SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis- 04 June 2017

SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 4 June 2017

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SBI PO Mains Exam held on June 04, 2017. It was SBI PO so it was obvious that the level of exam would be high. And yes it was very high. There were 4 sections as Data Interpretation and Analysis, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, English Language and General Awareness. And then the descriptive part. So lets see the SBI PO Mains Exam Analysis 4 June 2017

The topics in different sections are as under:

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

3 Data interpretation sets were there based on chapters. First based on boats and streams (upstream, downstream speeds given in pie-charts, total distance traveled). Second was based on Time and Work  (individual days on people in which they complete a job and days they actually work on a job – given in table form – Missing DI). The third one was based on Profit and loss (discounts given by different stores on different items – again given in table form – Missing DI). The DIs were easy to understand but the questions given were lengthy. Other questions were caselets types asked from different chapters.
So Data Interpretation is not just percentages and large calculations now, it covers the whole syllabus of Quant Section. 3 questions from geometry were also asked (1 individual and 2 in Inequality).

The topics asked were:

Topic No of Questions
Data Interpretation   3 sets (5 questions each)=15
Inequality (New pattern) 5
Data Sufficiency  5
Probability  3 questions based on a caselet
Partnership 2 questions based on a caselet
Time and Distance  2 questions based on a caselet
Miscellaneous (including 1 geometry question) 3

Click here for some of questions asked in Data Interpretation Section

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude:

There were 5 sets of puzzles. 3 sets contained 5 questions each (1 – glass slabs and photo frames in shelfs, 2 – lectures of professors in different months on 2 different days, 3rd – distance between cars in a multiple of 3). 2 sets contained 2 questions each (1st – 2 square parks one inside another, 2nd – people standing on staircases) and 1 contained 1 question. The input output question was totally different. The puzzles were very different this time. Computer Aptitude was based on some alphabets and numbers combination.

The topics asked were:

Topic No of Questions
Puzzles and Arrangements  5 sets =20
Machine Input Output (New Pattern)  3
Data Sufficiency  3
Coding Decoding (Symbols based – on time in clock) 3
Alpbhabets based 2
Blood Relation      2
Computer Aptitude  2
Critical Reasoning 10

English Language:

SBI again changed the pattern of questions in English Section. There were no Odd Sentences, Sentence connectors like last year. Para fillers were also not that long. Theme based questions were there. Fill in the blanks were also asked.

The topics asked were:

Topic  No of Questions
Reading Comprehension  2 sets (5 questions each) = 10
Sentence Filler 3
Double Fillers (Same double fillers in two sentences)   3
Single sentence Formation from given 4 sentences  3
Central Theme based Questions 3
Phrase Corrections 6
Jumbled Paragraph 2
Error Detection (New Pattern) 5

Click here for Reading Comprehension asked in English Section 

Click here for type of questions asked in English Section 

General Awareness:

Current Affairs Questions were based on banking and Economic Awareness. Staic GK was not asked. Questions were from  – Current banking Awareness, Static Banking Awareness, Current Affairs based on Economy). CA Questions asked were based on facts and figures.


Click here for all Questions Asked in General Awareness Section

Descriptive Paper: 

This time words limit for both Letter and Essays was 150 words. The computer shows the number of words you have typed. You can edit the Letters and essays if typed something wrong but cannot do anything else like bold, italic, font change etc.

(i) Letter to author praising his book on stress and anxiety
(ii) Letter to editor telling about telling about posting and forwarding of unscrupulous messages without considering the consequences
(iii) Letter to bank manager about non credit of some money in account through ATM. Giving detail of place and time.

(i) “Travelling teaches us more than Books and Documentaries”. Explain the meaning of statement
(ii) How people of today are much more technologically advance than previous generation but at the same time the technological advancements pose serious threats. Do you agree? Explain
(iii) Land is inelastic but population and vehicles are increasing. Ecological impact of increasing population and vehicles?

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