Reasoning: Puzzles and Arrangements Set 71

Directions (1-3):
Four married couples competed in a singing competition.Each couple had a unique team name.Points scored by the teams were 2, 4, 6 and 8. The “Sweet couple” won 2 points. The “Bindass singers” won two more points than laxman’s team.Mukesh’s team won four points more than Linas’s team, but Lina’s team did not score the least amount of points. “Just Singing” won 6 points.Waheda was not on the team called “New singers”. Sanjeev’s team won 4 points.Divya was not on the “Bindass singers” team. Tapas and Sania were on the same team,but it was not the “Sweet Couple”.

  1. Laxman’s teammate and team’s name was?
    Divya and sweet couple
    divya and just singing
    waheda and bindass singers
    lina and just singing
    waheda and sweet couple
    Option E


  2. The teams arranged in ascending order of points are?
    bindass singers,just singing,new singers,sweet couple
    sweet couple,new singers,just singing,bindass singers
    new singers,sweet couple,bindass singers,just singing
    sweet couple,bindass singers,just singing,new singers
    just singing,bindass singers,sweet couple,new singers
    Option D


  3. The combination which has the couples rightly paired is?
    Option D


Directions (4-8): A circular field with inner radius of 10 metres and outer radius of 20 metres,was divided into five successive stages for ploughing. The ploughing of each stage was handed over to a different farmer.
a)Farmers are referred to by following symbols–F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 .
b)The points between different stages of the project are referred to by the following symbols – P1, P2 ,P3 ,P4, P5,not necessarily in that order.
c)Farmer F5 was given the work of ploughing stage starting at point P4.
d)The stage from point P5 to point P3 was not the first stage.
e)Farmer F4 was given the work of the fourth stage.
f)Stage 3 finished at point P1,and the work of which was not given to farmer F1.
g)Farmer F3 was given work of stage ending at point P5.

  1. Which was the finish point for farmer F2?
    Option A


  2. Which stage was ploughed by farmer F5?
    Option E


  3. Which were the starting and finishing points for stage 2?
    P2 and P5
    P5 and P3
    P3 and P1
    P5 and P4
    P3 and P2
    Option B


  4. For which farmer was P2 a finishing point?
    Option E


  5. Which was the starting point for farmer F3?
    None of the above
    Option A


Directions (9-10): During their school silver jubilee reunion,four alumni were discussing their starting annual salaries back in 1981. The salaries in question were Rupees 40, 50, 60 and 70 thousand per year. Of course,the present MD of a private company earned the most. Arvind earned more than Biswajeet,and the doctor earned more than Dhruv the engineer. Chinmay could not remember what he started on. Biswajeet the lawyer did not start on Rs. 50,000,nor did Dhruv

  1. What is Chinmay’s current profession?
    none of these
    Option C


  2. What was the Lawyer’s starting salary?
    cant be determined
    Option C



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  1. Sneha

    Hello pls let me know ..Y lawyer cannot be 40000 in question 9th

    1. the walking dead

      question updated…check it 🙂

  2. Rakhi Yadav

    how to solve ques 4-8

    1. the walking dead

      make possibilities and eliminate them

  3. subhain

    P is 2 floor above S

    4 . P
    1. S

    3 P
    1 S

    Shubhra Ma’am inn dono main se kaunsa theek hai.

    1. the walking dead

      2nd one is correct:)

      1. subhain

        par testzone ki test series main 1st one is given..

        1. the walking dead

          Can u post the full puzzle here….

          1. subhain

            On this Diwali Ritika received eight different gifts i.e. Dark Fantasy Cookies, Kur Kure pack, Sweets, Biscuits, Real Juice, Frooti, Appy Fizz and Maaza in eight different color boxes, viz. Purple, Red, Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow from her eight different friends – Akanksha, Megha, Manya, Aastha, Bhoomi, Dhara, Kritika and Ananya but not necessarily in the same order. After receiving all these gifts Ritika, puts all these gifts in her Cupboard which has 8 shelves in which ground shelf is numbered 1, first shelf is numbered 2 and so on until the top most shelf which is numbered 8. Each one of these gift has a different cost i.e. 118, 125, 132, 147, 160, 178, 185 and 199 but not necessarily in the same order.

            The cost price of a gift which is in a black color box is Rs. 147. The difference in the cost price between a gift which is placed on the topmost shelf and the gift which is placed on 3rd numbered shelf is 7. A gift of cost price Rs. 132 is neither on shelf numbered 4 nor 5. Kur Kure pack is immediately above the gift shelf where Megha’s gift is placed and it is in yellow colored box. There are three shelves between Purple and Green colored box. Dark Fantasy Cookies is on an even numbered shelf and it is not given by Ananya. The boxes between Real Juice and Frooti are same as the boxes between Maaza and Real Juice The cost price of a gift which is given by Bhoomi is divisible by 4 but not by 8. The gift which is given by Dhara is two shelves above Bhoomi’s gift’s shelf. Frooti is in white colored box while Real Juice is in blue colored box. The gift which is given by Ananya is placed on shelf numbered 2. There are some sweets and Biscuits in green and orange colored boxes respectively.

            The cost price of a gift which is in purple colored box is Rs. 178 but it is placed neither on shelf number 2 nor 4 The cost price of a gift which is on the topmost shelf is divisible by 5 but not by 4. Kritika gives Biscuits to Ritika and the price of her gift is Rs. 118. A gift which is given by Bhoomi is placed neither on shelf number 7 nor 3. A gift which is given by Akanksha is placed on shelf number 6. The black colored box is immediately above the Dark Fantasy Cookies’s shelf. The cost price of Manya’s gift is Rs. 185 and it is placed on an odd number shelf.

  4. jaga

    4-8 q nahi ho rha

    1. the walking dead

      make possibilities

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