SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience 2

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience.

Name : Sidhartha Vishwambhar Kamble

Place : Mumbai. Morning 8 am batch.

In group discussion there were 2 panelists and we 10 aspirants. They initially told us that this is not the knowledge test.we are just examining how you behave in group. So we were chill.

Topic for GD: Should India give top priority to growth and development or to equal distribution of national wealth.

We talked about 10 mins but we haven’t reach at consensus, though I tried to conclude.

Then , Group Exercise: As a manager which of the following attributes he should have. Arrange in sequence you prefer. And have a discussion on it later on.

  • Time management
  • Delegation
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Maintaining discipline and crisis management
  • Motivation
  • Selecting right peoples and improving them

Sorry I forgot last 1.

Again we had a healthy discussion, and I again tried to reach at consensus but we failed to reach. Still we had already told by panelists that there is no necessity to reach at consensus and will not affect your marks.
Then, interview.
I thought two panelists of GD will be there for interview too but that was not the case.
5 panelists at interview, chairmen(a confident,  cordial , and experienced man), 2 female, 2 male.
I entered after knocking and wished them good morning,(I was the first aspirant of the day for interview).  They offered me chair I sat.

Chairman: so, SIDDHARTH , you are from Jalna, tell something about Jalna.
Me: talked about separation of Jalna from Aurangabad, then about drought hit region, about irrigation and crops.

Chairman : industries in Jalna ?
Me : sir I don’t know exactly but I know that steel industry is famous.(I was not happy at my answer)

Chairman : introduce yourself
Me : talked about me, my family, my education

Chairman: you are a computer engineer, how will you help our bank
Me: talked about digital India, e-commerce, internet , information technology etc.
Then he moved to members.

Member 1(female) : your hobby is enjoying life, so how you enjoy life.
Me : talked about everything I like.

Member 2 (male): do you think ‘mann ki baat’ is important and have any effect on people
Me : answered affirmative, and gave importance of ruling- ruled contact and answerability of rulers to ruled.
Some cross questions. From both member 1 and 2. But I politely but firmly gave it’s importance and again have some examples too.

Member 3 (male): how banks help rural development
Me : talked about moneylenders, then banks, then agriculture credit, PSL, savings, investment, proper channelization of money etc. (all including me were satisfied)

Member 4(female) : you talked about financial inclusion, what is the tagline of it.
Me: first I said I didn’t understood the question (really) and later I said sorry mam I don’t know.

Member 1: google, WhatsApp, Facebook Twitter. Which one came in last century
Me : mam, it’s google. She then asked year, but I said sorry mam I don’t know.she said it’s 1998. I thanked her.

Member 4: what do you know about SBI
Me : talked about imperial bank, then PSB, then merger, and then about sbi among top 50 global banks

Member 4: which banks merged with SBI.
Me : 1 mahila bank and 5 associate banks and names are…
But she said it’s ok .fine.

Member 1: what is special today
Me : talked about teachers day.

Member 1 : full name of Modi
Me: I said Narendra Modi..
she said it’s Narendra damodar das Modi.
Now , chairman again.

Chairman : what is headline in today’s newspaper
Me : when I said I haven’t read as I was in journey from morning 5 and said sorry he asked about yesterday,. I talked about Modi, China BRICS and ministry resuffling . Talked about Piyush Goyal I and Nirmala sitharaman.He asked about Suresh Prabhu. I said sir I don’t know to which ministry he placed.

Chairman : monetary policy recent.
Me: sir don’t know the exact figure but there is decrease in repo rate . So investment will increase. Told the definition of repo rate. He was satisfied.
Then he said, ok Siddharth it’s done.

I thanked everybody and left.
It was around 12 mins. And was my first interview, I was excited and now I’m happy with it.

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