English: Fill in the Blanks — Set 24

Fill in the blanks given in each question with appropriate and most suitable option:

  1. A big hurdle to developing new treatments is that there can be a big gap between a drug’s effectiveness in the laboratory, compared with the ____of the human body. Several research labs have recently uncovered ways bacteria can ____the standard test, making______ microbes appear susceptible to treatment.
    A) complications, escape , exposed
    B) abstruseness , evade , violable
    C) complexity, obtrude , insusceptible
    D) complexity, elude , invulnerable
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    Option D

    Complexity – the state or quality of being intricate or complicated.
    abstruseness – not easy to understand
    invulnerable – impossible to harm or damage.
    obtrude – become noticeable in an unwelcome or intrusive way.
    insusceptible – invulnerable
  2. In fact, the new administration should____ and focus on a few such areas where it can _____results, rather than ______ more than it can chew.
    A) determine , provide , eating down
    B) identify , deliver , biting off
    C) recognize , yield , munching
    D) discover , abort , eat
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    Option B

    bite off more than you can chew is an idiom meaning to try to do something that is too difficult for you.
  3. The growth story in these countries is illustrative for India. It also helps that the world markets are______ by India’s democracy______ growth trajectory revved up by recent bold economic______ such as the goods and services tax (GST).
    A) depressed , uplifted , affairs
    B) enervate , nourished , activities
    C) buoyed , nurtured , initiatives
    D) encouraged , cultured , endeavors
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    Option C

    Enervate – tire / wear out
    buoyed – encourage
    nurtured – nourished
  4. With their beauty, mystery and transcendence, they can help lift our lives above the _________and dirt associated with the plains_______. Till today, to ________a mountain is seen as a human and spiritual feat.
    A) Purity, nearby, confront
    B) Grime, below, conquer
    C) Refinement, above, requisite
    D) Trajectory, region, extort
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    Option B

    Grime – uncleanness / dirt
    Trajectory – way / course
  5. For those of us who want a clean Brexit and who champion freedom and innovation rather than socialism, the election result was a _______disappointment. It reduced the party that most embraces free enterprise to a minority in the House of Commons and leaves us with a diminished and humiliated government less likely to win crucial concessions from a European Union emboldened to be more _________ — all against a background of teenager-murdering____________.
    A) Great, cautious , system
    B) Heartbreaking, vigilant, administration
    C) Shattering, punitive , theocracy
    D) Huge, beneficial, anarchy
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    Option C

    punitive – concerning punishment
    theocracy – a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.
  6. The meeting between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump went well by all accounts. They joked, they ______and, yes, they hugged. The first lady _________welcomed the Indian prime minister, even took him on a _______tour.
    A) Bantered, graciously, guided
    B) Praised, grudgingly, reminiscence
    C) Flattered, listlessly, remarkable
    D) Relegate, viciously, world
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    Option A

    bantered – to tease
    graciously – willingly, assenting; pleasantly
    grudgingly – under protest
    viciously – in a cruel or violent manner
    reminiscence – memories / recollections
  7. India’s 1983 World Cup cricket victory in England, its first, _____________a nation. Sponsorships and other income is huge, training is top______. With its current performances, badminton should get that sort of eyeballs and funding. This could be the _______of a smash hit for Indian badminton.
    A) Comfort, closure, end
    B) Compose, enigma, loathe
    C) Confine, upheaval, arouse
    D) Galvanized, notch, beginning
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    Option D

    loathe – to hate
    enigma – mystery / puzzle
    Galvanized – awakening / stimulating
  8. Vivekananda ________this capacity to accommodate spiritual diversity when he said all rivers flow to the same ocean. Hindutva is the _______of this spirit of accommodation, although its ________seek to appropriate Vivekananda. This spiritual accommodation helped people of these non-Hindu faiths become integral parts of Indian society.
    A) Articulated, antithesis, proponents
    B) Questioned, similarity, challengers
    C) Directed, foundation, feud
    D) Disdained, balance, reinforce
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    Option A
    Articulate – speak fluently and coherently
    antithesis – converse / reverse
    feud – dispute
  9. Indian badminton is witnessing a _________as its shuttlers are consistently ___________the world’s best. India now __________of six shuttlers among the top 50 in the world.
    A) Variation, attaining, claims
    B) Renaissance, beating, boasts
    C) Boost, mounting, quashes
    D) Transformation, impending, perjures
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    Option B

    Renaissance – revival / rebirth
    quashes – cancel / reverse
    impending – coming/ pending
    perjury – lying under oath
  10. In Kerala many urban centres are facing a sanitation crisis, with _______waste in public places being linked to diseases as in Delhi. Over in Bengaluru the waste management crisis regularly _________ itself these days in the foaming, burning Bellandur lake. The underperformance of city corporations is_____________.
    A) Putrefying, manifests, inexcusable
    B) Excess , maintains, excusable
    C) Peculiar, evades, reasonable
    D) Domestic, flinches, defensible
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    Option A

    Putrefying – decomposing
    flinch – start / reconcile
    manifest – obvious / noticeable

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