Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation Questions Set 65

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk, SBI PO, UICL, OICL, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B/Assistant, and other competitive exams.

Directions(1-5): Study the following graph carefully and answer the given questions.
Description of income and expenditure of a company in 7 months of the year 2015 (in Rs. thousands)

Profit = Income  – Expenditure , Loss = Expenditure – Income
Profit% = (Profit/Expenditure)*100
Loss% = (Loss/Expenditure )*100

  1. What is the average expenditure of the company in the given months(in thousands)?
    A) Rs.389
    B)  Rs.350
    D) Rs.310
    E) Rs.440
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      Option  A
    Average expenditure  of company = 2720/7 = Rs. 389 thousands
  2. What is the respective ratio between the percentage profits earned by the company in the months of February and May?
    A) 21 :48
    B) 25 : 44
    C) 23 : 42
    D) 23 : 50
    E) 20 : 45
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      Option   D
    Profit percent of company
    = February = [(780 – 580)/580]*100 = 34.5
    May = [(560-320)/320]*100 = 75
    = 345 : 750 = 23 : 50
  3. What is the difference between the total profit earned by the company in the  months of February, April and July and that earned in the months of January, March and June?
    A) Rs.150
    B) Rs. 210
    C) Rs.200
    D) Rs.160
    E) Rs.110
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      Option  D
    Total profit earned by the company in the  months of February, April and July
    = 200 + 280 + 140 = Rs. 620 thousands
    Profit earned in the months of January, March and June = 340 + 180 + 260 = Rs.780 thousands
    Difference = 780 – 620 = Rs. 160 thousands
  4. By what percent is the profit earned by the company in the month of February less than that earned in the month of January?
    A) 45%
    B) 52%
    C) 47%
    D) 41%
    E) 50%
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      Option   D
    Profit of company :
    February  = 780 – 580 = Rs. 200 thousand
    January = 660 – 320 = Rs. 340 thousand
    Required % = [(340 – 200)/340]*100 = 41%
  5. In how many months, the income of company was more than the average income during the given months?
    A) 2
    B) 1
    C) 3
    D) 4
    E) None
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      Option  C
    Average income of company = 4360/7 = Rs. 623 thousand
    Hence, the answer is 3 (Ian., Feb. and Apr.)
    Directions(6-10): Study the following table carefully and answer the questions below.
  6. What is the average number of students who study Science and Social Science taking all schools together?
    A) 70
    B) 62
    C) 75
    D) 69
    E) 60
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      Option  D
    Required average = (426+402)/12 = 69
  7. By what percent is the number of students enrolled in Computer Science more than that enrolled in Hindi, taking all schools together?
    A) 24
    B) 26
    C) 20
    D) 22
    E) 25
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      Option   B
    Students who study Computer Science = 524
    Students who study Hindi = 415
    Required % =[(524 – 415)/415]*100 = 26
  8. Find the respective ratio between the number of students studying Maths in schools A, C and D and that studying Social Science in schools B, D and F .
    A) 115 : 104
    B) 112 : 104
    C) 114 : 120
    D) 110 : 123
    E)  121 : 109
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      Option  A
    Required ratio = (68+73+89) : (46+93+69) = 230 : 208 = 115 : 104
  9. By what percent is the number of students studying English less than that studying Maths , in all schools taken together?
    A) 20%
    B) 15%
    C) 12%
    D) 10%
    E) 14%
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    Students who studying  English =  78 + 57 + 64 + 82 + 52 + 57 = 390
    Students who study Maths = 68 + 63 + 73 + 89 + 77 + 73 = 443
    Required % = [(443 – 390)/440]*100 = 12%
  10. By what percent is the total number of students studying  English , Maths and Science from school C less than that studying the same subjects from school D?
    A) 9.25
    B) 9.62
    C) 12.45
    D) 13.55
    E) 10.15
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      Option  C
    Students of English + Maths + Science in school C = 64 + 73 + 67 = 204
    Students of English + Maths + Science in school D = 82 + 89 + 62 = 233
    Required % = [(233 – 204)/233]*100 = 12.45


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  1. pulkit

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    1. Confusion is for what ?
      There is nothing different in the preparations of both. Prepare for IBPS PO and take RRB clerk in between. It will not be difficult for you. Questions are basic. Quant contains 15 word problems, so you can focus on those because that will help for PO Mains exam too.

      1. pulkit

        mam i am basically weak in English so after giving 3 re -4 test a dayand after analysis there is no time for English now English is a game changer so that’s why i am confuse what to do ?

        1. Ok ok. Yes then there is a need to practice English more. But see, with the current scenario, where there are less vacancies in all exams, you must attempt each exam you aim for. I suggest that for a week, divide time so that you can do both. Give 1 mock less and practice English in that time. Suppose practicing 10 prelims questions takes 10 minutes, then in one hour you can practice with 60 English language questions.
          So think like this and divide your time for a week. Afterwards, English will be there in RRB Mains too. So all same.

          1. pulkit

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          2. !!! m@umit@ !!!

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          1. pulkit

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      plz friend guide from where to prepare di for ibps po…

      1. pulkit

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          1. pulkit

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          2. !!! m@umit@ !!!

            can u tell me eng descriptive ke liye aap kese prepare kia ??

          3. pulkit

            don’t think to much about it mam but just after pre you have sufficient time to write daily one latter and essay on any topic…so for now focous only on pre and GA

          4. !!! m@umit@ !!!

            Thank u bro..:)) pre ke liya eng phrase ke saat or grammar kya kerni hai.. grammar is my weak point..:((

          5. Positive

            ho jayega tumhara pakka i m dam sure coz last tyme tum bahut kam no se rook gaye the….yrrr tumne sbi po k lye maths kaise ready k mjhse samaj n a rha kaise karu…koi b sites acche question provide nai kar rai…plz help

          6. pulkit

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          7. Positive

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          8. Positive

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          9. pulkit

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