Quant Test for IBPS PO Prelims 2020 Exam set – 9

  1. Each of the questions below consist of a question and three statements given below it.You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.Read all the three statements and give the answer below it:

    What is the area of the room?
    a)The labour cost of flooring the room is Rs 3500.
    b)The material cost of florring the room per square metre is Rs 250.
    c)The total cost of florring the room is Rs 16500.

    Only b and c
    Only c
    Only a and b
    Any two of three
    All a,b and c
    Option E
    From a,b and c;
    Let area be x,
    Total material cost=Rs 250x
    Labour cost=250x+3500=16500
    x=13000/250=Rs 52 squaremetre


  2. What is the present age of Shivani?
    a)Five years ago,Shivani age was double that of his son’s age that time.
    b)Present age of Shivani and his son are in the ratio of 11:6.
    c)Five year hence,the respective ratio of Shivani’s age and his son’s age become 12:7.
    Only b and c
    Only a and b
    Only a
    All are insuffcient
    Any two of three
    Option E
    According to first statement,(Shivani-5)=2*(X-5)–X is age of son
    According ot second statement,Shivani:X=11:6
    According to third statement,(Shivani+5)/(X+5)=12/7


  3. Brijesh,Vinay and Risabh are three students dividing Rs 310 among themselves.Wjat will be the share of Vinay?
    a)Vinay gets Rs 16 more than Risabh.
    b)Brijesh gets Rs 3 more than Risabh.
    c)Brijesh gets Rs 13 less than Vinay.
    Only a and b
    Only b and c
    Only c and either a or b
    Any two are sufficient
    All are insufficient
    Option D
    Brijesh+Vinay+Risabh=Rs 310
    From a,Vinay=16+Risabh
    From b,Brijesh=3+Risabh
    From c,Brijesh=Vinay-13


  4. Bank of Baroda has a manager,PO and a clerk.What is the salary of the clerk?
    a)The Po and the clerk together gets Rs 38000 per month.
    b)Each Po gets Rs 14000 per month more than the clerk.
    c)The total salary per month of the manager and PO is Rs 65000.
    Only a and b
    Only c
    Either b or c
    Only b and c
    Any two of three
    Option A
    From a,PO+Clerk=38000


  5. What is the rate of intrest p.a?
    a)An amount double itself at SI in 10 years.
    b)The difference between SI and CI on an amount of Rs 20,000 in 2 years is Rs 200.
    c)The CI accured in 8 years is more than the amount.
    Either a or b
    Both a and b
    Only a
    Both b and c
    All are insufficient
    Option A
    From b,PR^2/100^2=Difference


  6. Study the following and answer the questions:
    None of these
    Option A


  7. 0.9775+999.99+98.751-9999.099=?
    None of these
    Option B


  8. [3/2 + 2(1/5) – 7/10] * x=1098.10
    None of these
    Option B


  9. 572 / 26 * 12 – 200 =2^x
    Option B


  10. 6999.98 / 70.006 * 94.999 = x * 19.99
    None of these
    Option A
    7000 / 70 * 95 =x * 20


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