Quant Questions asked in IBPS PO Prelims (7 October 2017)

Here we are sharing Memory Based Questions asked in IBPS PO Prelims 2017 on 7 October 2017. Questions asked in IBPS PO Prelims on 7 October 2017


Click here for Number Series asked in 1st shift


  • √80.997 – √25.001 * √120.98 + √16.02 =?
  • 55.01 – 345.02/22.99 = 2*?
  • (184.002 – 29/5) * 29.997 = ?
  • √(3099.985 / 62.001 + 14.001) = ?
  • 111.999 * 51 / 14.02 = 11.002 + ?

Word Problems:

  1. Simple interest on the sum A @ 11% per annum and compound interest on Sum B which is 400 more than A in 2yrs is 140% more   of simple interest of A .. find value of A
  2. Ranjeet has three varieties of rice costing 18 rs. /kg., 22 rs. /kg. and 40 rs./kg. Find the possible ratio in which
    he should mix these three varieties so that on selling mixture at 32 rs./kg. he may get a profit of 28%

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    1. सिंदबाद

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    Solution of CI SI question plz

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      ty mam..plz provide it on today’s quiz also:)

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    please ans of 4th 5 th and 6th

  3. pankul sahu

    syllogism Questions Asked In IBPS PO Prelims 1st Slot:

    Direction (1-2):


    All remarks are feedbacks

    Some feedbacks are words

    No word is a digit

    1) Conclusion:

    Some Feedbacks are definitely not digits.

    All digits being feedbacks is a possibility.

    2) Conclusion:

    All remarks being words is a possibility

    At least some remarks are digits.

    3) Statements:

    Some files are boxes

    All boxes are carton

    No carton is a plastic


    No file is a plastic.

    Some files are plastics.

    4) Statement:

    Some desks are chairs

    Some chairs are seats

    No seat is a table


    All desks can never be table

    Some chains are definitely not tables.

    5) Statements:

    All routes are ways

    All ways are paths

    Some ways are bridges


    At least some bridges are routes

    All routes being bridge is a possibility.

    3rd question me confusion hain..neither nor..

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    2nd shift
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