English: Odd Sentence Set 22

Directions (1-10): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. Under Deng, and the 20 years of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao as presidents of China, the country took a relatively restrained
    Deng Xiaoping gave a definition of China’s position in a comment made in the early years of China’s post-Mao Zedong reform.
    view of its place in the world. China had a veto in the Security Council of the UN but rarely used it.
    the National People’s Congress in China voted on a constitutional change to end the two-term limit on the Chinese presidency.
    “Hide your greatness,” was his key piece of advice to his homeland’s leaders.
    Option D


  2. Ambedkar was a young 27-year-old economist when he published his paper on the problem of small holdings in India.
    Indian governments since the economic reforms of 1991 have struggled to figure out whether the main thrust of policy
    but not before he had also dived into one of the most important monetary debates of that era, the optimum exchange rate for the rupee.
    Ambedkar eventually moved away from economics research after another decade, as his legal practice and political career took over his life,
    He was among the first generation of trained economists in the country.
    Option B


  3. consensus on protectionism in conventional industries is well established.
    both protected by their governments for many years—the macroeconomic
    the success of Japan’s automakers and South Korea’s electronics chaebol not withstanding
    the White House is now considering punitive measures against China for its alleged theft of intellectual property.
    It slows innovation and productivity growth, leads to inefficient capital allocation
    Option D


  4. there is little argument that involuntary euthanasia—where the patient’s life is terminated without consent—is illegal.
    Since it is hard to effectively distinguish between the administration of a lethal injection for the purpose of alleviating pain and suffering, and murder,
    And so the Supreme Court, rightfully, focused its attention on passive voluntary euthanasia.
    it is probably best to leave these issues for resolution by the legislature.
    if the article seemed inconclusive it was because it was written shortly after I lost a friend to cancer
    Option E


  5. the fiercest competition over natural resources, and the most dangerous strategic hot spots.
    The region is home not only to the world’s fastest-growing economies,
    China is planning to open a new naval base next to Pakistan’s China-controlled Gwadar port.
    but also to the fastest-increasing military expenditure and naval capabilities,
    security dynamics are changing rapidly in the Indo-Pacific.
    Option C


  6. the gruelling six-day march of nearly 200 km from Nashik to Mumbai by thousands of farmers,
    with the aim to gherao the Maharashtra Assembly and sensitise the government to their problems, was remarkable.
    The manner in which they conducted themselves — without disrupting the lives of other citizens and refraining from aggressive sloganeering
    is not how India’s myriad protesters typically behave.
    the gruelling six-day march of nearly 200 km from Nashik to Mumbai by thousands of farmers
    Option E


  7. the probe should also determine whether the fires were triggered by burning of grass on the lower slopes.
    and whether the response to the early distress alerts was slow.
    Questions are naturally being asked whether the Forest Department failed to stop treks during the February-June fire season,
    with many of them being women who were out to celebrate International Women’s Day.
    the forest fire in Tamil Nadu’s Theni hills that claimed the lives of 11 trekkers and severely injured many others is a heart-rending tragedy
    Option A


  8. fields covering civil nuclear, defence, space, counter-terrorism, education, research and development in science and technology,
    French discomfort with the U.S.’s unipolar moment in the 1990s was evident when it described it as a ‘hyperpower’.
    seems finally to have come of age. In these two decades, both sides have gradually enhanced cooperation in diverse
    with French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent visit to India, the India-France Strategic Partnership launched in 1998
    culture, urban development, climate change, trade and economics and people-to-people contacts.
    Option B


  9. India is rightly acclaimed to be the pharmacy of the world, with its huge private sector capacity for producing branded
    This changed to a product patent regime in 2005, providing sufficient time for growth of the generic drug industry in the private sector.
    However, this period has also seen the decline and near disappearance of public sector capacity for manufacture of drugs and vaccines.
    Public sector capacity for manufacture of essential drugs and vaccines is very much needed to ensure that our population is not denied access to drugs.
    and unbranded generic drugs. Much of this growth took place after India opted for process patenting over product patenting in 1970.
    Option D


  10. most contracts have a “good behaviour” clause although that is not what it is called (Indian players sign a “code of conduct”).
    if Shami did all the things he has been accused of, it is terrible to imagine.
    which has the kind of vagueness that lawyers make a fortune out of.
    In cricket contracts, you could be hauled up for “bringing the game into disrepute”,
    In commercial contracts, there is the line about behaving in a manner that affects the brand negatively.
    Option B



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