Precis Writing Tips for NICL AO 2017 Descriptive Exam

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NICL AO 2017 Mains Exam is scheduled on July 2, 2017. The objective test will be a followed by a descriptive test which contains 3 topics: (Essay, Precis and Comprehension). Here we are giving some tips on who to write a good Precis.

Precis is a summary of the paragraph that portrays the paragraph in a minimum number of words. It is to be noted that one cannot add his/her opinions in the precis, but strictly abide by the tone of the author. The precis written should be clear. Long sentences should be avoided.


  • Give your precis a title.
  • The precis written should be clear.
  • It should contain all the essential thoughts, ideas or fact in the original passage.
  • The precis should contain sentences in a logical order and they should be well connected.
  • Connectors like so, therefore, further, etc. should be used.
  • Should be written in Reported Speech, in the Third Person and in the Past tense.
  • Long sentences should be avoided.


  • Do not add any details not found in original paragraph.
  • Do not take the sentences as it is from the paragraph, it should be written in own words.
  • Do not just reduce the passage by removing unnecessary points.
  • Do not insert any question in precis.
  • Do not use abbreviations.

How to write a good Precis:

First read the whole passage carefully to find out the main idea of the passage. If it is not clear the first time, read it again. Find the lead sentence which tells about the passage. It will help you to start your precis writing and also help you to decide a suitable title for your precis. While reading the second time, decide which facts, figures or ideas are important to be included in the precis and what are of no importance. Now taking these ideas as reference, you are ready to write a good precis.

Now, generally the precis remains 1/3rd of the length of original passage (check if anything about words is given in instructions  or not). Now use the main ideas to write the precis. Avoid writing unimportant things like the names of people, places, dates, etc.

Do not forget to revise your precis after writing. In reading, check whether the whole precis is connected or not. There should not be any loose ends, means that there should be no such sentence which is independent and does not follow the previous sentence.



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