SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience 8

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience.

Venue: SBLC, Panchkula, Haryana

I reached the Centre at 7:55 am and the document verification had already begun at that time.

They did the biometrics and we were made to sit in a hall, The document verification was going on there , It went smoothly and staff was really cordial. It took around 30 minutes and We were asked to wait for GD, Then we all went to a hall where two gentlemen were already  present , they made us understand the instructions and topic was given , We were sitting in a semicircle form and I was the only girl there and the boys were all B.Tech holders 😐

The GD topic was : Online shopping : good for customers and bad for market.

We noted down our points and discussion started , Two boys were dominating all others and were not letting others’ speak but somehow all of us spoke about it and gave forward our views, I said it is good for both market as well as customer but at the same point it has its drawbacks too. The customers are getting products of so much variety and there is no  partial pricing policy  as well which is sometimes followed in traditional shopping , and the market on the other hand is getting more exposure than ever and Getting larger market base but at the same time customers are sometimes cheated by providing substandard products and it is a long process normally 6-7 days and the shopkeepers who are not well versed with the technology are lagging behind so we can’t generalize about the topic as to it is only good or bad but in near future it is definitely going to be a success , We all reached the consensus within right time and were happy 🙂

Then the group exercise: Traits that should be there to become successful in a profession

  1. Attitude
  2. Confidence
  3. Networking
  4. Emotionally intelligent
  5. Team work
  6. Ready to be updated.
  7. Smart worker
  8. Presentation skills

We reached consensus on every point and it went good 🙂 It was over at around 10:30

Then we all were made to sit in a room till the interview starts. My serial no was 4 and we were given tea too but i tasted really bad 😛

Then we were given to read newspaper too and and around  11:15 interview started , My turn at 11:40

I entered the room said , May I come in sir as i was able to see only one panel member from the door ,He said , please come, have a seat , There were 4 male panel members and 1 mam was also there, She was extremely polite and comforting.

M1: You were the only girl in the panel and rest were all Boys how was the GD, Did it go well , I said , yes sir , overall it was a good experience but me having the first interview of my life got somewhat nervous then the mam interrupted me saying don’t be nervous and be comfortable , Then she said The topic was online shopping so you must be doing online shopping all the time , I was little relieved at that point and happily said yes mam , I do 🙂

Then again M1 said I have in my hand your certificates and every day we see the advertisements of LPU on the TV that says its students got placement in so and so big companies so why did not you go for the campus placement, I said actually i have done my graduation in the distance mode not regular, but didn’t want to tell them the reason because I don’t want to seek sympathy if I am talented enough. M4 was going to ask about it but M1  interrupted him.

Then M1 again said you are a B.Com holder so you must be knowing all the commerce related topics , I said yes sir , A little bit ,then they started laughing.

Mam : Have you heard about the term SPV ?
Me: No mam , I have no idea about it . She said okay.

Then she asked about another one term which i was not knowing as well and ever never heard about it , I said sorry mam, I don’t know about it .

M2: What is return on investment?
Me: It is gain or loss relative to the amount invested.

Once again mam : Tell me the treatment of loss in a balance sheet .
Me : We will deduct it from the profits or the reserve fund , She said ok.

Then M3 who was minutely scrutinizing me since the starting of the interview finally spoke :p

M3: U must have seen an ATM machine right ? so tell me what is an On  site ATMs
Me : The ATMs within the premises are On site ATMs

Then what is Off-site ATM? He wanted to confuse me , I replied it is  usually far from the premises means not within the premises. Then he asked about White ATM. I told The ATMs set up by any institution except the Banks are called White ATMs, Banks have nothing to do with these ATMs.

Then M1: you must be giving a lot of exams then.
Me : Yes sir , last year i attempted 3-4 exams but could not make it any of those and this year I wrote only SBI so this is my first major exam . Then he said so you are writing both PO and clerk or only PO for the time being , I said , I write both the exams sir but I want to be a PO only 🙂

He smiled .

Then Mam yet again : Can you tell me about the Private company and the public company.
Me: Yes mam, The placement of shares in  private company is done privately but in public company it is open to all the public in general and Transferability of shares is restricted in private company but it is allowed in Public one and the minimum and maximum no of persons in public company is 7 and No bar respectively but in private it is 2 and 50. She said 50 ?? Are you sure ?

Think about it and M1 also said it is 200 right ? I said no sir it is 50 🙂 He said fine mam.

M3: IBPS ke exam dete ho na , full form btao. (You give IBPS exams na?, tell full form)
Me: Got nervous said ,  Indian banking personnel selection, then i felt i said something wrong so corrected it after that, he was satisfied.

Then M4: Can you tell me the full form of SARFAESI ?
Me : Yes sir , i told The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest.

He asked how it works ? I said we are reading almost every other day about the Rising NPAs and defaults in loans so to protect the interest of the banks ,This Act was passed and in case of defaults banks can take possession of the asset that is given as a security after due notice period expires and recover its money.

Then he asked What is Narrow banking ?
Me: I said, Sometimes Banks do not want to take risks and invest there money in government securities only so as to minimize the risks. It is called the narrow banking . He said , Aapko to kaafi kuch aata hai betaa 🙂 I smiled and said thankyou sir 🙂

Then mam was going to say thank you to me but M4 said , One last question If You get job anywhere else will you leave the SBI job ??
Me: No sir, i won’t be leaving it as it is a dream job, everyone wants to be part of the giant of Indian banking so am I 🙂

They were all happy and said, it was good talking to you , U can go now , I thanked everyone and came out.

Overall it was a good experience for me , Feeling  relaxed and happy today 🙂

Waiting for the results.

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