Mixed English Questions for upcoming exams — Set 96

From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

  1. Nursing has gone from a marginal profession with few recruits at the time of independence in 1947 to a recognised profession today.1 However, it still occupies a liminal space (Nair and Healey 2006). Efforts to institutionalise nursing began during the British Raj (Nagpal 2001). In the last 70 years, the Indian state and society have responded to many requirements and demands in the field of nursing education, in keeping with international and regional developments.________________________________-.
    A) One constant worry for leaders of nurses was the need to improve the status by recruiting women from higher class and caste backgrounds .
    B) The low status of nursing personnel is itself a great impediment, and links with the employment sector have been challenging due to the irregular and unreliable nature of the sector.
    C) The demand for nursing courses depends on inflated estimates of the requirement of nurses in foreign labour markets .
    D) The liberalisation and globalisation policies adopted in India since the 1990s have had an impact on the sector as well.
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     Option  D
    Explanation : The paragraph tells about the  transition of  nursing  profession from  being marginal before independence to a well  respected one today. The sentence before the blank says that indian state has responded to the requirements of the sector so option D is the most logical sentence after that. Other options are not equally relevant  ; and suitable too .
  2. June 25 marks yet another anniversary of the Internal Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975, which turned the world’s largest democracy into a dictatorship. During those 21 months, Indira Gandhi jailed her political opponents and journalists, imposed censorship on the Press, ensured that the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution stood suspended, and turned India into a police state. ______________________________. As mass sterilisation of the population was ordered and homes of the poor were demolished to ‘clean up’ cities and to promote Sanjay Gandhi’s ideas, India came face to face with an autocratic regime.
    A) Nearly every villain of the Emergency that Indira Gandhi had imposed, lived to flourish in the political-administrative system. Is this how we are going to protect democracy?
    B) Once citizens lost the right to seek relief in courts, politicians, bureaucrats and police officers took law into their hands and indulged in various atrocities
    C) This severe indictment notwithstanding, the careers of all these villains blossomed after Indira Gandhi’s return to power in 1980, except that of Krishan Chand.
    D) Tyrants sprouted at all levels overnight — tyrants whose claim to authority was largely based on their proximity to power.
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      Option B
    Explanation : The paragraph is telling about the the  situation of emergency imposed in 1975 and the incidents that took place back then. The sentence B is fitting in the context well.
  3. What is yoga? Well, if you ask this question to some body chances are that you will be ridiculed to shame. Remember that popular Orient Fan commercial of yesteryears created by marketing guru late Shunu Sen. The simpleton in the commercial wants to know why to buy Orient Fan. He is told that Orient Fan has PSPO. Poor fellow acknowledges his ignorance about PSPO and all the hell breaks loose. Woh PSPO nahi jaanta! He does not know PSPO? This is how he is ridiculed, implying in no uncertain terms ‘shame on you’. Interestingly someone asked Shunu Sen what is PSPO. The shockingly simple reply was that ‘even I do not know’. Well that is yoga today for the masses. It is the latest fad around the town. With United Nations declaring a World Yoga Day on 21st of June yoga became a globally accepted fashion. We in India celebrated world yoga day, even yoga week at many places during the last few days_____________________________________.
    A) But the question remains what is yoga though it may not be the politically correct question
    B) The mind body conundrum is the cause of most of our problems. Yoga tends to resolve this by training the mind first.
    C) It is fashion, it is a form of exercise to keep body in shape, it is a business, too, for quite a few smart operators and, of course, it is the band wagon on which to jump or else you are left behind. But all these apart, yoga is a much deeper concept which very few understand.
    D) . Coming to an answer then may be rather ticklish as yoga today has come to connote many things. It is fashion, it is a form of exercise to keep body in shape, it is a business, too, for quite a few smart operators and, of course, it is the band wagon on which to jump or else you are left behind.
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     Option A
    Explanation : A is the most logical choice. B can’t be the answer as it is giving solution to a health problem that is not relevant here.  C ; again incorrect as the sentence before blank is saying that we celebrate yoga at many places so the saying that it is an exercise and fashion left us astonished. D is providing  us with an answer but to what question ??? so incorrect.
  4. Insecurities increase as societies become more developed and complex.  Growing physical insecurity in the form of vulnerability to crimes, accidents, riots and civic commotions are compounded by economic insecurities ranging from the danger of unemployment, loss of returns from investments during recessions and psychological ones like fear of failure in relationships, not succeeding well enough in life compared to others, and just the feeling of insignificance in megapolises with their tall buildings and impersonal lives.________________________________.
    A) Hence, the importance of enhancing the effectiveness of the criminal justice system.
    B) These circumstances are a feature of modern life and will not disappear.
    C) Sadistic domination is an attempt to overcome the feeling of insecurity through the acquisition of power over others.
    D)  There are also well-known societal causes — commodification of women through their projection in advertisements, growing presence of women in public spaces which enhances opportunities for crimes against them
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      Option B
    Explanation :
    The paragraph is elucidating the types of insecurities  one faces in modern society ; A can’t be the answer ; C is talking about domination which is not talked about in the passage so incorrect ; D talking about crimes against women  which is not the case here as the paragraph is talking about the public as a whole not women.
  5. It is easier to build strong children than to mend broken men.” This quote by African-American social reformist Fredrick Douglass, has never rung more true than the present times. While preparing a child to be a global citizen and an achiever in adult life, somehow the fact that, he is a child who may find it difficult to cope with a demanding life at that age, is often overshadowed.
    A 2004 research by renowned sociologist and best-selling author of Raising Happiness, Christine Carter, clearly records the direct correlation between adult happiness and childhood experiences. But, what are the factors ensuring healthy and happy development of a child? As suggested by Christine, child development is a complex derivative of nature and nurture, and it is largely influenced by parents at home and educationists at school, the two places the child spends maximum time at.
    Teachers today are not just imparters of knowledge; they are also mentors and counsellors who need to be armed with skills to detect signs of early depression, aggression, destructive and other kind of negative or harmful behaviour._________________________________.
    A) In the case, the child finds himself buckling under the desire for good grades, support from the parents at home coupled with guidance and attention at school will ensure that he is able effectively ace it all.
    B) Acting on these warning signs, can help students achieve holistic growth. In some other cases, such technological innovations can even help save a life.
    C) The educationists need to pay emphasis on them becoming the best versions of themselves, which will help them set and achieve realistic goals, saving them from disappointment
    D) This insight will equip them better in motivating and counselling children who face communication gaps, so that they can get necessary support for soaring over such troubles.
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      Option D
    Explanation :  Option D is the correct answer as the sentence before blank  explains that teachers need to learn the skills to detect  early signs of negative behaviour ; so early signs can be detected  by teachers if they have an insight that will help them doing this.  

In each of the following sentences there is a blank space. Below are five  choices  denoted by numbers A), B), C), D) and E). Find out ONE word that to be fitted in both the sentences I and II and another word that fit to the sentence III and to make it meaningfully complete.

  1. (i) Dean, who’d been on the force for their entire tenure, was used to their early morning __________ and paid no attention.
    (ii). That was some fun watching how the giant two-headed lizard’s constant __________ among itself  eventually led to its extinction, a lesson for us all.
    (iii). Russia has expressed support for a freeze, while China has voiced ___________ about lack of flexibility  on the part of the US.
    A) Wrangling, distress
    B) Squabbling, apprehensions
    C) Disputing, anxieties
    D) Bickering, concerns
    E) Arguing, dreads
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     Option D
    Explanation :  Bickering – argue about petty and trivial matters.
    Concerns – anxiety; worry.
  2. (i)He took each side of her collar and pulled, the ___________movement ripping the black uniform down the middle.
    (ii) The swimmer glided through the water with ______ motion on his way to setting a new world record in the breaststroke.
    (iii) I do remember some theories __________ relativity suggesting some sort of motion in space might  allow time travel if space-time geometrics are possible.
    A) Unforced, about
    B) Graceful, with respect to
    C) Refined, reverence
    D) Effortless, concerning
    E) Worthless, awe
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     Option D
    Explanation : Effortless – requiring no physical or mental exertion.
    Concerning – on the subject of or in connection with; about.

8.(i)The kind-hearted judge pardoned the thief since he had __________ for the theft.
(ii) Even before Otto left Rome the pope had, however, _______ of his recognition of a power which threatened altogether to overshadow his authority, and had begun to conspire against the new emperor.
(iii)The booklets__________ you through the process of starting your own business.
A) Called, teaching
B) Accepted, test
C) Repented, pilot
D) Forced, embolden
E) Denied, assess

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 Option C
Explanation : Repented – feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.
Pilot – done as an experiment or test before introducing something more widely.

  1. (i) The five-year-old angel, whose appearance in her life several weeks ago _______ her into the Immortal underworld, squeezed through the cracked door.
    (ii). Instead of waiting for the other to attack again, Darian spun and _______ his knife into the creature’s belly.
    (iii). The vehicle careened down the block, narrowly missing a mail truck that _______ its irritation, and sped around the corner before Dean had staggered to his feet.
    A) Plunged, honked
    B) Forced, hooted
    C) Pushed, roared
    D) Fell, yelled
    E) Stabbed, bawled
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      Option A
    Explanation : Plunged – push or thrust quickly.
    Honked – make or cause to make a honk (sound). 
  1. (i) Everyone who works at that company is required to be completely ___________to all the terms of the contract.
    (ii). Since the fracture was so serious, the doctor instructed him to keep his arm immobile and __________ to his body.
    (iii) In order to _______ food supplies throughout the harsh winter, the settlers had to reduce the size of  food portions.
    A) Adherent, sustain
    B) Fanatic, prolong
    C) Militant, protract
    D) Radical, extend
    E) Combative, pull out
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      Option A
    Explanation : Adherent – someone who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas / sticking fast to an object or surface.
    Sustain – strengthen or support physically or mentally.



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