Mixed English Questions Set 39 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk , NIACL Assistant and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Odd Sentence and Odd Words. Please read the instructions very carefully.

Direction (1-5): Five statements are given below, labelled A, B, C, D and E. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

  1. A) The delays led the government to adopt radars that sense utility lines beneath the ground and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology
    B) About a third of manual groundwork studies or detailed project reports (DPRs), a prerequisite for constructing roads, are rejected
    C) The government has made several policy interventions such as increased threshold for project approval, enhanced inter-ministerial coordination, exit policy and promoting innovative project implementation models
    D) for missing infrastructure details such as electricity, phone and sewage lines, leading to delays and cost overruns.
    E) which uses a pulsed laser to measure distance, helping with right of way studies.
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    Option C
    : The correct sequence is: BDAE. Option C doesnot fits anywhere in the passage even though it talks about the same subject.
  2. A) and that men are more capable in the workplace and at school, according to a global survey released on Tuesday.
    B) Nearly all of the 17,550 people surveyed agreed that men and women should have equal rights
    C) One in five people around the world believe women are inferior to men and should stay at home
    D) The World Economic Forum said in its 2016 gender gap index that men and women will not reach economic equality for another 170 years.
    E) but three in four respondents said women still experienced social, political and financial inequality.
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    Option D
    : The correct sequence is: CABE
  3. A) The forward movement by the Federal Reserve in normalizing the monetary policy will result in policy diversion in the developed world
    B) as other systemically important central banks like the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BoJ) continue to pursue the unconventional policies of negative rates and quantitative easing.
    C) It is also likely that from here on, both the ECB and the BoJ will at least refrain from expanding their ongoing quantitative easing programmes.
    D) But conditions in the global financial system should be expected to tighten in the short to medium term as US monetary policy has a much greater impact on the global financial markets.
    E) While forward movement in the direction of policy normalization is a welcome development as it indicates improving economic fundamentals in the world’s largest economy, commensurate adjustment in the global financial system will be a key risk to watch out for.
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    Option E
    : The correct sequence is: ABDC
  4. A) A sponsor protection cover pays the remaining fees in case of death or permanent disablement of the sponsor.
    B) A typical overseas travel policy would cover emergency hospitalization and pay compensation against accidental injuries.
    C) It also gives you third-party covers to insure you against damage to life or property caused to other persons.
    D) Other than these, it also covers flight inconveniences and pays a predefined compensation against events such as trip delays, cancellations, baggage loss and loss of passport.
    E) For those planning to study abroad, a travel insurance policy would also include student-specific covers.
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    Option A
    : The correct sequence is: BDCE
  5. A) only a licensed entity can sell insurance online.
    B) So, only insurers, brokers, agents, intermediaries or other entities recognised by Irdai can sell policies on the online platform.
    C) Contrary to popular belief that insurance e-commerce guidelines will pave the way for e-retailers like Flipkart and Amazon to sell insurance
    D) In terms of pricing, the rules state that insurers can offer discounted pricing on a product when it is sold through its ISNP.
    E) Insurance intermediaries include distributors such as corporate agents, web aggregators and insurance marketing firms.
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    Option D
    : The correct sequence is: CABE

Direction (6-10): In each of the questions given below two words are highlighted. You have to decide which two words from the options should be used to replace these highlighted words and mark it as your answer. If no change is required mark option E) as your answer.

  1. Immigration restrictions in the U.S. are likely to be discussion as Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar travelled to Washington D.C. to meet senior U.S. officials this week.
    A) put forth, visited
    B) arranged, visits
    C) highlighted, travels
    D) produced, leaves
    E) No change required
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    Option C
  2. The Corbett Tiger Reserve director has been removed following a situation over the shoot-at-sight order issued by him in the national park to divert the activities of poachers.
    A) facet, understand
    B) controversy, check
    C) perspective, arrange
    D) overlook, verify
    E) No change required
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    Option B
  3. A failure to protect privacy adequately can have disastrous consequences that affect our abilities to determine for ourselves how we want to live our lives.
    A) consistency, impact
    B) downfall, failure
    C) benefit, implications
    D) paroxysm, situation
    E) No change required
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    Option E
  4. Markets regulator SEBI is in favour of a major turnaround of the way boards of listed firms discharge their duties, including for appointment and removal of directors, and also wants their audit committees to be validating to identify future risks.
    A) fractioning, using
    B) digitization, pretending
    C) overhaul, empowered
    D) verification, contained
    E) No change required
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    Option C
  5. For those of you appearing board exams this year, as crunch time nears, you are probably being sent with all kinds of advice — from well-meaning teachers, parents, seniors, friends, various exam prep guides, tuition centres, the media.
    A) expecting, questioned
    B) predicting, filled
    C) taking, bombarded
    D) following, contained
    E) No change required
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    Option C


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