Mixed English Questions Set 35 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk , NIACL Assistant and other upcoming exams. New Pattern Sentence Fillers and Odd Words.

Direction (1-5): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

  1. AFRICA is losing its vultures. Of its 11 species of the bird, six are at risk of extinction and four are critically endangered, according to a report by BirdLife International, a nature conservation partnership.(…………………………………………………..). Catherine Bearder, a member of the European Parliament, has been petitioning for the European Union to save the world’s vultures and eagles; the UN, too, has been discussing what action to take. Why are vultures vanishing, and why should anyone care?
    A) Since the 1990s the population of South Asia’s vulture species has collapsed by more than 99%.
    B) The vulture population in much of the rest of the world is at risk too
    C) In 2003 scientists identified diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat livestock, as the main cause for this decline.
    D) Vultures eating the carcasses of animals recently treated with the drug died from severe kidney failure within weeks of ingesting it.
    E) The number of vultures in the region has since stabilised, though they remain vulnerable.
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    Option B
    : The sentence before the blank talks about the vultures in Africa. The sentence after the blank suddenly talks about the vultures of the world. It means the sentence in blank must have introduced the vultures in the rest of the world. So B is suitable.
  2. The term “shadow bank” was coined in 2007 by Paul McCulley of PIMCO, a big bond fund to describe risky off-balance-sheet vehicles hatched by banks to sell loans repackaged as bonds. (………………………………………………)These include mobile payment systems, pawnshops, peer-to-peer lending websites, hedge funds and bond-trading platforms set up by technology firms. Among the biggest are asset management companies. In 2013 investment funds that make such loans raised a whopping $97 billion worldwide.
    A) Companies looking for cash also lean on bond markets that offer extraordinarily low interest rates.
    B) Money-market funds that invest in short term securities like US treasury bills have taken off too.
    C) Today, the term is used more loosely to cover all financial intermediaries that perform bank-like activity but are not regulated as one.
    D) The Financial Stability Board, an international watchdog estimates that globally, the informal lending sector serviced assets worth $80 trillion in 2014 up from $26 trillion more than a decade earlier.
    E) Shadow banks have flourished in part because the traditional ones, battered by losses incurred during the financial slump, are under pressure.
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    Option C
    : The next line after blank says: These Include; which means that something related to the mentioned things has been talked about in the previous statement. So Option C suits the best.
  3. Zika was found in a human for the first time in 1952, in Uganda.(………………………………………………………). It may have been circulating among monkeys and other animals in the jungle for thousands of years, making the jump to humans relatively recently, carried by mosquitoes. In that regard, Zika is hardly unusual: six in ten infectious diseases in humans have been spread from animals.
    A) During the second half of the 20th century, Zika was documented in a handful of people in Africa and Asia.
    B) The virus was discovered in 1947, in a rhesus monkey in the Zika forest near the shore of Lake Victoria in Uganda.
    C) Nobody knows for sure where or when it began to infect humans
    D) In that regard, Zika is hardly unusual: six in ten infectious diseases in humans have been spread from animals.
    E) Zika may have been infecting many people in Africa for years, staying under the radar of patchy health systems and poor disease surveillance along with any serious health problems that it may have been causing.
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    Option C
  4. JAPANESE ten-year bonds have joined the long list of government securities with a negative yield, offering minus 0.04% a year(………………………………………………………….)Bloomberg estimates that nearly 30% of the global government bond market is trading on a negative yield; there are even some corporate bonds in the same position. So why on earth should investors sign up to lose money?
    A) In practice, that means investors who buy the bond now, and hold it until maturity, will have less money than they started with.
    B) The second group of bond buyers are those who think that it is possible to make money despite the negative yields.
    C) Japanese bonds are denominated in yen.
    D) A big currency gain would more than offset the negative yield.
    E) The third source of buying comes from anxious investors who prefer a small loss on government bonds to a much bigger loss elsewhere.
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    Option A
    : Option A explains the previous statement.
  5. (…………………………………………………………..). This is hardly unusual: pensions were at the centre of bail-out negotiations six years ago and they were there in the summer when Greece nearly got kicked out of the eurozone. Since 2010 entitlements have been cut at least ten times while the system has been reformed at least four. With a new scheme now in the works, which would protect those who have already retired while increasing social security and tax payments for many groups of workers, Greeks are once again blaming politicians, while politicians are blaming Greece’s creditors for making them impose harsh measures.
    A) The problem of an ageing population was not unique to Greece.
    B) As Greece’s workforce along with its gross domestic product (GDP) shrank, the number of pensioners grew.
    C) Pension spending, which constituted 17.5% of GDP in 2012, is projected to reach 25% of GDP by 2050.
    D) Greeks are on the streets protesting against pension reforms
    E) In the years between 2000 and 2014 Greece spent €200 billion on state subsidies to prop up social insurance pensions, approximately two thirds of the country’s public debt.
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    Option D
    : Option D introduces the subject of the passage. Reforms against Pension.

Direction (6-10) : In each question below there are four statements. Each statement has pairs of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then choose the best option.

  1. (i) Developers are finding it hard to service their debt as both sales and unit launches have plummeted [A]/ plummet [B].
    (ii) Sales are now being drive [A]/ driven [B] by end users and people will no longer buy apartments that are just a hole in the wall.
    (iii) Rampant execution means the need for urgent work [A]/ working [B] capital intensifies in the sector.
    (iv) Industry experts say that this could be a good way for the developers to raise [A]/ raising [B] funds to be able to bid for future projects
    A) ABBB
    B) BAAB
    C) ABBA
    D) AABB
    E) AAAA
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    Option C
  2. (i) Albert Einstein was one of the world’s most brilliant thinkers, influence[A]/ influencing [B] scientific thought immeasurably.
    (ii) Central [A]/ Center [B] to the foundation of a macroprudential policy framework is to be able to identify risks and prevent any buildup that may harm financial stability.
    (iii) Risks can be amplified [A]/ amplify [B] by financial cycles as well as the increasing complexity of financial institutions and markets.
    (iv) There is no better approach to macroprudential policy than to ensured [A]/ ensure [B] early detection of emerging systemic risks.
    A) BBAA
    B) ABAB
    C) BABA
    D) AABB
    E) BAAB
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    Option E
  3. (i) An effective [A]/ effected [B] macroprudential policy framework ensures the use of appropriate macroprudential policy instruments or tools.
    (ii) The choice of measures mainly depends on the risks identified [A]/ identity [B] and its consequences, notwithstanding other factors, including macroeconomic policies already in place.
    (iii) As a large global and regional financial hub, Singapore can be exposed [A]/ exposure [B]to a slew of domestic and global risks.
    (iv) Policy makers in Indonesia face a complex challenge in managing [A]/ managed [B] strong domestic demand in an uncertain global economic and financial environment.
    A) AABB
    B) AAAA
    C) ABAB
    D) BABA
    E) BBAA
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    Option B
  4. (i) The key question is how to balanced [A]/ balance [B] price stability for sustainable growth while maintaining external and financial system stability—all taking into account highly volatile capital flows, exchange rates, and global commodity prices.
    (ii) While the use of macroprudential policy tools is growing rapidly, some developing Asian economies face greater challenges in establishing [A]/ established [B] a macroprudential framework.
    (iii) To complement [A]/ complemented [B] the growth potential of developing Asian economies, it is essential to maintain financial soundness and sustainable financial growth by establishing appropriate macroprudential frameworks for each economy.
    (iv) Myanmar has undergone substantial economic and financial reforms with its new government in their pursuit [A]/ pursuing [B] to stimulate economic growth.
    A) BBAA
    B) BAAA
    C) BABA
    D) ABAA
    E) ABBB
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    Option B
  5. (i) Myanmar’s banking and nonbanking sectors are not yet fully develops [A]/ developed [B].
    (ii) Financial stability will increased [A]/ increasingly [B] be an important catalyst for the country’s economic development.
    (iii) The government must continue to undertake [A]/ undertaking [B] financial sector reforms that best meet and support the changing needs of the economy.
    (iv) To contain [A]/ containing [B] risks from the sources identified, several macroprudential tools were used.
    A) BABA
    B) BBBA
    C) ABAA
    D) BBAA
    E) AABB
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    Option D


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