Mixed English Questions for SBI PO Set 52 (New Pattern)

New pattern English Questions on Odd Sentence and Odd Phrase for Bank Exams. This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI IBPS NIACL, IBPS PO, Clerk , and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Questions on  Odd Sentence and Odd Phrase. Please read the instructions very carefully.

Direction (1-5): Five statements are given below, labelled A, B, C, D and E. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

  1. A) The intent here is to ensure that women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all areas of life.
    B) This would be discounting the enormous potential that a well-drafted piece of legislation can have in contributing towards a positive change in society.
    C) Parental leave is an evolving concept where child-rearing is seen as a shared responsibility.
    D) Inarguably, women need a certain period of leave for medical reasons, but thereafter child-rearing responsibilities and leave could be shared.
    E) This ties in with the growing awareness of gender equality.
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    Option B
    : The correct sequence is: CEAD. The passage is about parental leave.
  2. A) It is different from several industrial revolutions that preceded it as there has always been a break in the continuity of those other revolutions.
    B) Industrial revolution in its present incarnation is an ongoing process that began around the third quarter of 19th century
    C) However, it is a latitudinal perspective on industrial revolution that could make it is still more interesting a phenomenon to observe.
    D) Illustratively, it is difficult to move directly from agrarian society to a knowledge-based economy.
    E) It is this longitudinal perspective on the evolution of industrial revolutions that is necessary to appreciate what is currently happening.
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    Option D
    : The correct sequence is: BAEC
  3. A) Worsening income distribution during the post-reform period is also at fault, the report suggests.
    B) Global Financial Integrity (GFI) has estimated that more than $540 billion are drained out of developing countries every year, through a combination of tax evasion, drug trafficking, fraud in international trade, and corruption.
    C) While these estimates have not gone uncontested, there is broad agreement, even among critics, that the phenomenon is real and large enough to warrant urgent attention and action.
    D) Studies by Christian Aid, the Tax Justice Network, and other advocacy organizations have come up with similar numbers.
    E) The most worrying finding of GFI and others is that illicit financial flows (IFFs) dwarf development assistance, removing $10 for every dollar spent on overall development aid, and $80 for every foreign aid dollar spent on basic social services.
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    Option A
    : Correct Sequence is: BDCE. Option A says that : is also a fault. It shows that some other fault has been mentioned. But nothing such is mentioned, So Option A cannot be connected with any other sentence.
  4. A) Several studies have proven that mobile phones have opened up a world of opportunity across the board.
    B) For this to happen, the Government needs to seriously consider auctioning more airwaves and making auctions technology-independent.
    C) Plumbers, mechanics, maids, drivers — all have mobile phones today.
    D) Far from being a luxury, mobile phones have become a necessity.
    E) And as mobile phones have reached deeper and deeper into Indian society, so has the information age.
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    Option B
    : Correct sequence is: ACDE
  5. A) Given that Government projects are funded by public money, it is improper of the government regime to set aside a portion of such development schemes for minorities.
    B) Our so-called secularists believe that the only way to ameliorate the condition of minorities in the country who have been left out of the development process
    C) Yet they continue with their divisive agenda because they see entitlement, which is nothing more than symbolism, as a short-cut to garnering the minority’s votes in the name of welfare that doesn’t happen.
    D) is to extend the benefits of reservation to them, disguised in one form or the other.
    E) They are wrong, and that has been proved over the years by the fact that such ‘positive discriminations’ have done little to improve the lot of the minorities.
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    Option A
    : The correct sequence is: BDEC

Directions (6-10): Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct. Mark (E) as the answer if the sentence is correct and ‘No correction is required’.

  1. The Uttar Pradesh Government’s decision to boycott minorities in the run-up from the Lok Sabha election will not only have a good response the rest of the population but it is certain to run into legal hurdles as well.
    A) prediction to win, vote count of , challenge
    B) decision to pamper, run-up to, create bitterness among
    C) response to the, clash in, bother
    D) social boycott of, view of, bring happiness to
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option B
  2. The matter to bring a portion of the development schemes exchanged by the public exchequer, for minorities, went against the letter and spirit of the Constitution.
    A) situation to allot, hired by, went across
    B) criteria to have, developed, goes with
    C) move to reserve, funded by, goes against
    D) transparency to have, given by, moves
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option C
  3. The Indian Navy, which gets 15 per cent to 18 per cent bonus of the defence budget, is having to accelerate its key programmes.
    A) comprises of, out of, is leaving
    B) forms, of the total of, has needed to
    C) receives a paltry, share of, requires a hike
    D) performs, functions of, if needed to
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option C
  4. A/an work done with crass commercial interests or self-perpetuation is supposed to be inferior to the one rectified by the love and the joy of creation.
    A) action taken, is decided to, graded than
    B) better performance, can, developed by
    C) work performed, is bound to, inspired by
    D) demand, can be considered to, performed
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option C
  5. The Government needs to take the nation in confidence about the economic woes so that austerity measures can be implemented soon.
    A) has to tackle, with smartness, development measures
    B) is bound to develop, and inform them, they
    C) has said, to develop, development
    D) is said to be, to its people and talks, people can support then and it
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option E


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