Partnership Questions Quantitative Aptitude: Partnership Set 19

  1. Nitin and Krishnam invested in a business in ratio 12:5.If 15% of the total profit goes to trust and Nitin’s share is Rs1055,what is the total profit?
    Rs 1758.33
    Rs 1800.50
    Rs 1571.21
    Rs 1652.14
    None of these
    Option A
    Let total profit is eqaul to Rs 100.
    Nitin share=(85)*(12/17)=Rs 60
    If Nnitin share is Rs 60,Total profit is Rs 100.
    If Nitin share is Rs 1055,
    Total prfit=(100/60)*1055=Rs 1758.33


  2. Avnish,Banya and Caryl subcribed Rs 60000 for a business.Avnish subscribes Rs 8000 more than Banya and Banya Rs 5000 more than Caryl.Out of a total profit of Rs 40000,what did Avnish received?
    Rs 12000
    Rs 10000
    Rs 18000
    Rs 15000
    None of these
    Option C
    Avnish share=(40000)*27/60


  3. Three people started a buisness.Twice the investment of Akansha is equal to thrice the capital of Banya and capital of Banya is four times the capital of Caryl.Find the share of Banya out of profit of Rs 3,09,100?
    Rs 102400
    Rs 105600
    Rs 112400
    Rs 140500
    None of these
    Option C
    2(Akansha’ capital) =3(Banya’s capital)=3*4x
    Akansha’ capital =(3*4x/2)=6x
    Banya’s share=4/11*309100


  4. Avnish starts business with Rs 4000 and after 6 months Brijesh joins with Avnish as his partner.After a year,the profit is divided in the ratio 2:7.What is Brijesh’s contibution in the capital?
    Rs 4515.21
    Rs 4514.22
    Rs 4666.66
    Rs 4510.00
    None of these
    Option C


  5. P,Q and R shared the profit in the business in the ratio 5:7:8 and partnered for 14 months,8 months and 7 months.Find the ratio of their investments?
    None of these
    Option B


  6. K and S are partmers in a business.K invested Rs 35000 for 6 months and S invested Rs 40000 for 8 months.Out of a profit of Rs 28,750,what is K’s share?
    Rs 12560
    Rs 15401
    Rs 11392
    Rs 12500
    None of these
    Option C
    K’s share=21*28750/53=Rs 11392


  7. M and S entered into a partnership investing Rs 10000 and Rs 8000 respectively.After 3 months U joined them with a investment of Rs 12000.What is the share of S in a half yearly profit of Rs 7200?
    Rs 2500
    RS 2700
    Rs 2600
    Rs 2400
    None of these
    Option D
    S profit=7200*4/12


  8. X and Y invested in a business.They earned some profit which they divided in ratio of 2:3.If X invested Rs 30000,the amount invested by Y is which of the following?
    Rs 40000
    Rs 45000
    Rs 55000
    Rs 52000
    None of these
    Option B
    Y=90000/2=Rs 45000


  9. Rs 1200 is divided among X,Y and Z so that X receives half so much as Y and Y half as much as Z.Then what is the Y’s share?
    Rs 340
    Rs 520
    Rs 343
    Rs 512
    None of these
    Option C


  10. X and Y invested in a business in ration 3:7.If 10% of the total profit goes to charity and X’s share is Rs 923,the profit is whihc of the following?
    Rs 3501
    Rs 3510
    Rs 3418
    Rs 3400
    None of these
    Option C


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