SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience 4

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience.

Name: Swati Goyal

Centre: SBLC, Panchkula, Haryana

My interview was on 11th September – 8:00 AM Batch. 

Gd Topic – Is loan waiving beneficial to farmers?


GE– Name of 10 Indian sportsmen were given. We had to arrange them in order of their capabilities
Vishwanathan Anand
Sachin tendulkar
Kapil dev
Mihir sen
Geet sethi
PT Usha
Milkha Singh
Abhinav Bindra
And one more


And now the Interview Part. Questions asked were:
1. What have you been doing since your graduation? (Completed BTech in 2014)
2. What led to success of your project that you did during graduation?
3. What is cashless economy?
4. Cross question on cashless economy- What are the ways to do transaction online. 
5. What are the symptoms of dengue (As my father is a doctor, so asked this question)
6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
7. You are a group of 10-15 people and you have to open a new branch or organisation, what things do you require?
8. What is social media?


Asked in negative tone, that you have been doing nothing since 2014? (I am preparing for SSC since 2016, but did not tell. Attempted SBI PO 2017 without much preparation)
So said, that doing part time job on a site. They asked site’s name. Told aspirantszone. They opened it. Asked about it and work. Then asked if students ask you questions, and you yourself do not know, what will you do. Told that we do not give wrong guidance. We research on the topic and then answer. Then asked that who is the administrator of aspirantszone. Told – my sister. As I told it is my sister, they asked further that for site clicks what do you do. Told that I do not have idea, my sister must be having.


In the morning, we were given newspapers to read. So Mam asked the question that in today’s newspaper, there is something related to taxmen, tell about it.?
I answered – That through social media, tax authorities can keep an eye on us like if we post a picture of luxurious car on Facebook, etc.


It was for near about 10 minutes. The people present there were jolly in nature. They were trying to make us relax. 


My interview did not go satisfactory but was an interesting experience. 
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