak
    C) Aurobindo Ghosh
    D) Lala Lajpat Rai
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    Option A

  9. C.R. Das and Motilal Nehru formed the Swaraj Party after
    A) Swadeshi Movement
    B) Non Cooperation Movement
    C) Civil Disobedience Movement
    D) Quit India Movement
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    Option B

  10. Which among the following got support from both Hindus and Muslims?
    A) Non Cooperation Movement
    B) Quit India Movement
    C) Champaran Satyagraha
    D) Anti partition Movement
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    Option A

  11. The third battle of Panipat was fought in
    A) 1526 AD
    B) 1556 AD
    C) 1761 AD
    D) 1776 AD
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    Option C

  12. Which of the following tribes is associated with Tana Bhagat Movement?
    A) Uraon
    B) Munda
    C) Santhal
    D) Kondadora
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    Option A

  13. Who gave the title of ‘Mahamana’ to Madan Mohan Malviya?
    A) Dadabhai Naoroji
    B) Gokhle
    C) Gandhi
    D) Tilak
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    Option C

  14. Who established the Indian Civil Liberties Union?
    A) S.C. Bose
    B) Tilak
    C) Jawaharlal Nehru
    D) Motilal Nehru
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    Option C

  15. Who established ‘Anand Van’?
    A) Buddha
    B) Baba Amte
    C) Motilal Nehru
    D) H.N. Bahuguna
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    Option B

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