Reasoning Puzzles Set 22 (Box Based Puzzles)

Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information to answer the given questions:

There are 8 boxes which are colored with different colors – white, pink, green, blue, yellow, red, orange and brown. Each of them contains a number written on them from 1 to 8 according to which they are placed one above the other. The box containing number 1 is at the lowest place. Each box has different sweets namely – Rasgulla, Laddu, Peda, Nankhatai, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Petha and Burfi but not necessarily in the same order.
Only one box is there between pink box and the one which contains Jalebi. Number 4 is written on the brown box. The number on red colored box is odd and is placed somewhere above the box numbered four.
There are three boxes between blue box and the one which contains Gulab Jamun. The number written on Green box is odd and is placed above the box which contains Gulab Jamun.The box which contains Petha is placed immediately above orange colored box, which contains neither Gulab jamun nor Rasgulla. The yellow box does not contain Petha. There are three boxes placed between orange and white boxes. The box which contains Burfi is placed immediately above the one which contains Laddu, but not at the topmost position. Only one box is there between red colored box and the one which contains Peda. The number of boxes placed above red colored box is same as the number of boxes placed between blue and red colored boxes. Only one box is there between the one which contains Burfi and brown colored box. Two boxes are placed between green colored box and the one which contains Rasgulla.

  1. Which of the following Statements is true with respect to the given information?
    A) Orange colored box is placed immediately above the one which contains Rasgula
    B) Yellow colored box is placed immediately above green box
    C) Three boxes are placed between red colored box and the one which contains Burfi.
    D) Blue box contains Jalebi.
    E) Number 7 is written on green colored box
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    Option E

  2. Which box is placed exactly between brown colored box and the one which contains Laddu?
    A) yellow and red colored boxes
    B) orange and blue colored boxes
    C) pink and white colored boxes
    D) green and red colored boxes
    E) yellow and white colored boxes
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    Option E

  3. Which of the following sweets does yellow box contain?
    A) Burfi
    B) Laddu
    C) Peda
    D) Jalebi
    E) Petha
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    Option C

  4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which
    one of the following does not belong to the group?
    A. orange box – Nankhatai
    B. green box – Gulab jamun
    C. red box – Jalebi
    D. brown box – Burfi
    E. blue box – Peda
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    Option C

  5. How many boxes are placed between green colored box and the one which contains Peda?
    A) None
    B) One
    C) Two
    D) Three
    E) More than three
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    Option D

Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information to answer the given questions:

There are 7 boxes which are colored with different colors – White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Brown and Pink. They are placed one above the other. And contain different flavored cupcakes – Mint Oreo, Chocolate, Blueberry, Mango, Lemon, Apple Pie and Cranberry, but not necessarily in the same order.
Further information is as follows:
(i) Boxes containing Either Mango or Cranberry cupcake is on the top or first place respectively.
(ii) The brown box is placed on 5th place from bottom.
(iii) The boxes containing Chocolate and Apple Pie cupcakes are placed consecutively.
(iv) White and Red colored boxes contain Mint Oreo and Lemon cupcakes respectively.
(v) Yellow and Brown boxes are placed at consecutive places.
(vi) Blue box, which contains Chocolate cupcake, and White box have one box in between them.
(vii) Yellow box, which contains Blueberry cupcake is placed just above the box containing Apple Pie cupcake.

  1. Box containing which cupcake is immediate next to box containing Lemon cupcake?
    A) Chocolate
    B) Mint Oreo
    C) Either (A) or (B)
    D) Blueberry
    E) Mango

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    Option C

  2. Brown colored box contains which flavored cupcake?
    A) Apple Pie
    B) Lemon
    C) Chocolate
    D) Either (A) or (B)
    E) Cranberry

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    Option A

  3. If the box at the lowest place is colored Green, then which colored box contains Mango cupcake?
    A) Green
    B) White
    C) Red
    D) Cannot be determined
    E) None of these

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    Option D

  4. The box containing Blueberry cupcake is at which position from below?
    A) Second
    B) Third
    C) Sixth
    D) Fourth
    E) Fifth

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    Option C

  5. If the topmost box contains Cranberry cupcake, then how many boxes are placed between Chocolate and Cranberry cupcakes?
    A) Two
    B) Four
    C) One
    D) Three
    E) None of these

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    Option A

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