Quantitative Aptitude: Mixture and Alligation Questions Set 14

  1. A vessel contains 192 litres of milk.A vendor draws out x% of milk and replaced it with same quantity of water.He repeasted the same process for 3 times.And thus the milk content in mixture is only 81 itres.Then how much percent he withdrew any time?
    Option C
    81 = 192 (1-x/100)^3


  2. A vessel contains 30 litres of milk and water in ratio x:y rspectively.When 10 litres of mixture is taken out and replaced it with water,then ratio becomes 2:3.Then waht is the initial quantity of milk in vessel?
    15 litres
    18 litres
    16 litres
    22 litres
    None of these
    Option B


  3. A vessel contains “x” itres of milk.A person stoled 50 litres of milk and replaced it with same quantity of water.He repeated the same process further two times.And thus milk in vessel is only “x-122′ litres.Then what is quantity of water in final mixture?
    100 l
    125 l
    130 l
    122 l
    None of these
    Option D
    x=250 l
    Milk=250-122=128 l


  4. In a 250 litres of mixture of soda and water,water is x%.The person sold 50 litres of mixture and replaced wth same quantity of water.If percent of soda in final mixture is 64%,then what is yhe percentage of soda in initial mixture?
    None of these
    Option A
    Then,50 litres replaced it,
    250*(100-x/100) – 50*(100-x/100) = 64% of 250
    x =20%


  5. From a vessel of soda,which contains 200 litres of soda ,the vendor replaces each time with water wjen he sells 40 itres of soda .Everytime he sells out only 40 litres of soda .After replacing the soda with water the fourth time,the total amount of water in the mixture is which of the following?
    80.05 l
    85.50 l
    81.92 l
    78.025 l
    None of these
    Option C
    Amount of soda left after 4th time=200(1-40/100)^4
    =200*256/625 = 81.92


  6. A vessel was full of soda.Mani used to draw out 20% of the soda from vessel and replaced it with water.He has repeated the same process 4 times and thus there was only 512 gm of soda left in vessel,the rest part of the vessel was filled with water.What is the initial amount of soda in the vessel?
    1.05 kg
    1.15 kg
    1.25 kg
    1.30 kg
    None of these
    Option C
    512 = x(1-1/5)^4
    x = 1.25 kg


  7. The ratio of soltion “X ” and “Y” in vessel is 3:2 when 10 litres of mixture is taken out and is replaced by solution “Y” ,the ratio becomes 2:3.What is the total quantity of mixture in the vessel?
    30 l
    25 l
    20 l
    15 l
    None of these
    Option A
    2/ 3 =(1-10/n)


  8. A container is filled with liquid,4 parts of which are soda and 5 parts chemical.How much of mixture must be drwan off and replaced iwth water so that the mixture may be half soda and half chemical?
    Option C


  9. A vessel contains 50 itres of soda.10 litres of this soda is takne out and replaced with water.This process is repeated twice.Find the amount of remaining soda in the mixture?
    128/5 l
    125/4 l
    118/3 l
    Cannot bed etermined
    None of these
    Option A


  10. 144 litres of mixture contain soda and water in ratio 5:7.How much soda need to be added to this mixture so that new ratio is 23:21 respectively?
    30 l
    32 l
    35 l
    28 l
    None of these
    Option B


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