English: One Word Substitution Set 4

Important One Word Substitution useful for various exams like SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. One Word Substitution SSC CGL 2017

  1. Sounding pleasant
    A) euphonious
    B) euphoric
    C) euphemism
    D) eternal
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     Option A

  2. Resulting in a complete failure
    A) frenzy
    B) fiasco
    C) deprave
    D) epithet
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     Option B

  3. One who is honourably discharged from a service
    A) emissary
    B) honourary
    C) gratuitous
    D) emeritus
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     Option D

  4. A learned or scholarly person
    A) emissary
    B) fanatic
    C) erudite
    D) glutton
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     Option C

  5. Too strong to be overcome or defeated
    A) impertinent
    B) impregnable
    C) impalpable
    D) impious
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     Option B

  6. Animals that live in flock
    A) gregarious
    B) fleet
    C) masque
    D) pageant
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     Option A

  7. One who makes an eloquent public speech
    A) speaker
    B) optimistic
    C) orator
    D) parasol
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     Option C

  8. Secret and illegal religious meeting
    A) conventicle
    B) collusion
    C) contrite
    D) cynosure
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    Option A

  9. A harsh sound
    A) cadence
    B) cacophony
    C) euphonious
    D) pitch
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     Option B

  10. One who is greedy
    A) vicarious
    B) avaricious
    C) voracious
    D) bellicose
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    Option B

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