Quantitative Aptitude: Time, Speed and Distance Set 12

Time Speed Distance Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO, RRB, NIACL, LIC, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. Hemant covers a certain distance with his own speed , but when he reduces his speed by 10 km/hr his time duration for the journey increases by 40 hrs, while if he increases his speed by 5km/hr from his original speed he takes 10hrs less than the original time taken . Find the distance covered by him.
    A) 1200km
    B) 1500km
    C) 1350km
    D) 1400km
    E) None
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    Option B

    Let distance be x km and speed be y km/hr
    x/(y-10)-x/y=40==> x=4y(y-10)   ——(1)
    x/y-x/(y+5)=10==>x=2y(y+5)     ——-(2)
    Equate 1 and 2
    Then x=2*25(25+5)=50*30=1500km
  2. A train met with an accident 60km away from station A. It completed the remaining journey at 5/6th of the original speed and reached station B 1hr 12mins late. Had the accident taken place 60km further, it would have been only 1hr late. what was the original speed of the train?
    A) 50km/hr
    B) 45km/hr
    C) 60km/hr
    D) 55km/hr
    E) None
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    Option C

    Let the original speed be 6x.
    Travelling 60km at 5/6th of original speed cost 12 mins etc.
    60/5x = 60/6x +12/60
    Original speed 6x=60km/hr.
  3. Two man start together to walk a certain distance, one at 4 km/hr and another at 5 km/hr. The former arrives half an hour before the latter. Find the distance.
    A) 10km
    B) 15km
    C) 20km
    D) 8km
    E) None
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    Option A

    If the distance be x km, then
  4. In a flight of 600 km, an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/hr and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The duration of the flight is:
    A) 2hrs
    B) 1hr 30min
    C) 2hrs 15min
    D) 1hr
    E) None
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    Option D

    Let the duration of the flight be x hrs.
    Then, 600/x-600/(x+1/2)=200
  5. Two racers start running towards each other, one from A to B and another from B to A. They cross each other after one hour and the first racer reaches B, 5/6 hour before the second racer reaches A. If the distance between A and B is 50 km. what is the speed of the slower racer?
    A) 15km/hr
    B) 20km/hr
    C) 25km/hr
    D) 30km/hr
    E) None
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    Option B

    Let second racer takes x hr with speed s2
    First racer takes x-5/6 hr with speed s1
    Total distance = 50km
    S1 = 50/(x-(5/6))
    S2= 50/x
    As they cross each other in 1hr…
    Total speed = s1 + s2
    Now, T = D / S
    50/(s1+s2) = 1
    x = 5/2, 1/3
    Put x= 5/2 in s2 –> 20km/hr
  6. P and Q run at the speed 40m/s and 20m/s resp on the circular track of 800m, as its circumference , when would the P and Q meet for the first time at the starting point if they start simultaneously from the same point.
    A) 40sec
    B) 50sec
    C) 55sec
    D) 60sec
    E) None
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    Option A

    Time taken by P to complete one round
    Time taken by Q to complete one round
    LCM of 20 40=40
    Every 40sec they would be together at the starting point.
  7. The speeds of Ram and Raj are 30 km/h and 40 km/h. Initially Raj is at a place L and Ram is at a place M. The distance between L and M is 650 km. Ram started his journey 3 hours earlier than Raj to meet each other. If they meet each other at a place P somewhere between L and M, then the distance between P and M is?
    A) 225km
    B) 300km
    C) 250km
    D) 330km
    E) None
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    Option D

    If the 1st 3hr Ram covers 90km
    So the rest 650-90=560km
    Now they both travel together towards each other
    So, the time is 560/70=8hr
    Then ram travel total 3+8=11hrs
    Thus the distance travelled by Ram 11*30=330km
  8. The ratio between the speed of a car and a bike is 16 : 15 respectively. Also, a bus covered a distance of 480 km in 8 hrs. The speed of the bus is three-fourth the speed of the car. How much distance will the bike cover in 6 h?
    A) 320km
    B) 360km
    C) 450km
    D) 435km
    E) None
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    Option C

    Speed of bus = 480/8 = 60km/ h
    Speed of car = (60*4)/3=80 km / h
    Speed of car : Speed of bike = 16 : 15
    Speed of bike =80/16 * 15 = 75 km/ h
    Distance covered by bike in 6 hr = 75 × 6 = 450 km
  9. How many seconds will a train 50 m in length, travelling at the rate of 42 km an hour, rate to pass another train 80 m long, proceeding in the same direction at the rate of 30 km an hour?
    A) 45sec
    B) 39sec
    C) 50sec
    D) 55sec
    E) None
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    Option B

    Relative speed =42-30=12km/hr
    Time= (50+80)*18/12*5
  10. A man rides his bike 20 km at an average speed of 8 km/hr and again travels 45 km at an average speed of 10 km/hr. What is his average speed for the ride approximately?
    A) 10.8km/hr
    B) 8.5km/hr
    C) 9.3km/hr
    D) 10.2km/hr
    E) None
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    Option C

    Average speed=total distance/total time
    Total time=20/8 + 45/10
    Avg speed=(20+45)/(20/8 + 45/10)
    = 65/((200+360)/80)
    =65*80/560 = 65/7

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