Mixed English Questions Set 27 (New Pattern)

Practise our New Pattern English questions for upcoming exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk and insurance exams. This set contains questions from Sentence Filler and Double fillers.

Direction (1-5): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

  1. THE election of Pope Francis on March 13th was surprising for several reasons. He is the first pope from South America, making him the first non-European since the 8th century. He is also the only pope to take the name Francis—evoking the humility of St Francis of Assisi, a 12th century Italian monk. (…………………………………………………………………….) But just who are the Jesuits, exactly?
    A) The first group are known as diocesan priests, and will often be attached to a parish and are accountable to a local bishop.
    B) The Society of Jesus is another such religious order.
    C) Most surprising of all, he is the only member of the Society of Jesus, a religious order dating from the 16th century, to become a pope.
    D) They train at a seminary, a theological college, and do not take vows of poverty or seclude themselves from the outside world.
    E) This last vow is one of the reasons why Pope Francis’s election was particularly surprising.
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    Option C
  2. Esperanto, the most successful invented language, may have as many as 2m speakers. (………………………………………………..) Most engineered languages, such as Ithkuil, are too exacting; those lacking a grammar or rich lexicon are cumbersome for everyday use. Artistic languages, though, are only as difficult to learn as natural ones.
    A) They decide which words should exist and which should not.
    B) But its eurocentricity has precluded wider use.
    C) Fantasy literature, science-fiction films and video games have fuelled a demand for otherworldly tongues.
    D) But those intended to be used more widely need strict grammar rules.
    E) Languages specifically engineered out of some political or theoretical conviction, on the other hand, can be onerous to speak.
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    Option B
  3. The effects of youth unemployment can persist for years. Those who begin their careers without work are more likely to have lower wages and suffer joblessness again later in life. (……………………………………………………) Part of these losses may be due to missing out on training and experience accumulation that typically occurs with young workers.
    A) But younger workers typically change jobs at much higher rates than their older counterparts, and these job switches are responsible for most of a worker’s wage growth early in a career.
    B) New technology is providing educational opportunities to people who might otherwise remain outside the job market.
    C) A third factor is the growing mismatch between the skills that youngsters have and the vacancies that employers want to fill.
    D) The economic loss can be substantial, too, and not just in the form of higher welfare payments.
    E) Some of these youths choose not to work.
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    Option D
  4. It is now almost five years since the world’s financial system was brought to its knees and had to be bailed out by taxpayers at a cost of billions. Millions of people lost their jobs or suffered from lower living standards because of the recession brought on by the financial collapse.(…………………………………………………………….). In Britain, which had to bail out three of its biggest banks, not one senior banker has gone on trial over the failure of a bank.
    A) One reason so few bankers have been jailed is that it has proved difficult for prosecutors to connect wrongdoing low down in a large financial organization.
    B) Yet almost no bankers have faced legal sanctions for their part in precipitating the crisis.
    C) German prosecutors have charged several bank executives whose banks failed, and in Brazil, bank directors can be held personally liable for the losses incurred by their banks.
    D) Public outrage is, however, prompting some countries to think again about imposing stricter rules that might make it easier to jail bankers.
    E) Rather than spending their time looking for new ways to punish bankers, policymakers would do better to find ways to avoid having to bail out banks out in the first place.
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    Option B
  5. POVERTY is easy to spot but hard to define. America sets its poverty line at $11,490 of income per year for a one-person household, or just over $30 a day.(……………………………………………………….). Other rich countries set their poverty lines in relative terms, so an increase in the incomes of top earners results in more poverty if everything else is held constant.
    A) Any income below that amount is judged inadequate for the provision of fundamental wants
    B) This figure is arrived at by averaging the poverty lines in the 15 poorest countries, not because $1.26 spells comfort.
    C) Almost all of the fall in the poverty rate should be attributed to economic growth.
    D) Since 2000, the acceleration of growth in developing countries has cut the numbers in extreme poverty outside China by 280m.
    E) In a country where income inequality is high, each percentage point of GDP growth will do less work than the same growth would in a more equal place.
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    Option A

Direction (6-10): Fill in the blank with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. The ________ between the two services is good in some ways, because it is forcing them to add new features and improve their________.
    A) rivalry, sacrifice
    B) competition, offerings
    C) comparison, alms
    D) strife, withdrawal
    E) Either B or C
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    Option B
  2. The fight between them is merely the latest _________ of the fact that when it comes to online social networks, the interests of the companies that run them do not always _______with the interests of users.
    A) observation, relate
    B) instance, moderate
    C) explanation, matchup
    D) illustration, align
    E) example, expects
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    Option D
  3. The practice of burying the dead with their ______ has left ______with lots of evidence about the Vikings, who were arguably the first maritime superpower.
    A) house, researchers
    B) goods, archaeologists
    C) relatives, people
    D) body, world
    E) kingdom, powerful
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    Option B
  4. Passive radar requires a lot of processing _____, but because there is no need for a transmitter, it ends up being ______ than conventional radar.
    A) power, cheaper
    B) theory, equivalent
    C) energy, costly
    D) work, similar
    E) Both C and D
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    Option A
  5. The universe is thought to have begun life as a/an _______ hot and dense soup of subatomic _______.
    A) liquid, energy
    B) very, bundle
    C) unimaginably, particles
    D) dense, variable
    E) continuous, universe
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    Option C


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