Quantitative Aptitude: Simple/Compound Interest Set 20

  1. Rs 12,200 was partly invested in scheme X at 10% p.a compound interest(compounded annually) for 2 year and partly in scheme Y at 10% p.a. simple interest for 4 years. Both the schemes give equal interests. How much was invested in scheme X?
    Rs 7000
    Rs 8000
    Rs 9000
    Rs 8500
    Rs 10000
    Option B
    Let it be Rs x. in scheme X
    So in Y=(12200-x)
    Therefore,[(1+10/100)^2 -1] = [(12200-x) *10*4] /100
    x=Rs 8000


  2. Mani borrows Rs 8000 at 20 percent compound rate of interest. At end of ech year he pays back Rs 3000,How much amount should he pay at end of third year to clear all his dues?
    Rs 5140
    Rs 6504
    Rs 5904
    Rs 4750
    None of these
    Option C
    At end of first year,=8000+1600=9600
    At end of econd year=6600+1320=7920
    Amount at third year=4920+984=Rs 5904


  3. Shubhra borrows money at 4% p.a and lends it at 6% p.a compound interest compounded half yearly and thus gains Rs 209 in a year.What is the amount of money she borrows?
    Rs 6000
    Rs 10000
    Rs 12000
    Rs 15000
    None of these
    Option B
    Let amount borrowed be Rs 100.
    Intrest to be paid=Rs 4
    Gain=6.09-4=Rs 2.09
    Actual amunt borrowed=209/2.09 * 100


  4. What sum will give Rs 488 as the difference between S.I and C.I. at 10% in 1 1/2 years compounded half yearly?
    Rs 55000
    Rs 50000
    Rs 64000
    Rs 68000
    None of these
    Option C
    Let sum be Rs 100.
    Difference=0.7625 == 488


  5. Rs 20000 was invested by Mani in mutual fund at 10% p.a. at C.I. However every year he has to pay 20% tax on C.I.How much money does Mani have after 3 years?
    Rs 25410
    Rs 25194
    Rs 25640
    Rs 24845
    None of these
    Option B


  6. Shubhra takes a loan of Rs 8400 at 10% p.a compounded annually which is to be repaid in two equal annual installments. One at end of one year and other end of second year. What is the value of each installment?
    Rs 4200
    Rs 4500
    Rs 4840
    Rs 4580
    None of these
    Option C
    8400 = x*(210/121)


  7. Mani borrows Rs 6375 to be paid back with C.I at 4% p.a by end of two years in two equal yearly installments. How much will each installment will be of?
    Rs 3380
    Rs 2540
    Rs 2505
    Rs 3520
    None of these
    Option A
    25x/26 +625 /676x = 6375
    x = (6375 * 676) / 1275


  8. If Rs 7200 amounts to Rs 10,368 in C.I at a certain time, then Rs 7200 amounts to what in half of time?
    Rs 8500
    Rs 8640
    Rs 8800
    Rs 8405
    None of these
    Option B


  9. There is 50 percent increase in amount in 5 years at S.I. What will be the C.I of Rs 12000 after 3 years at same rate?
    Rs 3565
    Rs 3972
    Rs 3845
    Rs 3540
    None of these
    Option B
    Let P=Rs 100
    I=Rs 50
    T=5 years
    In ci,
    CI=(12000(1+10/100)^^3 -1


  10. Mani borrows Rs 3000 at 10% C.I. At the end of every year, he pays back Rs 1000.How much amount should he pay at end of 4th year to clear al his debt?
    Rs 541
    Rs 545
    Rs 750.55
    Rs 751.30
    None of these
    Option D


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