SBI PO 2018 Interview Experience (Swati Goyal)

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the SBI PO 2018 Interview Experience .

Venue: SBLC, Panchkula, Haryana
Date: 27/10/18
Time : 10:30 AM

Panel: 3

GD Topic: Does education policy of India needs a change?
GE: Prioritise the qualities you wish to see in a new neighbour. (In no particular order)
1. Same state/caste/religion
2. Education
3. Cooperative and helpful
4. Reliable
5. Happy natured
6. Adjustable
7. Culturally rich
8. Vegetarian

Then started with the interview. There were 4 panel members. I am sharing the questions asked by them to me.

L1(chairperson)- Tell me about your hobbies

M1- what is narrow banking?
What are the services provided by SBI?

M2- What is a computer virus?
What is cloud computing?

M3- what reforms will you bring in case you are selected as the election commissioner of our country?

They were not taking much time after the lunch. Approx 6-7 minutes per person.


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