Paytm Prize Based Quiz Day 6

Hello Aspirants

Welcome to the Paytm prize based Quiz at

The quiz will start from February 1, 2017 and will end on February 7, 2017. It will start at 10 PM on each day.

About the Quiz:

A question will be posted in the disqus comment section below. The first one to answer the question correct will be given 3 points, the second one to give the correct answer will be given 2.5 points, the third one will be given 2 points and the fourth one will be given 1.5 points. At the end the one getting highest points will be declared winner.

A total of 25 questions will be posted on each day:

  • 10 questions from English Section
  • 5 questions from Quantitative Aptitude Section
  • 5 questions from Reasoning Section
  • 5 questions from Current Affairs, static GK and Computer Sections.

At the end of quiz, the person who will get the maximum points will be declared first for the particular day. 3 winners will be announced each day like this and rewards will be like:

  • The first one will get prize money of Rs 50
  • The second one will get prize money of Rs 30
  • The third one will get prize money of Rs 20

The prize money will be transferred to the person’s Paytm Account. We will ask you the details by mail.

Share the page with your friends also. It’s the time for earning while learning. Happy learning 🙂

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210 Thoughts to “Paytm Prize Based Quiz Day 6”

  1. Suraj

    Good Evening!!!!!
    Will start at 10:05 PM!!!!!
    Questions will be in random order!!!! Be ready with pen and paper!!!!!

    1. Purvi

      gud eve sir 🙂

  2. Suraj

    #1. (Quants)
    The perimeter of a square is half that of a rectangle. The perimeter of this square is 80 cm and length of rectangle is 50 cm.What is the difference between the breadth of the rectangle and side of the square?

    a. 12 cm
    b. 10 cm
    c. 15 cm
    d. 8 cm
    e. None of these

  3. Suraj

    #2. (Reasoning)
    Pointing to a photograph, Rani says to Shalini, “The girl in the photo is the second born child of the husband of only daughter of the maternal grandfather of my younger sister.” How this girl in the photograph is related to Rani?
    a. Sister
    b. Mother
    c. Cousin
    d. Daughter
    e. Can’t be determined

    1. Suraj

      Ans :e) Grandfather of younger sister of Rani is Grandfather of Rani. Husband of only daughter of Maternal grandfather is father of Rani. The second born child of Rani’s father can either be Rani or her younger sister.

  4. Suraj

    #3. (Phrase/Word Replacement)
    The critical way to clean up poll funding is to mandate all parties to disclosing every month how much they spend at each level, starting from the polling booth area to the panchayat, the district, the state and a nation.
    A) Best way, for disclosing, beginning from, a nation
    B) only way, to disclose, starting, the nation
    C) best way, for disclose, starts, the nation
    D) right way, disclose, since, the nation
    E) No Correction Required

  5. Suraj

    56 , 372 , ? , 7556 , 22677
    a. 1865
    b. 1885
    c. 1890
    d. 1925
    e. None of these

    1. Suraj

      Ans: b)1885

  6. Suraj

    #5. (Reasoning)
    Statement The government has decided to instruct the banks to open new branches in such a way that there is one branch of any of the banks in every village of population 2000 and above or a cluster of villages with population less than 2000 to provide banking services to all the citizens.
    Which of the following will weaken the step taken by the government?
    a. The private sector banks in India have stepped up their branch expansion activities in rural India.
    b. Many government owned banks have surplus manpower in its urban branches.
    c. All the banks including those in private sector will follow the government directive.
    d. Large number of branches of many government owned banks in the rural areas are making huge losses every year due to lack of adequate business activities.
    e. None of the above

    1. Suraj

      Ans :d) The losses that government banks are incurring in rural India will discourage all the banks to expand their branches in rural areas with population less than 2000. Hence, option d

  7. Suraj

    #6. (Reverse Syllogism)

    (i) Some bat are not dog
    (ii) Some bat are cat.


    A) All dog are cat. No cat is bat. Some bat are Rat.
    B) Some dog are cat. Some cat are bat. All bat are rat.
    C) No dog is cat. All cat is bat. Some bat are rat.
    D) All dog is cat. Some cat is Bat. Some bat are rat.
    E) None

    1. Suraj

      Ans :c) From Option C,
      i) No+All=Some not reversed => No dog is cat. All cat is bat= >Some bats are not dog
      AND ii) All cat is bat => some bat are cat. (reverse)

  8. Suraj

    A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days and 20 days. Both started at the same time. But before 2 days completion of the work A left the work. How much time it will take in complete the work ?

    a. 12 days
    b. 10 days
    c. 3 days
    d. 9 days
    e. 8 days

    1. optimistic

      Sry 8 days:(

  9. Suraj

    The Atal Pension Yojana (APY) is open to all Indians between the age of-

    a. 18 and 40
    b. 19 and 70
    c. 19 and 30
    d. 18 and 50
    e. 18 and 60

  10. Suraj

    #9. (Find x)
    (8)^3 * (16)^2 / 64 = (2)^?
    a. 7
    b. 23
    c. 11
    d. 9
    e. None of these

      1. ambika

        meko to kbhi ye samjh hi ni ate

  11. Suraj

    Rampant felling of trees in the hilly areas (1)/ has resulted in increase landslides (2)/ in the city that have killed a number of people (3)/ in the last couple of years (4)/ No error (5)

    1. Suraj

      Ans :2) increase=>increased;

      1. optimistic

        Falling nahi ayega?

        1. Suraj

          nhi.. felling is right word for cutting trees

  12. Purvi

    aaj phir discuss me prblm ho rhi hai na

  13. Suraj

    A shopkeeper increases the original selling price of an item to its twice. The initial gain percent is given as 9%. Find out the new gain percent.

    a. 18%
    b. 118%
    c. 9%
    d. 109%
    e. None of these

  14. Suraj

    Lavanya travels a distance of 3.5 km from a place A towards South, turns right and walks 5 km, then turns left and walks 4 km. Finally turns left and walks 5 km to reach the place B. What is the distance between A and B?
    a. 4 km
    b. 7.5 km
    c. 1.5 km
    d. 3.5 km
    e. None of these

    1. Blessed ? Kid

      sabko ATB 😛

  15. Suraj

    In MS Power Point , To place something in the same position on every slide of presentation automatically, insert into ______.

    a. Slide master
    b. Notes master
    c. Handout master
    d. All
    e. None of the above

    1. Suraj

      Ans :a) Slide Master

  16. Suraj

    #14. (Connectors)
    The United States permitted a terrifying way of interrogating prisoners. Government lawyers and intelligence officials assured themselves of one crucial outcome.
    a. Only (A)
    b. Only (B)
    c. (A) and (B)
    d. Only (C)
    e. None of the above

    1. Suraj

      b) Solution:
      The combined sentence will be- Before the United States permitted a terrifying way of interrogating prisoners, government lawyers and intelligence officials assured themselves of one crucial outcome.

  17. Suraj


    In which of the following expression U ≥ T and Q > T would be definitely false?
    a. Y Q
    b. B > U = W ≥ T > K = Q
    c. D = Q ≤ P < T = V Q ≤ Z < T = E ≤ U
    e. None of these

  18. Suraj

    The ultimate __________ of the Indian drug Industry depends on research and break through _________.

    a. step, ideas
    b. technology, system
    c. survival, Innovations
    d. goal, speed
    e. aim, ideaology

  19. Suraj

    Who has been selected as the new MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange (NSE)?
    A) Siddhartha Murarka
    B) Rajeev Singh
    C) Chitra Ramkrishna
    D) Vikram Limaye

    1. optimistic

      Chitra resigned

  20. Suraj

    #18. (Quants- DS)
    What is the length of the platform?
    I. A train of length 120 meters crosses a platform at a uniform speed in 45 seconds.
    II. Train crosses a man standing on the platform in 8 seconds.
    (a) I alone but not using II alone.
    (b) II alone but not using I alone.
    (c) Either statement alone.
    (d) Both I and II together .
    (e) Cannot be answered using I and II together.

  21. Suraj

    Virtual Memory is ________.

    a. An extremely large main memory .
    b. A type of memory used in super computers.
    c. An illusion of extremely large main memory.
    d. An extremely large secondary memory.
    e. None of these

  22. Suraj

    In a stable a horse is tired to a rope whose length is increased from 20 to 28m. Horse is able to cover all the sides with equally.
    I. Calculate how much additional ground the horse can cover?
    II. Calculate how much ground the horse can cover if the length of rope was 14m?
    a. I > II
    b. I < II
    c. I = II
    d. I ≥ II
    e. Relation between I and II cannot be determined

    1. Blessed ? Kid

      itnaa speed kaise karlete yaars
      maitho que padrahaa hu
      answers aarahaa hai app sabke 😐

      1. Purvi

        tabhi to sab galat ho rhe

    2. Suraj

      Ans : a) Statement I:
      Previously, the area horse can cover = 22/ 7 * 20^2 sqm .
      after the rope was extended area = 22/ 7 * 28^2.
      Extra area = 22/7 ( 28^2 – 20^2 )
      22/ 7 * 384 = 1207 sqm.

      Statement II:
      Area of circle = 22/7 * 14 * 14 = 616
      So, I>II

  23. Suraj

    #21. (Error)
    a. The State government, however,
    b. has not taken any decision on the proposals,
    c. some of which has been pending
    d. since the bifurcation two years ago.
    e. No error.

    1. Suraj

      Ans :c) The correct sentence will be- “have been pending”. The subject of the sentence is ‘proposals’. Plural subject must take ‘have’.

  24. Suraj

    Some life are piano.
    Some piano are guitar
    All guitar are music.
    No song is music.

    (I) No guitar is music.
    (II) Some music are piano.

    a. only conclusion I follows.
    b. only conclusion II follows.
    c. either conclusion I or II follows.
    d. neither conclusion I nor II follows.
    e. both conclusions I and II follow.

    1. Suraj

      Ans : b) Only II follows.

  25. Suraj


    Which of the following symbols should be placed in the blank spaces respectively (in the same order from left to right) in order to complete the given expression in such a manner that makes the expression ‘E > V’ definitely true and ‘G ≥ V’ definitely false?
    a. >, <, ≥, ≥, ≥, , =, <, ≥, ≥, , >, ≥, ≥, =, <
    d. ≥, ≥, ≥, <, ≤ , <
    e. None of these

    1. optimistic

      Hw many more?

  26. Suraj

    Every ______ tradition has used the human voice as a vehicle to __________ a personal or community vow.

    a. single, approach
    b. unique, wish
    c. sacred, express
    d. simple, question
    e. wish, unique

    1. Suraj

      Ans :c) sacred, express

  27. Suraj

    Purchase now and pay later, is a feature of –

    a. Smart card
    b. Debit card
    c. Credit card
    d. Master card
    e. None of these

    1. Purvi

      credit card he to smart card hota hai na

      1. Suraj

        smart card can be anything… if a company creates a specialised card for a specific purpose using chip technology its a smart card

        1. Purvi

          galat ho gaya

  28. Blessed ? Kid

    1st ambika
    2nd mimi
    3rd opti

    1. MiMi

      aj shayad me out :(((

  29. Suraj

    Winners of Day 6
    1st – Ambika – 57.5 Points
    2nd – MiMi – 44 Points
    3rd – Purvi 43 Points

    Winners will receive the rewards soon!!!!!
    Good Night!!!!
    Prepare for SBI PO with us…

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    Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 3 :
    English: Cloze Test Set 19 (New Pattern) :
    Computer Basics Set 27 (Generation of Computer) :
    Current Affairs Quiz: February 6, 2017 :

    1. MiMi

      wow…ty sir ..congo ambi nd purvi sis

      1. Purvi

        thanku dear
        u too

        1. ambika

          congo sweety 🙂

        1. optimistic

          Ok ab develliars gn:)

    2. Purvi

      thanku sir
      gud night 🙂

    3. MiMi

      ambi sis dekha ab..subha bola na ki u wll b frst today…

      1. ambika

        :)) congrats dear dinner ni kiya abhi mene tumne kiya??

    4. Blessed ? Kid

      tq sir :)))

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