English: Cloze Test for NICL and other exams – Set 59

English New Pattern Cloze Test for NICL, Dena Bank, IBPS PO and various upcoming bank and insurance exams. New Pattern Cloze Test NIACL Dena Bank

Directions: In the passage given below there are 7 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in 4 options.

While considerations of growth would have made a rate cut a positive gesture of accommodation, the Monetary Policy Committee’s (MPC) decision to­­­­____(1)____ its policy rates is, on the whole, welcome.

What holds up investment and growth is not the cost of borrowing, but the combination of overleveraged firms and the banks’ bad loan portfolio. So, cutting rates would have no immediate, direct impact on growth. Further, what the MPC seems to be focused on is­­­___(2)___ the RBI’s credibility, dented by the demonetisation exercise.

Its refusal to __(3)__the finance ministry with a formal meeting to receive ministry instructions, and to stick to its inflation focus, both enhance central bank credibility. So does the 50-basis-point cut in the statutory liquidity ratio, the share of total deposits banks are obliged to invest in government bonds, to 20 per cent effective June 24. That call rates have been ­­__(4)___firmly into the policy rate corridor is proof of enhanced monetary policy effectiveness.

Significantly, the central bank has cut its­­__(5)__ for consumer inflation to 2-3.5 per cent in April-September, down from 4.5 per cent earlier, and to 3.5-4.5 per cent in October-March, down from 5 per cent earlier.

The change in forecast comes after consumer prices rose in April at their lowest annual rate in at least five years, slowing to 2.99 per cent, well below the RBI’s expectation of 4.0 per cent. But the regulator worries about sticky core___(6)__ due to rising rural wage growth.

The rising demand for farm loan waivers is a ___(7)__risk for fiscal slippage, apart from the oft-repeated concerns over the Seventh Pay Commission award implications.

  1. A) cut down
    B) hold
    C) lower
    D) raising
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    Option B
  2. A) establishing
    B) creating
    C) maintaining
    D) reinforcing
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    Option D
  3. A) oblige
    B) accept
    C) complying
    D) respect
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    Option A
  4. A) intergrated
    B) assembled
    C) marshalled
    D) suggested
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    Option C
  5. A) projection
    B) growth
    C) data
    D) requirement
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    Option A
  6. A) deflation
    B) inflation
    C) chaos
    D) employment
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    Option B
  7. A) certain
    B) unexpected
    C) potential
    D) unprecedented
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    Option C

Directions: In the passage given below there are 7 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in 4 options.

With the first day of spring, when the awakening earth puts on its garment of green, and the warm, fragrant air fans our faces and fills our lungs and appears even to penetrate to our hearts, we experience a vague,__(1)__ longing for freedom, for happiness, a desire to run, to wander__(2)__, to breathe in the spring. The previous winter having been unusually severe, this spring feeling was like a form of intoxication in May, as if there were an overabundant supply of sap.

One morning on waking I saw from my window the blue sky glowing in the sun above the neighbouring houses. The  canaries  hanging in the windows were singing loudly, and so were the servants on every floor; a cheerful noise rose up from the streets, and I went out, my spirits as bright as the day, to go—I did not exactly know where. Everybody I met seemed to be smiling; an air of happiness appeared to __(3)___ everything in the warm light of returning spring. One might almost have said that a breeze of love was blowing through the city, and the sight of the young women whom I saw in the streets in their morning toilets, in the depths of whose eyes there__(4)__ a hidden tenderness, and who walked with languid grace, filled my heart with agitation.

Without knowing how or why, I found myself on the banks of the Seine. Steamboats were starting for Suresnes, and suddenly I was seized by an __(5)____ desire to take a walk through the woods. The deck of the Mouche was covered with passengers, for the sun in early spring draws one out of the house, in spite of themselves, and everybody moves about, goes and comes and talks to his neighbour.

I had a girl neighbour; a little work-girl, no doubt, who possessed the true Parisian charm: a little head, with light curly hair, which looked like a shimmer of light as it danced in the wind, came down to her ears, and ___(6)__to the nape of her neck, where it became such fine, light-coloured clown that one could scarcely see it, but felt an irresistible desire to shower kisses on it.

Under my persistent gaze, she turned her head toward me, and then immediately looked down, while a slight crease at the side of her mouth, that was ready to __(7)___ into a smile, also showed a fine, silky, pale down which the sun was gilding a little.

  1. A) clear
    B) undefined
    C) fresh
    D) certain
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    Option B
  2. A) right
    B) straight
    C) aimlessly
    D) all day long
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    Option C
  3. A) pervade
    B) enlighten
    C) diffuse
    D) penetrate
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    Option A
  4. A) felt
    B) seemed
    C) appeared
    D) lurked
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    Option D
  5. A) sudden
    B) unconquerable
    C) extremely
    D) unhuman
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    Option B
  6. A) ascended
    B) raised
    C) descended
    D) went through
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    Option C
  7. A) break off
    B) break into
    C) break for
    D) break out
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    Option D

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