Mixed English Questions for NICL AO — Set 92

Directions (1-5): Fill in the blank with the most appropriate sentence given in options.

  1. Asia has been the world champion of economic growth for decades, and this year will be no exception. According to the latest International Monetary Fund Regional Economic Outlook (REO), the Asia-Pacific region’s GDP is projected to increase by 5.5% in 2017 and 5.4% in 2018.
    Despite escalating geopolitical tensions, most countries in the region have maintained their economic momentum. They have benefited from policies supporting strong domestic demand in China and Japan, and from favorable global conditions._________________________. Nonetheless, Asia will still have to confront fundamental medium- and long-term challenges, not least the aging of its population – a problem that is well known to most policymakers.
    A) Growth is picking up across many advanced and emerging market economies, and financial markets have, for the most part, proven to be resilient.
    B) In China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, these demographic trends could subtract anywhere from 0.5 to a full percentage point from annual growth over the next three decades.
    C) This demographic trend has far-reaching implications for the region. Asian countries will have significantly less time than advanced economies have had to prepare for the transition to an aged society.
    D) To boost productivity in the future, Asian governments will have to implement well-targeted structural reforms today.
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    Option A

    The paragraph is telling about the growth prospects in Asia – pacific region and reasons for the same. However after the blank , it is saying about the problems that will be encountered by the region so in the blank , a sentence explaining the growth of the economies in the region is to be used So option A is the perfect choice for this . Option B and C are telling about demography which is not relevant and D is not fitting in the context well.
  2. Shortly after he took over as China’s leader in 2012, Xi Jinping had some encouraging
    words—at least, so they seemed to some of China’s eternally be leaguered liberals. It was essential, said Mr Xi, “to ensure that all citizens are equal before the law, to respect and guarantee human rights, and to enable citizens to enjoy extensive rights and freedoms in accordance with the law.” His exhortation was aimed at the rapidly growing middle class that wanted the CommunistParty to rule with a lighter and fairer touch.___________.
    A) Mr Xi still stresses the importance of the “rule of law”, but it is clear he means to apply the term mostly to businesses, and other parts of civil law.
    B) Without their support, officials feared, the party’s grip on power would be in jeopardy.
    C) But it turns out that Mr Xi is even more fearful of giving the middle class freer rein than he is of upsetting them.
    D) To a ruler such as Mr Xi the choice may seem stark. Restoring China’s greatness requires a predictable, well-run legal system.
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    Option B

    The sentence before the blank is telling about the aim of Xi jinping to influence middle class so B is correct completion of the sentence.
  3. One of the more fascinating developments in the seven months since US President Donald Trump was elected has been the trajectory of the US dollar, relative to other major currencies. After soaring in the wake of Trump’s victory, the dollar’s value began to slide in April.
    There are various explanations for this. One is that _______________________.Another is that the rest of the world, not least the eurozone, has performed better than expected since Trump’s election.
    A) any resulting deviation in the actual value of a currency represents some kind or premium or discount.
    B) it is foolhardy to assume that one can ever know everything that is going on.
    C) Trump’s much-anticipated economic-growth agenda has not materialized, and stands no chance of making it through Congress.
    D) the dollar was trading at around $1.1250 against the euro on that day, this suggests that the dollar is actually around 6% weaker than it should be.
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    Option C

    The blank should explain the reason for the downfall in dollar’s value . A can’t be used , B is totally irrelevant, C and D can come but D is saying something specifically about “that day” , and which day is this ?? we don’t know so eliminate it and C is the answer.
  4. One reason that personality is such an important psychological concept is because of what it tells us about the kind of lives we’re likely to lead. For example, if you are very conscientious then you’re more likely to enjoy good physical health and more harmonious relationships; extroverts are happier; highly neurotic people experience more mental health problems; open-minded people command higher earnings; and, just as you’d expect, more ‘agreeable’ people are also usually popular and have lots of friends.________________________.
    A)People scoring high on agreeability, meanwhile, said they spent more time doing ironing, playing with children and washing the dishes – presumably because their strong motivation to keep other people happy means they’d rather do the chores than have domestic acrimony.
    B) You might not have anticipated that extroverts also spend more time luxuriating in hot tubs or that conscientiousness goes hand in hand with reading fewer books.
    C) But our personalities don’t only show themselves in our long-term success and well-being. They also correlate with the kind of things we get up to on a mundane, daily basis.
    D) Previous studies had shown that the highly conscientious are more likely to wear a watch, comb their hair and polish their shoes; that extroverts have more tattoos, that introverts use more concrete language; agreeable folk get fewer speeding tickets and eat more sweet foods; and that open-mindedness correlates with a penchant for fruit and vegetables, art-house movies, and a preference for dry, rather than sweet, white wine.
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    Option C

    The paragraph deals with importance of personality and telling different personality types and their benefits in general . C option most logically follows it .
  5. A disease that mainly affected the rich has now afflicted the poor in India. This is the disturbing finding of a major study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Until some years ago, Diabetes Mellitus was considered to be a lifestyle disease that mainly afflicted the socio-economically better off sections of society.¬-_______________. However, recent studies have found that the urban poor both in the developed and the developing world are increasingly becoming diabetic .
    A) Overall the disease is spreading to sections that were hitherto considered unaffected or less affected—poorer urban dwellers and better off rural dwellers.
    B) The “epidemic” sweeping large swathes of Asia was assumed to target consumers of high-fat and sugary foods, the overweight and the sedentary.
    C) In the urban areas of the more economically advanced states, diabetes is higher among people from lower socio-economic status than those from the upper strata.
    D) Overall the disease is spreading to sections that were hitherto considered unaffected or less affected—poorer urban dwellers and better off rural dwellers.
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    Option B

    Here is given the findings of a study about diabetes, previously thought to be only affecting the rich class now affecting middle and lower section of the society as well and the sentence after blank space is contrasting the findings of study with recent study so in blank there should be a sentence explaining the past study and only B fits in it .

Directions (6-10): Choose the correct form of phrase which is given in bold:

  1. We ASKED John IN for diner.
    A) Asked about
    B) Asked round
    C) Asked around
    D) Asked for.
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    Option B

    Ask round means to invite someone .
    Ask about means ask how someone is doing.
    Ask around means Ask a number of people for information of help
    Ask for means To provoke a negative reaction.
  2. It took me ages to WADE INTO the book.
    A) Given is correct.
    B) Wade in
    C) Wade through
    D) Wade off.
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    Option C
    Wade through means – Get to the end of something with difficulty.
    Wade in means get involved without thinking.
    Wade into – same as wade in – get involved without thinking.
    Wade off – there is no such phrase.
  3. The judge BANGED him OUT for eight years.
    A) Given is correct.
    B) Banged around
    C) Banged on about
    D) Banged up
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    Option D

    Bang out means Play a musical instrument loudly
    Bang around – Move in a place making a lot of noise
    Bang on about – Keep talking about something
    Bang up – to put in prison
  4. Statistics BEAR OUT the government’s positions on the issue.
    A) Given is correct.
    B) Bear down on
    C) Bear up under
    D) Bear with
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    Option A

    Bear out – Confirm that something is correct
    Bear down on – Move towards
    Bear up under – Cope with something difficult or stressful
    Bear with – Be patient
  5. He CAST OUT any sign of his things.
    A) Given is correct.
    B) Cast aside
    C) Cast round for
    D) Cast off
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    Option C

    Cast out – rejest
    Cast aside – ignore
    Cast off – get rid off/ dispose
    Cast round – try to find something

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