Reasoning: Puzzles Set 16

Directions (1–5): Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Eight friends – Atul, Raghav, Ritika, Mansi, Bhavya, Vivek, Nisha, and Kanishka – attend college on different days of the week, from Monday to Friday. They like to play different games – Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Swimming, Archery, Table Tennis and Hockey, but not necessarily in the same order. Two of them are studying in Computer stream, two in Electronics, two in Aeronautical and two in Mechanical.

Vivek is studying in Aeronautical stream and goes to college on Tuesday along with Atul who plays Table Tennis. Kanishka and Raghav are studying in Mechanical stream and attend college on different days after the day on which Atul goes to the college. Bhavya plays Basketball and she attends college on the day exactly between Kanishka and Raghav. Atul and Bhavya are studying in Electronics stream. Ritika likes Archery and alone goes on the day just before Vivek. The ones who like Football and Cricket attend college on Friday. Kanishka likes to play Badminton. Nisha, who likes to play cricket and Mansi, who like to play Hockey are studying in Computer stream. Mansi attends college on the same day as Bhavya.

  1. What sport does Vivek like to play?
    A) Cricket
    B) Basketball
    C) Hockey
    D) Football
    E) Swimming
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     Option E
  2. In which stream is Ritika studying?
    A) Computer
    B) Aeronautical
    C) Electronics
    D) Mechanical
    E) Cannot be determined
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     Option B
  3. Which of the following combinations is true about Monday?
    A) Archery, Aeronautical
    B) Football, Aeronautical
    C) Cricket, Mechanical
    D) Table Tennis, Electronics
    E) Hockey, Computer
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     Option A
  4. Which of the following pairs of person and game is correct?
    A) Vivek, Cricket
    B) Nisha, Badminton
    C) Raghav, Football
    D) Ritika, Basketball
    E) Atul, Swimming
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     Option C
  5.  Which of the following attend college on Thursday?
    A) Kanishka, Raghav
    B) Atul, Vivek
    C) Raghav, Nisha
    D) Bhavya, Mansi
    E) Ritika, Bhavya
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     Option D

Directions (6–10): Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

8 professors namely – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H teach different subjects – Accounts, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Business, Physics, English and History, but not necessarily in the same order. All of them are seated around a circular table and are facing the centre.

A is sitting third to the left of the one who teaches Business. Only two people sit between E and G. Neither E nor G is an immediate neighbor of A. Neither E nor G teaches Business. The one who teaches History sits second to the right of D. D is not an immediate neighbor of A. D does not teach Business and A does not teach History. The one who teaches Accounts sits third to the left of F. The ones who teach Accounts and Business are not immediate neighbors. Only one person sits between D and the one who teaches Biology. The ones who teach Mathematics and Chemistry are immediate neighbors. D does not teach Chemistry. Only one person sits between B and the one who teaches Physics. The one who teaches Physics is an immediate neighbor of H. G and B are not immediate neighbors.


Who teaches Accounts?
A) A
B) F
C) G
D) E
E) B

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 Option A

  1. Which of the following would come in place of question mark based upon the given seating arrangement?              FD HC EF CA ?
    A) DG
    B) GH
    C) BG
    D) BH
    E) FC
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     Option B
  2. Which of the following is true with respect to the given seating arrangement?
    A) C teaches History
    B) G is an immediate neighbor of F
    C) The ones who teach Accounts and Physics are immediate neighbors
    D) Four people sit between G and B
    E) None is true
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     Option C
  3. Who teaches Biology?
    A) B
    B) F
    C) H
    D) E
    E) Cannot be determined
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     Option D
  4. Who is sitting opposite C?
    A) E
    B) The one who teaches Mathematics
    C) H
    D) The one who teaches Business
    E) None of these
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     Option D


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37 Thoughts to “Reasoning: Puzzles Set 16”

  1. Vision

    Hello Guys Enjoy With Vocabs………..
    Today(02-03-2017) Hindu Editorial Vocabs……..
    …………….Resilience reaffirmed………….

    Resilience=> लचीलापन
    Resilience=>the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.
    Reaffirmed=> निश्चित रूप से किसी बात को फिर से कहना
    Concerns=> चिंता करना
    Dampen=> कम करना
    Dampen=>to become deadened or depressed.
    The resilience of India’s economy has been reaffirmed by the latest data, with both the third-quarter and full-year growth estimates belying widespread concerns that the November 8 decision to withdraw high-value currency notes would significantly dampen momentum.

    Undergird=> सुदृढ़
    Undergird=>to strengthen or support (something) from below.
    Undergirding this better-than-expected performance were the agriculture, mining and manufacturing sectors and, interestingly, government expenditure.
    Contraction=> सिकुड़न
    Contraction=> the act or process of making something smaller or of becoming smaller.
    Stark=> एकदम भिन्न
    Stark=> completely or fully.
    While the overall gross value added (GVA) in the third quarter is estimated to have increased by 6.6%, agricultural GVA in the period is projected to have surged 6%, a sharp quickening from the second quarter’s 3.8% pace and in stark contrast with the 2.2% contraction in the earlier year, as the near-normal monsoon in 2016 helped lift kharif crop output substantially.

    Bucking=>आगे बढ़ाते
    Bucking=>of the lowest grade within a military category .
    Mining and manufacturing GVA too appear to have done far better than in the preceding quarter, bucking the so-called ‘demonetisation drag’ to post 7.5% and 8.3% growth, respectively.
    Lag=> बिलम्ब, अंतराल
    Lag=> a space of time between two events .
    It is only the financial, real estate and professional services segment, which is linked to consumption, that lagged, with the pace of expansion more than halving from the July-September quarter to a modest 3.1% increase.

    Posit=> to suggest (something, such as an idea or theory) especially in order to start a discussion.
    This 30 basis points cut in the GVA growth estimate is more in sync with the projection of one quarter of a percentage point to half a percentage point slowing in its baseline real GDP growth assumption of 7% that the Economic Survey had posited.
    Assertion=> दावा
    Assertion=> something stated as if certain.
    The Survey had also made a cautionary assertion that recorded GDP growth would “understate” the overall impact of demonetisation as “the most affected parts of the economy — informal and cash based — are either not captured in the national income accounts or, to the extent they are, their measurement is based on formal sector indicators.”

    Caveat=> चेतावनी
    Caveat=>an explanation or warning that should be remembered when you are doing or thinking about something.
    When dealing with statistics, it is safer to keep all the caveats in mind.

    ……………………..Withering highs……………………
    Withering=> तिरस्कारपूर्ण, विध्वंसकारी
    Withering=>very harsh, severe, or damaging.
    The forecast from the India Meteorological Department of above-normal temperatures over much of India in the summer months is bound to bring back memories of last year’s withering weeks.
    Exert=>काम में लाना
    Exert=>to use (strength, ability, etc.).
    Global weather in recent times has come under pressure from the El Nino warming that began in 2015 and exerted its influence into the first quarter of 2016.

    Debilitate=> दुर्बल करना
    Debilitate=> to make feeble : weaken .
    What is significant is that the Australian international weather bureau says there is a 50% prospect of a similar phenomenon this year as well, making it a significant alert on hotter temperatures, and possibly a debilitated monsoon and weaker agricultural prospects.
    Spare=> छोड़ देना
    Spare=>to choose not to punish or harm (someone).
    Torrid=> बहुत गरम
    Torrid=> very hot and usually dry.
    A carefully planned school examination schedule could spare students the worst of the torrid season, and this should be among the top priorities.

    Replenish=> फिर से भरना
    Replenish=> to fill or build up (something) again.
    Reservoir=> जलाशय
    Reservoir=>a place where something (as water) is kept in store for future use.
    Unsustainable=>not capable of being prolonged or continued .
    Urban water distress poses another challenge, because big cities in several States have not received adequate rainfall to replenish their reservoirs and are using up groundwater at unsustainable rates.

    Leapfrog=> to move ahead of or beyond (someone or something) in a very quick and sudden way.
    These are clear signs that the world must shift away from further high-emission pathways in the economy and adopt leapfrogging technologies.
    Call for=> की मांग करना, जरूरत होना
    It is also a call for policy initiatives to build resilience by improving water harvesting and expanding tree cover, including in cities.

    Augmentation=> वृद्धि
    Augmentation=>the act, action, or process of augmenting.
    For rural India, building surface irrigation facilities such as ponds through the employment guarantee scheme and climate funds would seem a natural choice, while urban water supply augmentation needs more reservoirs to be built.

  2. Divaker

    Questions level is not same as earlier one

    1. Yes.
      Practice all.
      Prelims exam will not have that difficult puzzles.

      1. Ankit Saxena

        Thanks mam pls post puzzles daily

  3. Ayushi

    mam 2nd puzzle solve nhi ho rha …

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