Quantitative Aptitude: Time and Work Set 13

  1. A completes 40% of a task in 10 days and then takes the help of B and C. B is 50% as efficient as A is and C is 50% as efficient as B is. In how many more days will they complete the work?
    A) 13 1/3
    B) 8 4/7
    C) 10 2/3
    D) 9
    E) None
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    Option B

    A completes 40% of work in 10days.
    Given, A:B is 2:1 and B:C is 2:1
    Now A:B:C=4:2:1
    A’s work 4*10(days)=40%
    Remaining 60%=60/(4+2+1)7=8 4/7 days.
  2. Jeni can do a job in 30 days, Nove in 45 days and Joel in 60 days. If Jeni is helped by Nove and Joel every 3rd day, how long will it take for them to complete the job?
    A) 7 1/5
    B) 8
    C) 9 3/4
    D) 10
    E) None
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    Option A

    Jeni 30…………………………..6
    N 45              LCM180……….4
    Joel 60 …………………………..3
    1st two days =6*2=12unit work completed.
    3rd day (6+4+3)= 13unit
    For 3 days
    12+13=25unit completed
    Remaining 5 unit done by Jeni
    Then 5/6work
    Then total 21 5/6days.
  3. Ram and Ravi can do a job together in 8 days. Ram is 11/8 times as efficient as Ravi. The same job can be done by Ravi alone in
    A) 21
    B) 25
    C) 19
    D) 16
    E) None
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    Option C

    Ram :Ravi 11: 8(Efficiency)
    (11+8) = 19          8(both completed in 8days)
    Then Ravi 8 ?= (Efficiency and days are reciprocal)19*8/8=19days.
  4. The work done by a woman in 8 hours is equal to the work done by a man in 6 hours and by a boy in 12 hours. If working 6 hours per day 9 men can complete a work in 6 days then in how many days can 12 men, 12 women and 12 boys together finish the same work working 8 hours per day?
    A) 3/2
    B) 5/3
    C) 3
    D) 6
    E) None
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    Option A

    Then 1M=2B, 1W=3/2B, 1W=3/4M
    Then 12 M+12W+12B=12M+9M+6M=27M
    Given 9men work 6hrs /day and complete in 6days
  5. M and N can do a piece of work in 30 days, while N and O can do the same work in 24 days and O and M in 20 days. They all work together for 10 days when N and O leave. How many days more will M take to finish the work?
    A) 35
    B) 15
    C) 22
    D) 18
    E) None
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    Option D

    2(M+N+O)’s 1 day work = (1/30+1/24+1/20)=1/8
    =>(M+N+O)’s 1 day’s work= 1/16
    work done by M, N and O in 10 days= 10/16=5/8
    Remaining work= (1 – 5/8)
    M’s 1 day’s work = (1/16 – 1/24)=1/48
    Now, 1/48 work is done by M in 1 day.
    So, 3/8 work wil be done by M in 48*3/8 = 18 days
  6. 6 men can do a piece of work in 2 hours, which 3 women could do in 3 hours, or 5 children in 4 hours. How long would 1 man, 1 woman and 1 child together take to do the work?
    A) 180/71
    B) 135/33
    C) 140/13
    D) 195/14
    E) None
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    Option B

    1men work =6*2=12hrs
    1women work=3*3=9hrs
    1children work=5*4=20hrs
    Required work=12*9*20/(12*9)+(9*20)+(20*12)
  7. A, B and C can all together do piece of work in 20 days, in which B takes twice as long as A and C together do the work and C takes twice as long as A and B together take to do the work. In how many days B can alone do the work?
    A) 40
    B) 35
    C) 60
    D) 45
    E) None
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    Option C

    (A+C) in x days so B completes in 2x days
    then (1/x) + (1/2x) = 1/20
    solve, x = 30
    so B 2x =60days
  8. A typing work is done by three person P, Q and R. P alone takes 20 hours to type a single booklet but Q and R working together takes 5 hours, for the completion of the same booklet. If all of them worked together and completed 15 booklets, then how many hours have they worked?
    A) 45hrs
    B) 60hrs
    C) 38hrs
    D) 55hrs
    E) None
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    Option B

    In 4 hours, working together, they will complete 1 booklets.
    Thus, 15 booklets completed in 60hrs.
  9. Efficiency of A is 25% more then B and B takes 25 days to complete a piece of work. A started a work alone and then B joined her 5 days before actual completion of the work. For how many days A worked alone?
    A) 11
    B) 9
    C) 15
    D) 12
    E) None
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    Option A

    Efficiency (A : B) = 5 : 4
    Number of days(A : B) = 4x : 5x = 4x : 25
    ∴ Number of days required by A to finish the work alone = 4x
    = 4 x 5 = 20.
    A and B work together for last 5 days = 5 x 9 = 45%
    Efficiency of A = 5% and B’s efficiency = 4%
    ∴ No. of days taken by A to complete 55% work = 55/5 = 11days
  10. A project manager hired 15 men to complete a project in 40 days. However, after 30 days, he realized that only 1/2 of the work is completed. How many more men does he need to hire to complete the project on time?
    A) 15
    B) 30
    C) 20
    D) 25
    E) None
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    Option A

    15Men complete a work in 40days.
    Men required=30-15=15Men.



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