SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience 7

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience.

Hello everybody, My name is Prabhjot Kaur

My interview was at 8AM in Panchkula, Haryana. I reached there at 7:30, and then my biometric started and it went very smoothly.

In our group, there were 11 people in which 4 were girls.

Our GD topic was “Demonetization: Is it good or bad”.

Then our discussion started and it went very smoothly as everybody got a chance to speak. All the members gave very good points both in the favor and against and at last we reached on the conclusion that although Demonetization gave some initial problems but it will be beneficial for the future.

Then after 10 minutes our group exercise started.

The topic for the group exercise was “While purchasing a car what are the things that the customer looks at first”. We have to prioritize 8 items given such as
Automatic transmission
Petrol, diesel, etc
It’s manufacturer
Inbuilt music system
Oh I forgot the last one…..

Then our exercise started and it went good as well. After 15 minutes, we came at the consensus and then the moderators said u should discuss for more 5 minutes and then our discussion went little informal.

This all done n then they took us for the personal interview.

In our panel there were 4 males and 1 female.

After 1 hour, as I was the first person to go for the interview , my interview started.
Entered the room.

M1: Good morning.
Me: I wished all in a singing tone n then
F1: Oh, u wished in a singing tone. Very good (all stared smiling including me)
M2: Why do u want to join SBI?
Me: replied…….
M1: Oh, everyone coming here are from B. Tech background and u are from BBA, can we ask something regarding ur academics.
Me: sure sir…..
M1: what is letter of credit??
Me: replied….
F1: what is the difference between DD and LC ??
Me: replied….
M1: how does the company started??
Me: replied…
M1: what is the no of members to start a company??
Me: replied….
F1: asked me something from the same company question..
Me: sorry mam I cannot recall now…
F1 : gave the answer……
M3: how are the digital transactions done except IMPS and UPI??
Me: sorry sir I don’t remember right now….
M3: it is POS…
Me: Answered with a full form…
M4: No question…
M1: So u wrote domestic engineer for your mom. Can u explain why u wrote that.
Me: Sure sir, n then I explained..
M1: Thanku now u can go..
Me: Greeted everyone n left the room



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  1. ambiiii

    good luck sis :))

  2. Pankaj Kr

    Good Interview. But She had to answer Simple questions. Anyway best of luck for her.

  3. ambiiii

    Interview exp me sab log only replied hi kyun likhte hain 🙁

    1. yuvi

      haha..chalo aap pura likhna aaj..

      1. ambiiii

        haan ji 🙂 complete hi likha hai
        kuch tym me ho jaayega publish

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