English: One Word Substitution Set 11

Important One Word Substitution useful for various exams like SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams. Important & Expected One Word Substitution for SSC Exam

  1. To cut something into pieces
    A) severe
    B) sever
    C) sewer
    D) sow
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    Option B

  2. Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money
    A) fraud
    B) robbery
    C) pickpocket
    D) theft
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    Option A

  3. Anything which is no longer in use
    A) obscure
    B) obsolete
    C) pristine
    D) lapsed
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    Option B

  4. Give and receive mutually
    A) present
    B) reciprocate
    C) compromise
    D) approve
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    Option B

  5. A doctor who treats children
    A) paediatrician
    B) pedagogue
    C) pedestrian
    D) paedophile
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    Option A

  6. The art of good eating
    A) gastronomy
    B) astronomy
    C) gourmet
    D) vegetarianism
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    Option A

  7. One who studies election trends
    A) entomologist
    B) psephologist
    C) demagogue
    D) eugenist
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    Option B

  8. Fear of being enclosed in a small room
    A) acrophobia
    B) agoraphobia
    C) claustrophobia
    D) xenophobia
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    Option C

  9. One who walks on ropes
    A) funambulist
    B) upholsterer
    C) acrobat
    D) aviator
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    Option A

  10. Tough tissues in joints
    A) ligaments
    B) endoderm
    C) muscles
    D) fibre
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    Option A

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